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    mama- Do you pump as well? Try replacing one feeding for a few days and then replace another for a few days or so. Here’s a website that can help

    hope that helps. When I weaned my son was a bit younger and I just replaced a feeding at a time. Instead of formula you would probably use milk or whatever you use as a milk such as soy milk or almond milk etc. 🙂 Hope that helps


    benbubby – at his age, he should be sleeping through the night on most nights. As long as he is healthy, not going through a growth spurt, not teething, is well fed and is not overtired or overstimulated throughout the day.



    Lawson’s mom, I’m sorry you have to deal with comments like that. Nothing I can say to make it better, but I think it stinks that you’re used to that kind of thing! We love you! Quick question though, kind of an add-on to Bri’s…. Is Lawson going to call you both Mommy? Or do you have different names for each of you? I always wondered how that worked….LOL


    Thanks ladies! Well first Scarlet— We was like lets go walk around and talk with people…. he introduced me to a few co-workers and we passed many tables with peopel still sitting he just walked by… then there was 1 girl sitting at a table totally oppsite of me, tall, blonde, THIN (lol), dress with triangle top (boobies all out) and he stops and said who are you with?! Well, I’m John Walker you let (whatever his name was) know he needs to have you on his arm! Didn’t introduce me! We go say hey to some other people. As we are walking back we run into her and this time with her husband. She told John ‘I told him what you said!’ They all start talking and as we are leaving John says she a beautiful woman! He never introduced me! That is whatreally got me. The 2nd time was to a guy I know and I know his wife she had just lost 20+ pounds but wasn’t there that night. We got o the car and he saw him talking to another lady so he was ‘cock blocking’ he said by yelling how good his wife looked now and how even before she as a real looker! UGH I got upset just typing that. lol Sooo, part of me knows it was ok but then I think why out of all the table he talks to someone he doesn’t know. He wanted to talk with people he did know but the boobie thin girl he talked to. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR



    Hello ladies! I have not been on in a while, but I have been reading your posts every now and then. Some of you have been talking about fenugreek. Any info would be appreciated…like dosage, side effects (me n the baby) ect. Thanks a bunch. 🙁 I go back to work on monday 🙁



    Quinn is really squirmy at night too. I guess gas makes sense too. Off to get some mylicon drops tomorrow =]



    Hi ladies…I’m desperately looking for some advice…I have a 6 month old son and am 7 weeks pregnant with my second. I am sick sick sick and worried about my milk supply. All I’m keeping down is pretzels and blueberries. I took diclectin during my first trimester with my son and am tempted to take it now. Is it better to risk some of the drug coming into my milk so that I can keep breastfeeding for the year or is it better to risk having my milk dry up? Any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



    My dd started talking in small sentences and phrases this week. YAY! And she is so good at doing puzzles and matching games.


    Kadrielle had a 2wk check yesterday and she’s gained 1lb 1oz and grew 1/2 an inch in 10 days!! We are excited she is nursing so well 😀



    Ok everyone clue me in-i have been reading how you all (or most) have or are getting these amber neclaces…what is the reason with that-i always thought jewelry is a big nono for lil ones. So please don’t laugh but clue me in!



    illy2- Quite possibly,i haemorraged quite badly after the birth and ended up needing a transfusion but it i suppose my iron levels could still be low from that? Would it feel like my blood sugar dropping then? I keep going really shaky, weak and like im going to faint?


    hotmessmamma…have you tried the breastflow bottles? thats all i use…my LO takes those and comes right back to my breast as well..they have to use the compression and sucking with those bottles as they do the the bottles even stimulate let they dont get lazy and start to prefer the bottle..good luck



    I think I overfed Jacob bananas this week. I made him a puree of 1/2 a banana earlier this week, and he hasn’t pooped since wednesday! He is still drinking LOTS of BM, and had a small serving of pears this morning….but I wonder where is all that food going? Nothing’s come out since Wednesday…..
    Also, he seems to wake up in serious pain every night around 4 to 5am, just grunting, tossing, turning, crying, with farts and what I assume is tummy ache – but doens’t really wake – he nurses himself back to sleep – or he would wake up totally – any idea what’s causing these pains and gas to upset his little tummy so much? No matter what he eats it happens.



    Anyone have tips on how to breast feed when you have awful strong let downs??? my poor baby gets sprayed all over! i’ve tried taking him off the breast and pumping some.. but anything i do stops the let down, just for it to continue when the baby is put back on the breast! i mean when i do pump it sprays so hard you can hear it on the plastic! i can’t imagine trying to drink when something is spraying down your throat so hard!!! and it makes him swallow so much air!! any tips ladies?!?!



    Danielle – I think now 7 months water 1oz would be fine! I think if you can get her to drink water that has got to be a good thing – I always have trouble getting my lo to drink water! If your lo was younger, it might be a different answer from me, but maybe not!

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