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    And my boobs are a 38dd normally 38f when breast feeding. I normally balance my arm on arm rest.



    Hello everyone. Here’s a quick question. My son seems to be more of a ‘snacker’ as far as eating. He will only eat for about 5-8 minutes on one breast before he pulls away and starts to resist. When I try to relach him to see if he will eat more he might but will then spit that extra back up again. He wants to eat about every 1.5 to 2 hours around the clock and I’m wondering if its due to the fact that he isn’t really filling his belly at all. Any thoughts or advice would be welcomed.



    Thank you guys sooo much!!! I think we’ll give it a try. Although I have to admit I dont want to give her a bottle just yet…I LOVE having her all to myself for feeding..and LOVE that I can comfort her so much faster then anyone else….I know it’s selfish but I just can’t help it. But I do want my DH to feed her..I think he’d bond better with her. 🙂 Thanks again ladies!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the feedback everyone!



    About the first few weeks. It’s funny cause Alex was always attached to me. Even my MIL was like ‘Oh Iolani, Give your poor mama a break!’ HAHA! It would seem anytime I’d hand him over he’d start rooting around her for food. She’d laugh and tell him that those dried up years ago! HAHA! I love the itty bitty stage but yes it is extremely tiring. But, I used it to my advantage. Poor Me!! I need a nap…. HAHA! I got to let my inlaws or husband watch my toddler while I went and rested with the little guy. Found memories, getting to sleep any time throughout the day! HAHA!



    Leslie, my hospital is like that too. A completely different building then the rest of the hospital. It’s own parking lot too. They did all the boys measurements and apgar while they sewed me up too. I’ve also heard of moms being able to nurse while they are being sewn up. Another thing I love about my hospital is that they are all private rooms. I know that sounds odd but other places it isn’t so. Our rooms look like hospital rooms. We even had room service. Not just hospital food but they had their own chef and menu. You just called and had them bring whatever you wanted. Of course there were different menus depending on your level but because I had my ‘drive-through’ section last time I got the by pass the comfort menu. HAHA! I would have left within a couple hours of the section if I could have. I wanted home with my other son so badly. So they evicted Alex at 6:35 and I was walking around 3am and I wasa discharged at noon but because of his size he had to do a 24 hour glucose test so we got out of there around 6 that night.



    both of mine got yogurt at a young age. a fingertip at first to keep thrush and all at bay(didnt work ww/ the second. he still got thrush) and it helped their little bellies. my first started solids young but she started teeth at 7 weeks. yogurt mainly but some applesauce and pear by 4 months


    Thanks Lawsons mom, I have the medela mini electric, it didn’t come with anything.


    Emilee I know this must be such a stressful time for you, I hope things are sorted for you soon. I bet the girls love it!



    My first was a sleeper until I went back to work. He was sleeping 10 hours at 2 weeks. Bur when I went back he started needing mommy time, this wass at 3 months. At one point around 9 monthd and separation anxiety he waking 6 times a night.



    noah – I am not trying to give anyone a bad name, it just upsets me that there is such a divide, I hope that we can all come together as mothers and support each other no matter how we choose to feed our babies. Yes some people formula feed out of convience but that is a chioce they have made and had to live with some people choose to only breastfeed no matter what the problem is and I think that is great. I just think there are so many children in the world that are abused and neglected and given no chance at life that we shoudl be supporting all mother that ensure their babies are feed and well looked after.


    In the UK the guide line is 9 months, over 20lbs and that they are able to sit unaided for 20 minutes. So by our standards he was just under the age limit. I used to work with car seats part time when I was at uni.


    Argh I meed help. Clementine keeps squeezing my boob and it’s to the point that my boobs are all scratched up. She squeezes and grabs handfuls and twists! I don’t know what to do. Its so painful and she’s too young to scold and if I try to redirect her hands she screams and fights me. Is she trying to get a faster flow like a Kitty? I don’t know what to do. It hurts so bad I wanna snap off that little chicken wing… I call her chicken or pickle. I know we got a puddle duck in here, what other silly names are we calling our babes.?


    Chellebob~ This is a BFing forum and breast is best, the mothers here have all faced difficulties, the same difficulties that other women claim are the reasons they quit. That is why we are proud that we perservered, that we suceeded and were determined where others gave up. Our nipples were cracked and bleeding too, we were exhausted and in tears too, we just stuck it out where others didn’t, but god forbid we be proud of our accomplishments, that we pat ourselves on the back for making it through the tough times. Because then everyone jumps all over you for putting the guilt trip on them for quitting, tells you that they had it so much worse than you possibly could have, since you couldn’t possibly be stronger than them. Sorry, just sick of having to watch what I say so I don’t hurt a FF’s feelings, but they can say all the hurtful things they want about us ‘self-rightous’ BFers.



    bri- wahoo…i cant imagine having 3 little ones not in school, talk about chaotic!

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