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    babymoma08 – It could be that your LO is getting impatient waiting for a letdown. Try pumping for a minute to get your milk coming out easier then latch. Also, if your baby comfort nurses, I would nurse from the left side to stimulate more production



    Hi ladies…. I cant believe you all get a hard time about BF in public, I am from Australia and at our shopping centres we have baby feeding rooms, I used to have such a problem with BF, thinking my boobs were for pleasure only and never wanted anything but my man touching them but since I had my son I feel so natural and absolutely love it, its such a special experience. Also a question for you all, I am lucky that my son sleeps 7-9 hours every night, he feeds frequently through the day though making up for what he missed at night, is this ok that I am going 7-9 hours without feeding. Will my supply adjust to his timetable??



    Im proud that im breast feeding!!!!!!!!



    the last few days breastfeeding has become sooo much easier for me. my dd does extremely well and has no problems w/ her latch. only problems im havin now is she is very difficult to burp!! 🙁 sometimes takes 15-20minutes. i seen a lactation consultant today and she answered so many of my ?s and i feel even better than before about bf!! i love the connection i feel to her. i tried explaining to my dh but he just looked at me like i was on drugs lol.



    I’m so ticked off! I just caught some of The Doctors on TV and somebody asked for advice on their baby biting them while nursing. Dr. Lisa said it means the baby is ready to move on and it’s time to start the weaning process! WTH?!?! Are you kidding me?? way to encourage early weaning, ugh! So annoyed!



    cosmomama – There could be some sort of pain there. Teething? Sore throat? Gas? All these can cause a baby to have issues as well.



    Zoey was 7lbs 14oz when she was born, dropped to 6lbs 13oz by her first appointment when she was 5 days old, same a week later. 7 lbs 2 oz a week after that…talk about stressed. But her 1 month well check she was 8 lbs 6 oz and I took her in yesterday for the sniffles/cough/I’m a 1st time mom with a sick baby visit and she weighs 11lbs 6 oz at 8 weeks. So I was pretty thrilled with the weight gain. Anyway. I just got back from the store and keep walking by the bowl of oats that are fermenting…and gagging a little. I definitely need to change my mindset if I’m going to keep those down tonight. lol. I keep telling myself if I could go through scabby nipples and cleaning breast pump parts several times a day and day after day of endless nursing in the beginning…I can choke down some old oatmeal. It will definitely accompany some ice cream though. Lol! I’ll keepy ya updated. BTW- Bri – you said atleast 7 hours. Is seven hours enough or should I let it sit longer? I want it to be productive! lol



    jeffswife- i am not sure how you read my comment to mean i though you would let you baby ‘cry until he/she suffocated’ i am confused by that!?!



    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies…I tried to bring it up but he is still resistant. He thinks its ‘odd’ because Danny will have molars and teeth. I am like you dont think its odd that we would cut him off from me to give him another species milk lol. I took Danny to his 2 week appt today and he is 8lbs 3oz. He started at 7.3 and lost 6 oz in the hospital and was back to birth weight by 4 days after birth. So in about a week he has gained a pound and thats all from me! I am so proud of that lol



    Ella, you are so right. I know many 20 year olds that are very mature. Unfortunately there are way too many that aren’t. It saddens me cause I really love this site but I’m finding myself feeling too old for it. HAHA!



    Babes -I just say your post about breastfeeding in public, I have a nine month old and I was very concern about this when I was pregnant but once bubs arrived mummy instinct took over and all I was concerned about was feeding my baby.. I have breast feed her on planes, On trains, at family gatherings at the park.. I always make sure I have a nursing tank top on that way not much is showing… its funny the only place I get people saying anything is when i am st my DH family houses they always offer for me to use a spare bedroom but i always decline, I often go in to the lounge room and a room where there are not so many people… but why should I have to go and sit by my self because I choose to breastfeed… the other babies thier who are formula food sont have to be sent to another room so I do not see why me and my baby should have… It is not like i am flashing my boobs to everyone I am just providing food to my little girl.



    Lawson’s Mom- i had so much trouble nursing Ella without my boppy! It was so hard to figure out. I never really did. I did the same thing as you. Now she’s 10 months and old enough to get to her booby when she wants it. She’ll sit up and nurse if she needs to, she just wants it! haha But now i really do pretty much the same position, just she’s older and taller so i don’t have to hunch as much. This isn’t helpful, just wanted to let you know i used to nurse that way too.



    Maddux – If you can I would switch. Find a doctor with more of your parental beliefs. My doctor is awesome, a mom of 3 boys. She is an attached parent who also breastfed her boys for 2 years each. Love it!


    Laislabonita, I think my first was 4 months also. He loved it, was hoping to go sooner with this one. I used to take my son twice a week up until I was 40 weeks pregnant and really missing it, think I’ll just get daddy or grandparents to watch little one for time being whilst we go.



    this is not related to BF but i want to ask those who had c-section. i’m almost 7 weeks pp and still bleeding/spotting. i just passed a clot the size of a quarter. is this normal? i mean it’s been 7 weeks and i’m still using pads. anyone experienced the same. i would love to hear your stories because it’s starting to scare me….

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