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    tove: I had another look at that info about motilium as i didnt know the tablets came in 30mg tablets. The info was based on 10mg tablets so you would be taking twice the maximum recommended dosage. Maybe just check with your Dr as there is different info on different sites. It does work wonders for supply though. If you drink the nursing tea on top youll get even better results. My natural food store ran out of the teabags though so im stuck with the loose tea that has no fenugreek in it. Hope it does the same job. They said the fenugreek was for mucus not milk supply?



    If you stop taking the motilium too quickly then your supply will loise your supply. It is important to drop one pill a day wait a few days and if your supply stays the same then drop another pill. I was told to continue doing this until you notice a drop in supply and then start taking that tablet again and stay on that amount.
    I take 2 tablets 3 x times a day. On a medical webpage it said that was the maximum dosage…
    Now i have a blocked duct that is extremely painful and mastitis on the other side… I can barely even hold her! Im wondering if this is a sign my time is up… Hurts so bad….



    Okay, I understand now what you ladies were saying about being sick or having your period and your supply getting low. Well, I have both of those things going on now and my supply is waaaay low. Hopefully my second pump of the day will be better…



    My daughter is 3 months old and we’ve been breast feeding the whole time. I had a really easy time in the beginning but recently she’s started crying and pulling away from the breast while nursing. I thought it might be my milk supply dwindling so I did many things and got it back up, but she’s still not nursing ‘peacefully’. I’ve recently tried eliminating all the problem foods from my diet, but it hasn’t had much of an effect. Has this happened to anyone else?



    Thanks for all of the suggestions 🙂 I’ve continued to try and get October to latch, I even gave it a go this morning with no luck…she bit me good too, I hadnt even thought about her having teeth now, ouch! I thought for sure by 4 months she’d latch and now here we are at 8 months and I just dont think its going to happen this time around 🙁 I sure hope the next one latches on!



    I have a question…hope someone can help me out. I’ve been BF part-time since I came back to work a month ago. My son is 3 months old on Monday and about 8 days ago I decided to stop BF because it’s too hard to work, tend to my baby, my other children and the home. I was still debating if I should continue and hoping if I started pumping maybe my milk will continue/resume..then I got my period yesterday. Does that mean I can’t breastfeed anymore? Please let me know..I’m a little sad now. Was going to go til 6 months…thank you 🙂



    hi all… i am ebf my so who just turned 2 months yesterday and i have noticed that the last couple days his spit up has been clear. It used to be thick and white. Does anyone know what can be causing this and/or if its normal. He is also just getting over his first cold and we have been using the infant nose drops and sucking his snot for the past 4 days (not sure if that is affecting his spit up). Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Thanks guys for all your help! I feel better now…that I might just be gearing up for AF instead of another baby. After being pregnant for 13 months (m/c @ 4 mos, pregnant again two months later with DS) the last thing I want/need is to be pregnant again!



    ok i think i have figured out the biting thing. She is doing it every time my milk takes too long to let down and when she is finished drinking from that side she nips it to let me know shes done. If i react she thinks its funny so i stopped reacting and she still does it. I think she is using it as a way to communicate as if i ignore it she will lean forward and nip me again and again until i put it away or swap sides. Then she drinks as normal until im empty and does it again. I have tried watching for cues as when she is getting full like when she comes off a few times first and then stop and it helps…. Cant think of any other way to stop it though.


    My DD was very active, and still is. Even in the hospital she slept 12 hours a day total. Cut teeth at almost 4 mo, said first word at 6 mo and added more words rapidly after that. Regardless of whether you choose formula or BF, make sure they are getting DHA. I think it makes a big difference in their eye and brain development. Laurenr-she may have just discovered her fingers and is playing with them. I agree with Bri. If her diaper count is normal, I would guess she is exploring. Oz-have you ever fed your baby after eating chocolate? If not, try a little chocolate then feed and see how your baby tolerates it. I have a friend who couldn’t eat the chocolate because the baby would get terrible gas from it being in the milk.



    angie2008, that woman was WAY out of line!! People should look on it as a beautiful thing, and if they don’t like it, you’re right, they shouldn’t be snooping looks into your car!! But even knowing you are right, it can be hurtful when people are so rude.



    angie-thanks for the advice! i get anywhere from 2-3 combined i only have to do one formula bottle a day usually at night it seems i dont get as much over night. I went and got malted milk today im crossing my fingers it helps, its carnation malted milk chocolate that is the only kind they had i hope this is right wasnt expecting it to be chocolate. do you know how long it usually takes to kick in? oh and they did give me a nipple sheild when i was at the hospital maybe i will try that again, and i can never get his bottom lip to curl out without breaking the latch



    Has anyone here ever heard of a ‘lactating adenoma?’

    I have one in my right breast and it is getting bigger. The surgeon told me that it probably wouldn’t get bigger and to only come in if it gets bigger AND hurts.

    It doesn’t hurt but it is getting much larger… Not sure what to do…



    If it was thawed last night it might keep until tomorrow. You could always do the sniff test and see. And yeah my DH had a hard time adjusting at first too. I think that’s why I learned to nip so well. At one point he drug me out of the house when Isaac was only two weeks old and it was so hot and isaac started wanting to cluster feed and I was hormonal and I snapped on him. I said ‘if men had to try to discreetly whip their d*cks out in public everytime a baby cried they wouldn’t leave the house for two years!’ Not one of my finer moments but it got the point across and we went home.



    Congrats Parker’sMom and Parker. I’m four months and going strong. I hope it stays that way and I make it that long too!

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