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    esyogurl – baby only needs 1oz per hour you are away, so if LO like to eat every two hours, send 2oz bottles. If Lo likes to eat every three hours, send 3oz bottles. They will throw away the unused portion of the bottles after an hour, so you definitely don’t want to send big bottles!


    balsamfir – Alyssa also seems to want to be in my arms vs. anyone elses. Daddy’s arms included. But not to the extreme of your LO. She’s 7 months now, btw. The only time Alyssa will absolutely refuse to be with anyone else but with me is when she’s in pain or upset – we’ve noticed it more with teething. I guess the comfort of mom can’t be replaced with anything or anyone else. My personal opinion on why your LO is waking through the night is because he’s hungry. It doesn’t sound like milk is sufficient for him at this stage since he’s 6+ month and a really big boy! (Alyssa is only 16lbs!). Also, if he’s hungry at night it could be he’s not eating enough during the day (milk & solids). I would say continue with the solids and tank him up on milk before going to bed. His bedtime also seems awfully late to me. It’s possible he’s overtirred and that could also contribute to him waking up. My LO takes two 1-1.5 hour naps and one 45 minute nap during the day and stays up no more than 2.5 hours at a time between naps. Her bedtime is at 7:30pm. She used to go to bed at 8pm but that was too late for her. She’d wake up so often during the night. I pushed her bedtime back a half hour and now she sleeps so much better.


    My baby is getting ready to wean off the breast. I am worried about clogged ducts and painful engorgement. I heard of a pill that drys up your milk, I’m not one to use pills. So I am needing a little advice to ease out of breast feeding without all of the pain.



    MS my cousin has nursed through all but her first pregnancy and she has 5 kids now so I think she has been nursing steady for 14 years now and sometimes 2 kids at the time. I think it is normal for the milk to decrease some while in the first trimester. I would stay away from the teas tho since there are no studies on the effects to the baby in your tummy. You can get oatmeal and soak equal parts oats (old fashion) to water over night and then heat and eat. Malted milk and malt o meal has help alot of women too. Your breasts just may not be communicating with the pump like they use to. I would just keep an eye on wet diapers and offer alittle formula if you need to. At 8 months you can get alittle help with 4 oz of watered down juice too.



    one step at a time – 7 years ago was a long time. I wonder if your son was tongue tied. No matter what you do it hurts like hell. My second son was and i was so sore until we got his tongue clipped. There are so many things that could have happened. I would suggest giving it another go. Try and see what happens. Take advantage of the lactate consultants at the hospital and us here. It’s tiring at first and a bit sore but honestly you shouldn’t be sore as long as you were the last time. Something was definately wrong. I know you said that everyone said you were doing it right but really something was out of sinc. Good Luck!



    This is more than the let down pain of needles for a few seconds. Last night was miserable…..I started to get these shooting pains every minute or two. It’s almost like all the nerve endings are firing off and sending this horrible pain that lasts a few seconds but the whole thing lasted about and hour and a half. It took that long for the motrin and hydracodone to kick in and give me some relief. When she nurses it hurt terribly just in the nipple area for about 15 seconds then that pain stops sometimes after nursing if I have not taken motrin I get the shooting pains for awhile but last night was the worst to the point it made me sick to my stomach. HELLLLPPPPPPPPP



    3 oz! Lucky you guys. DD takes 7.5 oz bottles every feeding while i’m away, so i freeze that size.


    That really is a beautiful video. I breastfed within the first hour of giving birth to my daughter. It wasn’t quite like that. But it was still a beautiful thing none the less. Anyway, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed that video.



    HANNAHKAY – Yup, that sounds about normal =) Don’t worry- newborns don’t eat much, BUT they eat so often! As long as there are plenty of wet diapers (like every 2hrs check) then she’s getting enough. It’s hard to tell w/a newborn if their diaper is wet. Because it’s clear and isn’t soaked. I’d get the Pamper’s Swaddlers- they’ve got a blue line on the outside of the diaper that will show if they’ve wet it or not. EXCELLENT way of knowing if they are getting wet diapers. GOOD LUCK- uhh, I remember my LO being attached to me 24/7!!!



    Does anyone know what I can take over the counter for sever cold/sinus that is safe for BF. Thanks a bunch ladies.



    My baby is three and a half months old, but. We’ve had supply issues since 2 weeks old he got rsv and my milk never came in.



    jacquecsmu-I don’t know about all guys but my husband just isn’t attuned the same way i am to our girl. I always made sure that I was on one side and the wall was on the other side of her. I don’t think I would leave her to sleep in the bed with only him because he is just to heavy a sleeper…even though he tries not to be! I definitely think a BF mom does exist on a different level of consciousness when it comes to sleeping alongside her newborn!



    sarajane1990 – I know everyone gets tired of hearing this but every body is different. Just because some women leak early doesn’t mean everyone will. Actually I never leaked. I could express milk later on with my first but never actually leaked. My second I was still lactating from my first but still never leaked. As for whether you should or not…yes you should! There are so many heath risked that are linke to not breathfeeding that it’s a wonderful gift to give your child. If done right, there is only about 2% of the population (maybe even less) that can’t physically breastfeed. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope to see you hear when you give birth. Or if you have any questions that will help with your breastfeeding success.



    Styx, in my family, you nurse till a year. Period. That’s what mom did, so that what was the ‘norm’ for us. My sister’s didn’t make it to a year with any of their little ones. (They all claimed that baby self weaned because they were on the bottle while Mom was at work. Then they couldn’t keep up with how much baby was taking in the bottle. Partly due, I am sure, to the fact that they were putting way too much in the bottles to begin with!) Anyway, since this is what I grew up knowing, this is what I planned on doing. At a year, we would wean. Well, the hubby came to me and said that he really wanted me to try to go at least 18mo! I was shocked! Once he said it and told me why, I had to be in complete agreement with him! It was the only thing that made sense! We would get baby through the yucky winter season and then wean after. Sadly, we didn’t make it to 18mo, we only made it to 13. We had a surprise on the way and was no longer able to pump anything while at work. Soon Ayden just stopped trying to nurse. I was sad for him, but excited to be pregnant again. We will try to go longer with this little one, though we might do it in silence. 🙁 Most of my siblings are already making rude comments, just like they did before, now that Zach is 9mo. Esp the ones that BF theirs and didn’t make it this far. Apparently my boys are perverts for nursing this long…really makes me think that baby didn’t ‘self wean’ like they claim!



    i dont think ur milk can dry up over night. have u been taking any medications? how old is ur baby? could b a growth spurt. my lc told me the older they get the faster they can drain a breast. even if ur supply has dipped, it will quickly increase since ur baby is nursing frequently. give it a day or two and offer the breast as often as ur lo will nurse. dont stress, ur baby will not starve. good luck and let us know how it goes.

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