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    Brie- I breastfeed Ella before bed. It’s the only way she will fall asleep. She likes a long feed at this time, usually about half an hour, then when she falls asleep, I pop her into he cot, and she’ll sleep ’til the morning.



    You have a twin, kelly-roo? Me too! I also have an older bro who was 1 when we were born.



    Has anyone took breast feeding classes? If so was it worth it and what goes on during the class?



    (()) nadisha28 She cries when you are giving it to her because she smells your milk, babies who are BF will drink often from a bottle fine from someone else much better. It is common for them to refuse it if they see you or hear you or you are feeding it and you have milk in your breasts ((hugs)) I had a daycare girl who took bottles perfectly from everyone BUT her mom, mom had to BF her , adear friend had to leave house or room for her baby to take bottle from her dad. 🙂 Formula isnt as sweet as breast milk so mixing it is good if you are giving both ~



    rissasmommy – Congrats on your new one and I’m sorry you are having problems. I did too. It was awful. I recommend breastfeeding first. Empty both breasts. If she is still hungry then try to give her just one ounce. If that satifies her then wait until the next feeding. This could be only a half an hour or even less. Just keep feeding. If she wants to feed then do it. The best way to get your supply up and established is by feeding. If for some reason you give formula instead of the breast then pump your breast. Save that milk to give to her later if you need to. But, don’t just skip a feeding. If you skip feedings then your breasts will think you don’t need more milk. We’ll all tell you the first three months are very hard. You are trying to recover and have a little one to take care of. But she is also growing her fastest at this point. Her tummy is going from a size of a pea to an egg in literally weeks. These growth spurts need to be fed. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I wouldn’t stop feeding yet. It looks like you just have a really hungry little girl. This means nursing marathons for you. Sit in your PJs, watch TV and just nurse all day long. Keep your tube of lanolin close by. =) Good Luck!



    So its been one week since I quit pumping. I decided to just nurse in the morning since that is the only time I have been nursing for the last 6 months, and then pumping the rest of the day. So far my supply is deifnitely holding up! I’m surprised but he actively breastfeeds and is content when he is done. If all I need to maintain milk is one nursing session in the morning then maybe we can continue longer than I had planned. And no stress! I’m loving this, honestly I havent felt stress-free about breastfeeding since before I returned to work when he was 3 months old, More than 9 months ago!!



    I read that drinking beer can help increase your milk supply, if I drink just one is that enough to see a difference (not much of a beer fan). Or does wine or other alcohol have the same dosage effect?


    thanks ladies. my twins were born at 34.3 weeks so i was thinking more towards the 6 mths.



    expecting, when you nurse lying you need several pillows, your head should be high enough so you could see and check your baby every now and then, have another one (or two) pillow for your back- lean on it and another one or two for your legs(put them in between). Your lo’s upper back and head rests on your arm(near the breast), you need another pillow for your arm near the baby. Adjust the pillows for comfort. GB!


    wyatts- i am right there with you i am so proud of myself for breastfeeding my little man and i just turned 21. alot of my friends (all but one ) dont or wont breastfeed and some are in there 30s !! i would have given anything to breastfeed my first two kids but being they where in the NICU with heath problems i wasnt able too.



    Miami Mom- If you don’t want to give up BF, you could build up a freezer supply from now until April and have your mom feed LO frozen bottles, and maybe even some formula if needed while you’re gone. But you can pump as often as possible (preferably at the same times that LO eats) while you’re away. That way your supply won’t go down and you can return and pick up BF like normal. 10 days isn’t forever and you can do it!



    lmgibson – youre better off breastfeeding him. Your montgomery glands secrete an oil that sterilizes your breasts and nipples. You don’t ever need to use soap or anything to clean them – they are THAT self sufficient!



    Someone asked about what do we do while staying home. I clean the house. I also read, do puzzles and other things alone. We also go to the park and play dates with friends. Before Alex was born I took Chris to the pool a lot but Alex can’t go until six months. We run errands, grocery shop, etc as well. We always find something to do. Now that the weather is getting nicer we’ll be playing outside more and seeing friends.



    mybabysuprise- my little one is 15.5lb at 8 weeks and mt dr told me to start cereal at night, against my better judgment i tried one night and my baby was constipated for 3 days and had gas and tummy pains it was awful. i am just going to stick to stick to nursing whenever she is hungry and try the cereal when i think she needs it if it be 4m or 6m or 8m



    I live in Canada, we don’t have WIC here. I also looked online for electric pumps when I was pregnant but couldn’t find one I could afford. I will look again though. As for the beer while pumping, I can’t imagine I’d have a job for very long if I did that at work! lol I’ll just keep going and hope I get let-down eventually. I didn’t used to get anything at all when I pumped, so it is already getting better.

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