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    By the way, i went to Walmart today and they have nursing bras!! They didn’t use to carry them. But i bought one today. And nursing tanks, which i’m in love with. Cheaper than Target, too. Just thought it was cool.

    Also, whoever told me that you can nurse in fitting rooms is brilliant and i love you. It makes my life a million times easier.


    I didn’t have a section, with James. I did pass out through loss of blood needed two transfusions. Had been 50 hours from start of induction to being born. He was a whopper also 11lb 6 oz. He refused to feed for the first two days so I had to express and the midwife gave him the colostrum out of a syringe. They didn’t want me to do it as they wanted me to be associated with the breast. Two days later he finally latched on pretty much stayed there for a couple of days. When he was weighed on day 5 had only lost an oz! Ollie was on straight away.



    Oh no, my LO has been sleeping all day. That’s not gonna be good for tonight lol. Oh well, atleast I was able to get stuff done today while he slept. He’s been sleeping in his bassinet really good, he slept in it all night last night and only woke up 1 time. Now I don’t feel so guilty, I hated when he only slept in his swing at night. So since he’s been sleeping all day he hasn’t really been eating that much. He’ll wake up about every 2 or 3 hours to eat, he eats for about 20 or 30 mins than goes to sleep. Since he’s been born (11 days old) he’s been eating constantly. My breasts have felt so engorged all day, I tried to hand express but it just hurts to do that. Will this hurt my supply if I don’t hand express or will my body just adjust to his new eating schedule?



    Ok so I just started to pump, i’ve only done it 2 times. I only have a manual pump for now but will be getting an electric one soon. I wasnt able to get hardly anything out of my left breast but my right one I was able to get an ounce in like 3 minutes. Is this normal? Is there any way I can build up the milk in my left breast? I feed him equally on both breasts


    Megs you are doing a fantastic job. I hope your doctor can help.



    I agree routine is soooo different. We are on a routine like going o bed at 8 and before that is dinner, tub, teeth, books. What I don’t do is force my child to stay in his room if he’s crying. We find out what’s wrong. I refuse to let either child just cry. That just makes me sick. My mom was told to let me cry. Since I had two older siblings in school my mom set up a pack n play in the laundry room. I remember it and now have issues. I always feel left out and like there isn’t someone there. I could go on and on. It also led to potty training issues. I wish I could type more about it but I’m a horrid one handed typist. My mom regrets it by the way.



    Bri – I know the feeling! I’m sure your hubby thinks you look great though!! I went on holiday with a friend of mine this summer, she had her first baby at the same time I had my 2nd. We were about 2 months pp and this chick was in a bikini no stretch marks no flab, nothing, just a faint line on her tummy! Whereas I was all covered up in a swimming costume and sarong to hide my yukky looking tummy!! Ds said to me the other day ‘mummy its not nice your tummy’!!! :(( Oh well it was all worth it :))


    I also suffered night terrors, not nice.



    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Went to the doc today and she actually lost an oz so I fed her and she gained 2 oz while at the doc. Puzzling I know!!!! She made me feel better today stating I have a lazy eater but my supply seems to be good. She also gave me the syringe so I can supplement while feeding her if she falls asleep. She also gave me formula but don’t intend on using unless I go dry. I also went to whole foods and bought the fenugreek pills and stated I should see a change in about a day or 2. I am not engorged so not sure if supply is good. Today I pumped once and got 1oz and a half. Have not pumped again as I have some in the fridge in case she gets hungry but she seems to be doing better today with latching and drinking. She seems satisfied and have not had to give her a pacifier to calm her down. I am a bit concerned that she has not pooped in 10 days but she has lots of wet diapers.Doc does not seem troubled by this…. should I?
    Again thank you all for such wonderful support, it has been a rough last 2 days as I could not stop crying but you all made me feel lot better!



    Wow – what a lot of strong opinions!! Naturally, breast is best, but it’s not for everyone and formula fed babies are perfectly happy and healthy too. Having a happy mum is very important to a baby and it’s distressing for any baby to have a mum in tears and feeling stressed and tired all the time. I fed for 3 weeks last time before I gave up becasue I was so unhappy. ?This time I seem to be doing better with the feeding and I feel fine, so I will stick with it, but only as long as it is what I feel is best all round. Many people are unable to breast feed for reasons other than being selfish so you can’t judge peolpe like that.



    Bri- glad it was negative for you haha.. send the positive ones over here!



    Ayden has been sick all day, but I have been stuck at work! Its so hard! Even though I know he is with Daddy, daddy still doesn’t do things like Mommy would! He hasn’t even taken his temp! I know he was 103 last night, but he has gotten up to 106 before, with meds! His fevers don’t respond well to meds, so I always try to keep a close eye on them! Only an hour more and I can be with him!!


    >Photobucket sweet holy jesus…finally… Clementine 5m4d old!



    Question…. Yesterday my Penelope turned 1 month old.. but this question is about me… I didnt want to say it or come to terms with this, but I really think I am suffering from Post Pardum Depression.. BADLY… Should I call my OB, or my PCP?? Please help!!!



    Never-mind just thought to read the bottle.. don’t know why i didn’t think of that before.. lol but it says if breastfeeding- not recommended. So dose anyone know what is ok to take for allergies that wont make you sleepy… there is no way i can function on Benadryl. What about Claritin?

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