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    Hi everyone! Finally am here, i just had my baby girl on Wed the 11th. We are both trying to get the hang of this and getting along ok but not great. I get so frustrated and sad that she sometimes just won’t latch on. It’s like she’s got it in her mouth and just needs to suck but won’t quite do it. I am single so I have no one to give me hand much but my mom who is very helpfull but I just am so worn out and emotional! Baby makes me feel terrible like I am jsut not getting her enough food, doc told me that really she isn’t actually that hungry. Still makes me feel bad when she cries about it though! Sorry, I just had to get that all out. I am so sore and uncomfortalbe too that it is difficult to get in a good position to feed her….It will get better right?



    god-iva ~~ dont worry i wont charge u if it didnt work lol … on crying while bf topic this is always happend to me nowadays alot , i feel like im scolding him not breastfeeding him …. what i do i stop feeding him n burp him for a while then i continue breastfeeding … to be ownest sometimes it works but manytimes it doesnt , my suggestion it s gaz ..cuz im sure joe has no thrush …



    chellebob, if you have a good, regulated supply then yes, you OFFER both breasts. Let baby go as long as s/he wants on the first breast and only when baby comes off do you offer the second breast. Neither one of my babies ever wanted the second breast, they both were one-breast-eaters. It is okay if baby does not nurse off the second breast. It will not hurt your supply if they are getting enough from the one breast. Now, there are some of us with foremilk/hindmilk imbalances or with over supply issues. To fix those problems, it is quite common to block nurse. To block nurse, you nurse off of one breast only for a three to four hour block of time.



    Noah Colts Mommy here 🙂 I had to make a new profile since mine was deleted!!!!!



    Horrible night. Alex was up 4 times before 11! Haven’t a clue what his issue is but he better take a good nap today.



    Here’s my baby’s baby blues! Baby Blues



    Im onto month 3 of ebf my daughter and was just wondering whether you ladies that have bf for a while had to increase your food intake as they got older? i eat 3 meals a day but keep coming over funny like my blood sugar drops im wondering whether im not eating enough?



    Hes using slow flow and I am on the 14 day reglan and fenugreek for my milk production but my supply is going down I wish I could nurse him on a lunch break but Im a waitress and my break isnt at the same time so I take my pump in Im hoping this is a growth spurt and doesnt last because I am very frustrated thanks girls for the advise


    Luv2Bamama – do you exclusively pump? If you don’t and are still nursing as well… maybe your LO is not fully ‘draining’ you. Could be because of solids? If you ARE only pumping… anything change in your diet or activities? Wearing different bra’s or sleeping position? I think there’s a lot of different things that contribute to clogged ducts. Are you still pumping the same amt, roughly?


    Kathleen112- I am also exclusively pumping. Here is the schedule that I have found works well for me. I pump at 7a, 11a, 3p, 7p, 11p and sometimes 3a. I keep the sessions to 15 or 20 minutes. I can plan the rest of my day knowing when I will need to pump. I also bought a car adapter for the cigarette lighter and will even pump when I am driving. I bought a la leche league hands free pumping bra and I cover up using my udder cover. This works well because your supply stays up, but you are not tied down at home all the time. Hope this is helpful.



    domonique – yeh, i’ve heard pcos is a common problme for rh neg women too… i don’t have that problem that i know of thankfully! just the supply issue…. my supply increased alot on the fenugreek, but for like one day 🙁 well a bit more than that. but anyways, i can’t stay on it and today? nothing there again 🙁 if i could take high doses of fenugreek and milk thistle all the time, we’d be right, but the fenugreek makes me feel ill :S i hate the smell and taste and it makes me nauseous! also i don’t think it agrees with baby either – he is always so fussy after my milke, yet he’s fine on formula… i’m sure it’s the fenugreek making him have an upset tummy. also, when i feed him, either bf or expressed bm, i’m sure he’s getting mostly foremilk which is rubbish bless him. sorry girls, i’ve given up on the breastfeeding……………….. i think. i hate that i prepared and worked so hard for it and i’ve failed 🙁 i keep thinking it’s still early days, but i need to be sensible. i can see there is dwindling milk supply and i can’t survive without galactogogues that i can’t stand 🙁



    Amanda: Medela! That’s the pump I have and I think its awesome. I work over nights at a hospital and I think my pump is just as good as the hospital grade one. I am not sure if you’ll be able to pump that early…? I didn’t produce anything till Zoe was born; but you may be different. I am no BFing expert either – lol – but I am on my fourth month EBFing. Unfortunately I think I am going to have to move to supplementing with formula because I am starting to dry up myself 🙁



    maggiek- how long does it take to empty fully? I pump for about 15-20 minutes depending on how much time i have.



    Some babies just aren’t ready. My son is almost 17 months and gets up a couple times a week around 2:30AM. He is growing out of it but he is so active that he eats all the time. Going 12hours without food is hard for him.



    EvaV – Once you’ve had it once you need to watch out for it again. If you’ve had it once you are prone to get it again. Always be sure to ’empty’ as much as you can. Massage your breasts to watch out for any clogs. It’s just something to watch out for. I had it early on and it sucks. Now I’m constantly feeling them and pushing any lumps out.

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