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    Yep Styx your right down the street from me… well about 100 blocks. I’m down 176th


    Put Ollie in his growbag thing to sleep in, inside his cot. And he only woke twice!


    so from what i’m reading bumgenius is best?



    You could maybe even do the quick switch with the bottle…this time with my 2 month old daughter we have done the opposite trying to teach her to take a bottle and held the bottle real close to the nipple and then do the switch that way. I haven’t had to go back to work yet with her, but we still want to make sure she gets the window of opportunity so that I can pump and she can have bottles when I do.



    Hey ladies, we were talking about beating the heat yesterday and I thought of another idea for you all. Breastmilk popsicles! Freeze some in an ice cube tray and feed them to your older babies and toddlers. Works great


    What is the longest that any of you have waited to start foods?



    DJ is 9mons old, how much do solids really mean at this age? He gets 2 bowls a day 10am and 5pm. I feel AWFUL, I forgot to feed him at 5pm… how does that happen? So needless to say the last time he nursed was at 4:30pm. I just put him to bed and remembered while nursing him to sleep at 7:45pm. He already had his bath and was getting sleepy, I let it be. But he really didn’t eat that much, but did drain my breast, but was asleep within 10mins. I’m so worried he’ll be up all night now hungry. He normally sleeps from 8-8 and does not wake to nurse. What do you think, I can’t believe I ‘forgot to feed baby’…


    Lawson’s mom what kind of oats do you buy? Glad it wasn’t too bad. My mam had my younger brother at 37 and my boss had her baby at 40. You aren’t too old at all. Plus kids keep you young!



    Yeah I think so. I think that was my problem with maple syrup. HAHA! I also tried taking a bite and chase it with OJ. HAHA! It broke down the bits so I didn’t have to chew. Ice cream was SOOOO much better. Not as healthy but oh well.


    I’m going to try and get away this Sunday. Dh finally has a weekend free and I’m letting him fish Saturday. I need to find a couple dresses and its hard trying to speed shop when I have the baby. Hints: why I’ve been trying to get a little extra supply of milk in the freezer. I really need a ‘Me’ day!


    benbubby – it sounds to me like he is overstimulated and overtired. We have Alyssa on the E.A.S.Y. routine with a few modifications that fit her personality and needs best. I think a lot of what determines their night sleep is what goes on during the day. Do you have a routine during the day? Not a schedule persay… but a routine. PM me if you want more info on the EASY routine. It’s by the baby whisperer and it’s worked wonders for us! 🙂



    Okay. @Reglan use – I took it for almost a month. I was crying daily by the end of my use. Everything I’ve researched since then says use for about a week (maybe a week and a half)and then wean off of it. That seems safer to me. I was fine at the end of the week. I wouldn’t do it for a month. Seriously.

    @stupid message to Leslie – Sigh. I’m from the Bible Belt too, but was raised by a lesbian mother. I can personally attest to the fact that I have no drug or addiction problems, no feelins of inadequacy, no feelings of abandoment or neglect. Was my mother perfect? No. Did she always make good decisions? Nope. Show me one that does. I still wouldn’t trade my mom for her! She’s my best friend. Was I affected by her orientation? Yep. Sure was. I’m the most openminded person I know. I didn’t grow up to be a mass murder or a serial killer or…gosh…a lesbian! LOL! But if I had, it would have been okay. Lawson will grow up knowing it’s okay to be who she is, whoever that may be!

    @Breastfeeding in general – I consider myself an advocate because breastfeeding excites me. It amazes me that we can produce life sustaining food for a human. I also LOVE the bond it creates. Snuggle time with Zoey is my favorite time of the day. But even for EP’ing moms, the work you put into making sure your little one has enough to eat bonds you to them in a way that shaking up a bottle of formula doesn’t. I’m not trying to instigate a fight that has (thankfully) died down a bit. I’m not saying you can’t bond to your baby while feeding them formula. But when you work so hard at breastfeeding (in any form), you pour your soul into it. That’s why we’re so passionate. It’s not because we judge other women. It’s because it encompasses so much of our time and energy and we want others to feel the joy we feel. Or, at least, I do. But I like to share things I’m passionate about. Well, except my boyfriend. 😉

    Cheers to all of you ladies, however you feed your babies, that love them as much as I love my Zoey.


    I have a random question/vent! The other night we went out to John’s award banquet for work. Now we’ve almost been together for 3 years and I’ve never felt insecure. That night he told 2 other men how good their ladies looked. It shocked and hurt me. I was really upset but I didn’t show it until we were leaving in the car. I told him how i felt and he apologized over n over. He didn’t know I could feel so insecure about myself, that it never crossed his mind. He was just being nice to the guys, because ‘guys like to hear that’ he said. I guess I’ve never heard someone do that infront of they’re partner. So, the next day ony FB he put this……… ‘learned last night that even the most beautiful woman on Earth could be insecure. I love you Jessica, my woman, my friend, my one and only true love. It’s an honor to have such a wonderful woman by my side. I only hope and pray that you can feel half as proud of being with me as I am with you. You’re beautiful, thank y…ou for being a great mother and especially for putting up with me!’….. Now Im mad that he would tell the world how upset I was… grrr am I over reacting??!!?


    peruana75- heres the thing… most docs use a chart for ff babies. bf babies tend to be a little lighter. 8 to 10 wet/poopie diapers then baby is eating enough. here is a chart with a true indication if your bf baby is getting enough to eat. it’s very cool and i used that a lot in the beginning because my pediatrician told me the same thing. I have a new baby doctor now. He was not bfing friendly at all told me “most” women don’t make enough milk when in actuality it’s only 1%….



    It’s interesting that you guys are talking about fussing babies. I was just giving Quinn her last nurse before bed and she was doing the same thing. She’d latch, I had letdown, she ate for 4 minutes or so then passed out lol. She’s been doing that for the past few nights too…fussing at the breast. But she latches and unlatches a lot during those 4 mintues. I just don’t get it, oh well. She’s 8 weeks and 13 lbs so i’m not too worried =]

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