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    It means that out of 100 babies yours is heavier than 89. Big one:)



    My baby is 19 months, any tips on weening? I am also 7 weeks pg…..



    Ugh! I don’t know what’s going on with me!! my baby is 6 months and I breastfeeed. I have not had a period yet and a couple days ago my nipples became so sore and sensitive I can’t hardly touch them and today I started having some cramps…am I going to start my period? Has this happned to any of you?



    My son is also 13 months and going strong, like tommiesmommy, I’m going to let him tell me when he is ready to wean.
    krpzz-Sounds like you are doing great! Hang in there, it will get easier. I am so glad people with similar experiences are here to let you know you aren’t alone!



    I had mastitis once when my son was a few months old. I ended up going to the doctors and it took two different antibiotics for it to go away. I couldn’t get anything to come out then, where now I still can get some to come out. I have been trying to massage it while I nurse, but my son pushes my hand away. I had my fiance massage it in the shower this morning and that helped a little. The lump went down some, but it still hurts pretty bad. I am going to try to massage it with massage oil here soon..hopefully that helps!!



    minibub – My left nipple seems to get a blister on it that then inevitably becomes infected like every 4-6 weeks or so and accompanies clogged ducts in that same breast. It is very painful but I do the same thing and it always goes away (albeit for only a while). I take hot baths and put hot (not scorching though) soaks on the nipple throughout the day whenever I can. This usually helps. Just remember to still use that breast because if you don’t clogged ducts and mastitis probably will ensue. Also use some Lanolin and express some milk onto the nipple often – both will soothe it. And mentally, just curl your toes and know that you are still giving your lo the best food possible and no pain, no gain, lol! That helps me at least from time to time ;o)


    babymama77…i’m a SAHM too and i bought stuff ahead of time like you! I use my electric pump several times a week…sometimes my LO doesn’t eat a lot and i get engorged, sometimes my hubby and i just want to go out for dinner so we let my in-laws watch him, and this morning i just wanted to sleep in so pumped milk was the answer…i have a ton of frozen milk that i haven’t used just incase i get sick or want a girls day! i used the Lansinoh pump from Walmart…I LOVE IT! it has worked so great for me…it’s a double pump (but i only use one since i’m at home all the time)…i think it’s $125ish???



    Hey, everyone…. this article made me more at peace with my pump (yuck).

    Made me smile and happy!



    I have 2 feed on both sides at each feeding, my supply is by no means great just enough. But I try and pump after each one. Also I’ve had him checked for thrush and he doesn’t hav3 it but after feedings some times my nipples burn like a lighter is on them! Help



    SIDS is not suffication even if the corinner states it as the type of death for the parents sake. Many times it is stated as suffication. If there is a known reason why the child died then it is not SIDS.



    hey guys im only 25 weeks pregnant and im hopin to try and breast feed my mum did it on all of my brothers and sisters im the first 1 in the family 2 have a child first grand child first gr8 grand child and im just wondering did any of u start to leak this early on and does that mean i should breast feed if im leaking so early im confused please help



    I made my own food b/c one it’s a lot cheaper. Also I knew for sure what’s in it. Although not all jarred baby foods have preservatives all of them are heat preserved which means most of the nutrients are cooked out of them. Anyhow, I do keep a few organic jars as well in the diaper bag. You never know when you maybe out later or do an impromptu dinner out. Also the one negative about making your own is it has to be kept cold on the go. Which means when we go home for weekends I always have to pack a cooler to carry his food with us. It’s worth it but it is definitely inconvenient.



    Help I think my milk has dried up! When I went to feed my lo during the night I noticed that she stopped feeding quickly on one breast as though she had finished so I offered her the second and this one felt empty quickly too. She’s been feeding every hour or so since and crying lots in between. My breasts don’t seem full at all and I havent felt the regular let down sensation since yesterday. Usually I leak like crazy through the night and often during feeds too. My poor baby seems agitated and hungry. Is it possible to dry up like that. Any advice anyone please…?



    Fenugreek — 3 pills 3x’s a day is what I took. You’ll know the right dose for yourself because you’ll start sweating and peeing w/ a maple syrup scent. So maybe start 1 3x’s a day and work up. If you don’t smell the maple syrup smell, you’re not taking enough.



    That comment about ‘don’t only animals breastfeed anymore’ would have sent me off on a tangent! I know it’s difficult to do something that you feel uncomfortable with, but ladies, take a stand regarding public breastfeeding. I was the first out of my group of friends, now there are four of us and all have breastfed. Granted, one gave up after three months, one has to supplement with 1/2 formula and one has a three week old. But, things only change with action. Think of your breastfeeding in public bravery as paving the way for your sons/daughters when they become mothers and fathers. I would never want my daughter to feel embarrassed for nourishing her child. Long live the milking tata’s!!

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