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    lilliesmom – That’s good. I didn’t know you had ducts under there. Maybe sweat glands but not ducts. It’s weird. Definately keep an eye on it and hopefully it will go away! Good Luck!



    kimberlyT.. 40oz is ALOT.. I have to agree with anniemarie on the alfalfa supplement. It’s suppose to help fatten up your milk. You said he had a milk allergy and cutting milk out of your diet can take the fatty proteins out of your breastmilk so alfalfa tablets may help you out alot. Your milk just may be too thin or sugary to help him gain. On days that I’ve pumped for my son he only eats 20-24oz for the day and he’s been in the 95% since birth (5.5 months now) .. I always joke and say my milk must be full of steroids but that may have some truth to it.. not steroids.. but the quality of the milk may have alot to do with weight gain. See if you can find a LC to talk to about that cause the only thing I know to fatten up milk is alfalfa tablets but I’m sure you can add certain foods to your diet to help as well.



    Medella is a good brand and very popular and why it is known for being the best. But, there are several really good brands out there. I think pumps are like diapers…some brands work really well for some bodies and some don’t. I absolutely refuse to buy pampers. They leaked like crazy for my son but I’ve heard of others swearing by them.



    ozbaby put some neosporin or an antibacterial ointment on it too that will help it heal tons faster just wipe off with a warm washcloth before trying to nurse on that side. It probably won’t hurt or do anything if you forget but just to be on the safe side and the taste probably wouldn’t be that great. When my DD was nursing and bit me I was suggested to get a tetnis (sp) because of all the bacteria in the mouth so if you haven’t had one in a long time it might be worth thinking about.



    So this week we saw an allergy specialist for extensive allergy testing (my SIL’s suggestion since her daughter has allergies). We already knew our baby had a dairy allergy (from a skin test) but the blood test showed it is quite severe – AND he tested positive for wheat and egg allergy! And we don’t even have all the results back yet. The specialist said no wonder his weight gain is slow – actually she was surprised he is this healthy. I am so happy to hear there is a logical reason for/solution to our baby’s weight issues. But I am feeling seriously overwhelmed at the thought of the diet I will need to eat – I was just starting to get used to no-dairy. Does anyone else have a baby with multiple allergies? I read that many of you have dealt with dairy allergy – good to hear it’s so often outgrown! We have also decided to delay solids awhile longer (a month or more; he is 5.5 months now) until the allergies are under control. We had just started trying with a few tastes, but he vomits everything up!



    dezsl I was afraid it was going to be long so I just left my ideas and comments on your profile page.



    judi- I know it is my decision. I love the choice I have made, but with that being said… I am having so many issues with production that it is crazy. All it took was one weekend trip to my hubby’s grandmothers house (when RJ was just under 2 monhts) for me to loose my supply. She is so against nursing and I was trying to be nice not knowing that it only takes 2 days to do MAJOR damage to supply that I didn’t nurse my son but at night. It was HORRIBLE. (Lesson learned and if I ever have another child I will know to stand my ground and nurse my child instead of offering formula when he/she is hungry.) I have tried everything to help boost me but nothing is working. If you have been reading post you know that I had a 2 week period, off for a week, back on for a week, and last night I was cramping again so I am looking for AF to com again this week!! UGH. My period went right back to normal 6 weeks PP. I am so close to 9 months and a year is not far from that and I am just really struggling as to if it is time to throw in the towel or not. Then I can go get on the pill again and get my cycle back to normal like it used to be and maybe help some of the depression/stress I have been having lately. I just don’t know what to do!


    i tried the fermented oatmeal this morning. i put some milk, cinnimon, and brown sugar then heated it up. it was sticky and goopy, and there was no way i could finish a whole cup of it. it wasnt completely bad, jsut a gross texture lol



    OK- So I have an upper repitory infection. I woke this morning feeling terrible. Do you all think that could be the reason for the supply drop and not weaning myself form the reglan? I have pumped three times today and only gotten 8 oz. total. I’d normally have 12-15 by now. I checked on the motillium and it seems to be quite close to reglan that is a digestive med. Its pricey too. I m nervous about taking it. I truely hope its just this illness that has my supply down.


    How many of you are co-sleeping? I have co-slept with all of my children this one is my 3rd he is 2months old. I have also breastfed all of them, this guy is going strong and only gets a bottle of expressed milk on occasion. I’m just wondering if anyone else is terrified of sids this time around?? I don’t remember the anxiety about it with my other 2 boys, in fact my 2nd son never slept anywhere but my bed and arms, my 1st we tried to put in the bassinet but he wanted no part of it so slept with us. Anyways, any thoughts or comments would help an anxious momma!



    Hello ladies.. I have a question. I have stopped breastfeeding my LO for about 4 months now. And I realllly Want to stat again. I have lost all my milk supply, So Im not sure what to do.. If anyone has advice im all ears:) Thanks So Much!



    I have the Ameda Purely Yours double electric pump and I love it. It is about the same price as the Medela double pump but it received much higher ratings due to the fact that the Ameda has a feature that prevents your milk from backing up in the tubes causing contamination. My son is 3 weeks old and I have been using it since he was born, so far so good!!!



    1byfaith thanks for that response I think thats def. the issue I’m having.



    PGfirst- Did I miss something earlier? Why is your pumping going to waste??



    Question: Can a 4 week old newborn learn to breastfeed after being bottle fed for 3.5 weeks? He lost a lot of weight in the hospital (we were there for about a week)…so we had to supplement. After we started supplementing with a syringe/formula, he wouldn’t even try to latch on., before he would latch but not ever a perfect latch. Usually he would pinch the nipple a little…anyway, he has a recessed jaw (the peditrician mentioned that he had a latch prob bc he had a recessed chin…without me even mentioning a latch problem). So I’m wondering if my baby is even physically able to latch properly bc of the recessed jaw. Also, he gets so frustrated when he’s hungary and I try to BF (and it’s really hard not to get frustrated). Anyway, I’m pumping and bottlefeeding the expressed milk. Should I keep trying to get him to latch…or just give up? I’m stockpiling on milk so that hopefully I will be able to quit the pumping but still have stored milk for months. I’d like to give him breastmilk for as long as possible, but the constant pumping (every 3-4 hours) is tough on my schedule/day/night…Sorry for the long explanation, but I need someone’s experience/knowledge/opinions. Thank you!

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