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    Does anyone know about how long it takes after weining from BF to get pregnant? My daughter is 13 months and I weaned her about 2 weeks ago and I am ready to get pregnant again…. Any advise would be GREAT!!!



    SO I went to the health food store today to get some ‘mothers milk’ or fenugreek… something that will help with producing milk. My luck it was like 19 yr old boy wortking… who had no clue. So I ended up getting Fenugreek w/ Thyme capsules…. I get in the car and am reading the label and it says ‘ Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding’ ????? I thought everyone suggested to take Fenugreek??? I’ll have to go back tomorrow when hopefully like the store owner is there and they can recommend something.



    michelles: How old is he? Maybe he is teething and it hurts to feed? My little girl gets fussy like that when she is overtired. But she will only take a bottle if she is ovretired and just screams at the breast.



    Jen- my little one is 3.5 mo and he has done that too. Have you been drinking plenty of water? I have notice that he does it when my supply seems low for some reason be it period or what have you or if he is just really hungry. I will nurse one side until it slows down then switch to the other and then go back and sometimes that helps.



    Loove the Medella Pump in Style. Can empty both breasts in about 10 minutes. Very convenient for being away from baby for 12 hours and still exclusively breastfeeding.


    when i go back to work i will only be able to pump on my lunch which is 4 hours after i get there, and i will get off work 4 hours later. will that cause me to dry up, or is that an ok amount of time to let pass by?



    Monday I had half a can of RockStar Engery drink & Tuesday drank the other half. I just breastfeed my baby for about 5minutes and stopped once I realized that I had RockStar the other day. How long does it take to get out of your system? Was it okay to breastfeed? Did I hurt his tummy bc I breastfeed him? How long should I wait before i breastfeed him again? I dont pump & i dont know how to.



    felicia- I am EBF and have been slightly spotting with cramps for the past two days. My lo is ten weeks, so I am hoping that this isn’t the start of my period again!
    Lydia-Your period may cause a supply did while it lasts, but that’s all. Its not going to cause you to not be able to bf. Good luck!



    lp, they doc probably wants you to feed formula because fluids help flush out the jaundice. A month is a long time to be jaundice and the faster it flushs out the better.



    Katjak7- A lot of studies have shown that breastfed babies should not start solids until 6 months of age. Because breastmilk is soo gentle on the stomach it takes them a little longer to be ready for a solid. They let formula fed babies eat solids at 4 months of age because the baby food is actually gentler then the formula on their little tummies.



    I have the medela manual and it seems to do just as good as my electric maybe, the only time I used it was in the car on the way home from a Sugarland concert last week, and I pumped with electric when I got home and was still able to get 3 oz then though it had been an hour so not sure what was the cause for any of it, altogether I got 11 oz with the manual and electric. However I had to give the electric back to the hospital last week so I’ll be using my manual a lot more I think so I’ll update on that one when I get a good idea of how it’s doing…



    For those of you taking Brewers Yeast to help your supply. How much are you taking? I bought some last night…..


    my son is 4 days old and i have been breastfeeding him. my milk has fully come in now and my breasts are freakin hugeeeeee. like im not even kidding they are prolly the sizee of my head. and they are heavyyyy and pretty hard. is this normal? and im having problems with sore nipples. my right nipple is sooo sore. i know thats a sign of improper latching on and sucking but i really dont know how to correct it. ive tried wat it says to do but idk if im doing it right. any advice??



    oh and do i do the malted milk 2 or 3 times a day?



    Parkersmommy1 : You poor thing. I have had mastitis a few times and it is miserable. It hurts so much and makes you feel lousy. Anitibiotics will clear it quickly ( within 1-2 days) I found i would get it back in the same spot if i didnt empty my breasts properly over a few feeds so if you get full and bub wont eat then PUMP PUM P PUMP. I havent had it for a few months thankfully and with only 1 more month of feeding i hope i dont get it again. Rest up and get better soon.

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