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    I also had someone comment on me breastfeeding…….They said, Cant you start pumping now and feeding her out of a bottle..Like she shouldnt be taking it from my breast…wow…..I told her there is no reason for me to pump since i am a stay home mom, and im with her all the time..



    Thanks for all the response, ladies! Today was a bit easier. I finally found a pacifier that she seems to tolerate. She took two naps without being attached to me today. After a couple of hours, I even picked her up and latched her on because I missed her! lol. I NEVER thought that would happen. It gave me a chance to pump a bit too. The second nap, I snuggled up behind her and got some rest too. Heaven! She went to the pediatrician today…she still hasn’t gained any weight but he said because she’s got so many wet and poopy diapers, he wasn’t worried.



    my 5 1/2 week old eats 2-3 ounces every two hours. i would pump as much as i could a day or two before, and then just freeze the extra for another day that you might need it. . i pump once a day and store it in a freezer.



    cosmomama I have the same issues its not all the time but he will do it somedays its frusterating



    My baby didn’t eat for almost 8 hours after the birth. He’d latch – but he wouldn’t suck, he just wasn’t interested. He was awake and aware, just not hungry. But he only lost 6oz total, and was back to his birthweight by 2 days old. He’ll be 9 weeks tomorrow, and I just weighed him he’s 13lbs 3.5oz, all on EBF, and he was only 7.5lbs when he was born. Now he’s a little porker! lol



    I am not trying to go tit for tat with any of you ladies because i respect all mothers. Therefore I believe that all mothers should respect others and their right to parent their child however they see fit. No mother wants to hear their babies cry. No mother that i know of anyways. However, it is important that your babies develop good sleep habits. As we all know there is no cure for sids and they don’t know for sure what causes it. Thats why its called sudden infant death syndrome. Babybean – allowing an 11 day old baby to cry for a long period of time is not the best thing to do. but find out why. does the mother feel overwhelmed and knows of no other way? is she suffering from ppd? baby bliss – i would never allow my child to cry so excessively that they would suffocate. i am highly offended that you would say so. but thats your opinion and you have a right to yours as do i. lawsons moms comment really struck a nerve with me which is why i responded in the first place.



    Lawsons Mom – You have a lot of the same parenting ideas as I do. I highly recommend a book called Baby-Led Weaning: Helping your baby love good food by Gail Rapley. It’s a real eye opener on how food is given to babies and the history behind why we now give purees and mush to our babies. You can get it for like $13 at Amazon. Actually I recommend it for anyone that is thinking about baby led weaning and not giving mush foods to your child. We offer table foods for him to pick up, examine, and then eventually eat when he’s ready. Gotta love it! It takes the stress away from the parents and the frustration away from the baby and parents.



    Wow I actually managed a half decent night sleep. Fed baby at 10.30 and she woke at 2.30 then slept till 5.30. I feel so much better. I am sure it was a one off but if I get a night like that once in a while I can manage getting up every 2 hours the other nights.



    butterflykisses715 – My first had horrible hiccups. They actually don’t hurt baby even though it seems like they do. There isn’t much you can do. I found that at Babies R Us they Lil’ tummies are making a hiccup relief med. I’m sure it’s just gripe water. You can try that. My second didn’t have bad hiccups so I’ve never tried gripe water for hiccups. It’s usually used for gas and colic.



    Lawson- doesnt that kill your back?! I ws using the Brest Friend then discovered if I put my Boppy under Brest Friend I got optimum height. Its a lot of pillow but I doubt Ill have to do it forever.,



    I appreciate all the advice and insight. It sounds like I’m on the right track to just feed him when he wants to be fed but I wanted to see what others thought. Perhaps I need to change doctors…I kind of feel that sleeping through the night is a developmental thing rather than a ‘full belly’ thing so I think he will get there when he is ready. In any event, I really enjoyed reading what your opinions were..thank you!


    When I NIP I hold my baby in the position of the third picture down, and us my other hand to keep boob out of nose way. My health visitor told me they flare their nostrils so they can breathe when feeding.



    oh and yeah my breasts are the opposite (right powerhouse, left wimpy) but the bad one is always very thick and creamy. i would do the same thing as you though with my double pump. i’d pump ten minutes and then switch the two pumps to the opposite side it was on and go another ten minutes to try and even up my foremilk/hindmilk ratio for each bottle.


    Asher is 4 weeks now and has had a bottle for the past 3 days.He took to it just fine, lol, unlike my first, she had me running around trying 8 different kinds of bottles before she settled! He will only get one bottle a day until 6.5 weeks when I return to work. He will however only take the ortho nipple for drop ins,but I tried that one first since to me it most resembled what I picture my nipple looking like mashed in his mouth! So guess it ismy fault he likes that nipple only. Just know that every baby is different and sometimes it takes longer to get them to take the bottle or find the right bottle/nipplef or your baby!



    Well my baby boy is 1 month today! Still breastfeeding and things have improved. My nipple is starting to heal a bit and doesn’t hurt hardly at all now. I think he is latching better than before which might be why? I’m proud i’ve kept going and not given in to pumping etc. I’m a little scared of pumping to be honest. I know a few of my friends have already expressed and left there babies with family for a few hours but I don’t feel
    ready to do it. I like being the only one who can feed him 🙂

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