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    Adante-if you only need a few more oz, can you fit a pump in in the evening or early morning? Or maybe pump a few times on the weekend between feeds to store up some extra?
    Another trick is to pump right at the end of the workday, right before you come home.
    I am still not a good pumper…I often pump only 3-4 oz total (each time) but I can do that every hour and a half or so, so I just squeeze in a few extra pumps. I get 10-12 oz during the day at work, and 3-5 oz at night, so I’m keeping up. I also still night pump on the weekends, to keep my supply up. I hope to drop the night pumps in a month or so, as my daily total has been rising, but we shall see.



    twinklinbrwneyes- I wrote this on your page too in case this post makes it to the next page before you have a chance to look again but ………I am not sure who or where you got that info about not pumping until 6-8 weeks because I have pumped with my last 3 from the get go and I believe it has helped my milk come in faster. I never did feel a let down with my first until I borrowed a friends pump. So after that I started pumping the day I got home. Gave myself a few days to recoup. There are a lot of women that go back to work at the 6 week mark and pump from the get go too so they have a small back up stash as well as getting baby use to the bottle so If your breasts are hard or you feel like your getting engorged then I say pump.



    I’ve noticed a few comments about people being self-conscious about bf-ing or pumping. Are a lot of you? I was for about the first week, but then I let it all hang out…literally 🙂
    I bf anywhere my baby is hungry-planes, wating rooms, park benched, a bench in Walmart, my in-laws living room, you name it! I think my favorite place so far was BFing while we road the mini-train around the Cincinatti Zoo. He was hugry and tired, and what better place to take a break?
    I don’t use a drape or cover, I found that just got bulky and made us more obvious. I just lift the corner of my shirt and tuck him in.
    Once I got over my nerves, its so much more enjoyable to go out and about without always having to worry about running back to the car or a restroom every couple hours. And I refuse to feed from a bottle when I have two perfectly good breasts attached 🙂 He only gets them when I am at work.



    Hi everyone, I have a question about how much an older baby should breastfeed. We started on solid food about six weeks ago (when my baby was six months old). Almost overnight his intake of breastmilk dropped by about half! He was much less interested and also drank less when he was interested. I was constantly engorged and pumping to keep my supply. Now things are a bit better; I am pumping less and he is maybe drinking a bit more. But still MUCH less than before and I worry whether he is getting enough milk. Is this normal?? I was expecting a GRADUAL decrease in breastfeeding!



    yeah i havent had mine either and im 4.5 months!!!! Whats with that!!!?



    Yes….I breastfeed and I’m pregnant. I’m starting to wean her now , but I’m still going to continue at least one feeding a day until Aug or Sept. I’m due in Nov. Sucks, I feel like my 9 month old is getting cheated because I planned on breastfeeding for at LEAST a year and maybe up to 18 months =(



    Hi ladies I have a question.. My lo is almost 7 mo and I am still bf her. About two weeks ago I noticed a red circle on my nipple so I called the doc and he put me on augmentin. Well it has not gone away and it has gotten a little bigger and now it hurts pretty bad when she nurses. I think I’m going to call the doc and let them know today. Have any of you experienced this before?



    mskitty – Don’t Stop!!! I am 19 weeks pregnant and my son still nurses when he wants to, which isn’t often anymore. There is no reason to stop breastfeeding! That nurse is retarded (excuse my words but I feel strongly about it). I am letting my son self wean and wanted to get pregnant so I did A LOT of research on the subject. I even consulted my OB and her comments were, ‘Good, it’s healthy for you!’ She is also on the Seattle Board of GYN. She’s been around the block a few times. I know many women that have breastfed throughout pregnancy and then went on to tandem feed. The only thing I can say is that in the second trimester the milk taste does change a bit. Some babies don’t like it and will stop feeding on their own and others just don’t care. Your supply may dip during that time too. But since your baby is already 10 months you won’t need to go to formula if she does decide to self wean. The nurse is old school. Sorry, it’s a myth that many doctors said like 10-20 years ago. Don’t stop!



    Ok…I need answers! I had my first period since the baby on july 19th (baby was born feb. 11th). I’m TTC so i used an ovulation monitor, but i only used the sticks for like 13 days or so and i got several high fertility days but never a peak (i finally stopped using the sticks because they said it would be unlikely that the monitor would have a peak fertility day after that many days). I did take a couple cheap pregnancy tests including one last friday. Well on sunday I finally had some light pink when I wiped. However the one tampon i used only had a tiny little line of blood on it. i still have not started but have been crampy. I thought maybe this blood couldve been implantation blood, so i researched it a bit and it said bloodwork could detect pregnanccy 3-4 days after implantation and urin 3-4 after that. soooo the earliest i should do a HPT would be mon or tues. my question is is it normal when youre nursing to just have a tiny bit of light spotting??? like i said the first day of my last period was july 19 and my spotting was early monday morning and last friday i had a negative HPT. BTW, I,ve always had regular cycles. The only time I’ve ever had a little spotting and nothing else was when I was pregnant with my first son and it was just like this.



    Yeah, I was pumping later than normal , usually when he’s not there, select few have a key to that closet:)



    emmalouliz–i also had horrible horrible horrible periods, on the floor, puking, etc. i have endometriosis….it’s probably not the same for everyone but so far my periods have been much more tame and livable. i didn’t get my first one until my little girl was about 8 months or so. my periods now are sporadic every 2 months or so (i’m still nursing, she’s 15 months old). also my midwife said that some of the hormones from birth control pills can be passed through the breastmilk and in some rare cases result in your little one having a period of her own. has anyone else heard of this?

    also proudtobemomof3~~is it possible you didn’t get your period but is still post partum bleeding? just a thought.



    For those that still have a tummy or just don’t want people seeing your tummies there is a tank called modest middles. They are a tank that goes below the breasts so there isn’t any unlatching to get to the bra. It keeps your sides covered while feeding and since it goes down so deep you can wear anything over it. It’s great. It was created by a mom with the same issues.



    I’ve been having a hard time getting my LO’s poo to stay yellow lately. I don’t know if she’s suddenly not eating long enough at a time on one side or what. Well, I guess I know that’s the problem, but I don’t know why it’s changed so suddenly. Any tips? I’m getting tired of finding a semi poopy stringy green diaper with every change (as opposed to one massive one every 5 days or so). Plus I assume it’s not as healthy for her, I don’t know.



    nicey-i would talk to a lactation consultant about anti-depressants safe to take while nursing. regardless of what you feed your baby, a happy, healthy baby needs a happy mommy.



    My baby is not teething… yet that is. He’s 3mons old, but I’ve been reading about it. I’ve heard that they might bite down on you or they’ll refuse to nurse during this time. Anyone have any problems with nursing teething babies, or had problems once their teeth came in??

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