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    I have a question. I have been pumping every morning after my lo feeding session to build up my supply and my stored supply for when I have to go back to work. My lo only eats off of one side each feeding and lately one side has been sore as I think he has not been latching on correctly just on one side and I can’t seem to fix it. Is it ok for his next feeding sessionI feed him off the same side I did earlier since I pumped? Will that hurt anything?



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    mamadear04 – I nursed for first until he was two (self weaned) and my second is turning a year and we aren’t stopping any time soon. I have been lactating for over three years now and plan not to stop until my last one (not conceived) is at least 2.



    I just returned to work on 3/30 and I EBF my son who is 15 weeks old. He does take bottles during the day so I have to pump. I can only pump 3 oz total each time, sometimes I get lucky and get 4 oz. but this isnt enough for him as he eats 4-5 oz 3 times a day at the sitter. Is it ok to supplement with formula? I mean mostly breast milk is better than none at all right? I bought this Sacred Nursing Tea to try to increase my supply and I felt like it started working but today I only got 3 oz my first pump. I feel like i am stressing about it too and I know that doesnt help. I am exercising 1 hour a day and eating 5 small meals 3 hours apart everyday so my supply shouldnt suffer from the exercise……any advice would be great!! Also, my LO will eat for a few seconds and lose his latch. he does this repeatedly thoughout the whole feeding and has been doing so for about 5 weeks now. And, he only eats 7-10 mins each side before he acts like he doesnt want anymore. Is this normal? My breasts feel empty after he is finished and he seems satisfied….



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    Yes, Fenugreek is awesome. It has the same effect on me. If I forgot to take it I knew it.



    I couldnt breastfeed with my oldest son, my breast were way to sore and had me in tears. My second son had a congenital heart defect and was in a coma for the first few weeks of he’s life so we opt’ed not to breastfeed him niether, im pregnant with my third boy and due on the 11th of the 11th and was just wondering what everyone thought of our chances of breastfeeding?


    My baby is 11 days old. I’ve been having a hard time with sore nipples but they are starting to heal and I want to keep going. A friend suggested that I start pumping now so that my husband can feed her sometimes when I need to sleep. That sounded like a good idea and then also I would be able to pump on the sore side and keep up my milk supply. I tried pumping last night for about 15-20 minutes and nothing came out! I saw a few drops on the shield when I stopped. I have a good pump and Medela stylus dual pump (don’t remember the exact name). I figured maybe it didn’t work b/c she had just nursed on that side for a little while, so last night I only nursed on the good side at both feedings and then this morning tried the pump again on the sore side for about 15 minutes and the same thing happened. I got a few drops in the bottle this time. Then she was fussing, so I nursed her on that side. I know she’s getting milk, why isn’t the pumping working?? 🙁



    also i’m selling my playtex embrace double breast pump if anyone knows anyone that can’t buy new. i literally used it twice. i’m asking $130.00…. i have box and all parts. thanks….



    this is the third day I have added that sacred tea. I added it to my regime of motillium and fenugreek (already wayy maxing on both). Thing is I feel full/bigger in the bust area but am making (pumping) less milk than usual. Less by a whole 5-7 oz/day for the last 3 days. As of now I’m almost down 4 bottles. It says it works immediately, how long should I give it? I bought 3 whole bags knowing it would work because of the raving reviews it got on here



    For the momma’s that pump at work (or any time) do you feel a let down when you pump? I feel it when I breastfeed but not when I pump. I have been doing this for 8 months now and just really thought about this but I am such a terrible pumper, only an ounce or two at a time….


    im 26 weeks and me and my bf discovered if u squeeze my nipple like a drop of clear liquid will come out. should i be worried that i may start randomly leaking like in public now?? =/



    I consider myself fairly conserative. I’m not a liberal by any means. I breastfeed in public because my baby was hungry. I don’t show my chest either. Actually, I don’t like the way my body looks right now so I do everything in my power not to show my mid section and breasts. I get all ready before lifting my shirt and no one has ever seen anything. I also wear clothes that makes it easier. I don’t wear shirts like the one above where I would have to unbutton my whole shirt. I guess it’s just how you go about it.



    little-squirt ; I havent had this myself but i have read on here plenty of women who have. It is a blocked nipple and the milk has gone hard. You need to soften it with warm water ( facecloth or bowl of water like juno said) and then using a needle gently pierce the white spot to release the milk clog. Im not sure if it hurts but im under the impression it doesnt and it quite common. Good luck.



    Does breastmilk last as long/look differently if you pump with a fever? I had a fever yesterday (I think from the H1N1 vaccine) and this morning when I looked in the fridge, the milk I pumped last night looked very watery with some fat floating on top and a little orangish. Do you think it will be okay for baby tomorrow? I hate to throw it out b/c I know it has the antibodies in it from where I was sick.

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