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    Bri – Sorry for the spill. It is so sad to see your hard earned milk get spilled!



    anniemarie- That’s great news! How great that you found a daycare so close and bosses are pro bf.



    owensbaby – There isn’t much you can do except eat right but goes for being pregnant anyways. After birth you can feed and pump right afterwards to help bring in milk and then build supply but for now relax.



    andante- I was the same way when AF decided to come back but she didn’t make much of an appearance, she ghosted it a bit but I had extremely sore nipples for weeks the first few months when she ghosted her way around me. Now it’s not as bad when she comes, she’s more present but the symptoms aren’t as bad as the first few months and her first appearance was at 3 mths of ebf. So you might not be pregnant, it could really be AF coming.



    For you ladies that pump can you recommend a manual pump? I am looking to get the maximum out of my pumping sessions and I have heard that some manual pumps work better than electric but I’m not sure what to get. Thanks!



    Just food for thought on formula. I personally believe there is a place in this world for it but just think of what goes in it….MSG, BPA, Fluorosis, DHA/ARA, Hexane, Mercury, Melamine, Cyanuric acid, Formaldehyde, Antinutrients/soy, Bacteria, Patent info on DHA and its extraction, Martek (IF corporation)



    I was feeding Julianna in my car today with the window like almost half way down and this woman walked by and gave me the most diguisting look. I got really mad because i was n my car minding my own business, she shouldn’t have been nosey and i was just feeding my kid. people are rude



    jcjm- i wish i could exchange but its not my pump to exchange. I did break down last night and dug deep in my pockets and bought a new PIS from target. I though I was empty but did a pump anyway and got 5.25 oz! I was so happy! All the stress of supply up and down for me almost made me throw in the towel this weekend. My breasts never feel like anything is in there and i am afraid to nurse my LO in fear there is nothing for her to eat or not enough. This pump has changed my outlook & now that I spend 300.00 I am really going to try to go for a full year. I will take back the pump DH bought and get that 70.00 back. I feel the 300.00 is well worth it as formula cost so much too. Wish me luck ladies.


    just got back, the dr took one look at me and told me i had full blown mastitis. yipee for me! i was told it was odd that i got it now, considering ive never had it before, and its more common when you have a newborn. im on antibiotics, 4 a day for a week. he said if i start vomiting, i have to go back for an iv.


    my son wouldnt sleep unless he was fed first. the last 2 days, he has been eating at least 30 min before naps, and at bedtime, he eats, plays for 10 min or so, talks to his grandma and grandpa, gets his diaper on (he likes a little breathing time lol) then his sleeper, then bed, and surprisingly, its been going really well! i figured with having to go back to work next month, hes not going to have me to put him to bed, and im starting to wean him, so he wont have my milk either. i dont want to have to go to bottles, just to wean him from that, when he drinks out of a sippy cup.



    mamah, I am pregnant (17 wks) and have a 13 month old who is in the process of weaning. You can still breastfeed and be pregnant. My problem was that I was really sore and so I started weaning her but we were at the one year mark anyway.


    mommaroo—It can take up 5 days for your milk to come in (though it usually comes in around 3 days–mine took forever). Like the other mommy’s are telling you, keep putting your baby to your breast. Take comfort in knowing that your little baby was actually born with everything that they need for the first few days of their lives–they actually don’t NEED food until your milk comes in. Putting baby to your breast will make your milk come–you just have to stick it out. You can do it–you’re doing the right thing and you are doing what is best for your baby.



    I don’t think you can use the store coupons for breastpumps. I remember lookig at them and seeing that everything that I wanted to buy were excluded from the sales.


    Thank you Syndee, Campi, & Jen!! All of your advice sounds really helpful! I think that I am going to try all thee things you told me. I hope it goes well (fingers crossed). Another question maybe to JenWVU. What did you do with all your frozen breast milk?? Did you use that to supplement, when you wernt feeding?? I have a whole freezer full of breast milk, and I hate to throw it all away.



    Does anyone here have experience with or know anything about nursing issues while teething? DD and I are suddenly having major problems with her latch and it’s causing extreme pain in my nipples. I read somewhere that teething babies can change their latch to relieve some of the pain. Any ideas on this? My nipples feel horrible and it’s getting hard to tell the difference between sore because something is wrong (ie.latch) and sore because they’re already bruised and damaged. Sorry for the ramble, i’m working on about 3 hours of sleep ‘cuz of this teething business 🙁

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