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    So I have been pumping just to have a freezer supply and I have noticed I have a hard time reaching let down any suggestions? These last two days I can get one let down but I am just horrible at this lol help you pumpers out there 🙂


    Bri – so cute!!! he looks like a toddler! Is he almost as big as Chris or what?



    I remember the first few days my husband was almost begging me to pump so we could ‘give the girls a break’. I refused to. After the issues I had with Chris I was NOT going to introduce a bottle if he could suck it out. I almost cried when I tried making an appointment for the clipping and it would take three days to get in. In six days I had the rawest, bloodiest nipples on this planet! HAHA! Ahhh the fond memories!



    tish- and from there you can click on antihistamines or whatever else you want to look into. it says there that zyrtec is safe. Also, i know of some people who have had supply issues when taking antihistamines, just so you know.



    Thanks supermom. I will go and see if I can get some smaller shields tomorrow. The place I went only had the one size.


    I have kind of a neat story. My grandma (who is very pro-breastfeeding and breastfed all 5 of her kids) was telling me how when her mother first had children, formula was becoming more available and popular and breastfeeding was considered what you did if you were poor or ‘lower class,’ but my great-grandma breastfed her 2 kids and always told my grandma how good breast milk is for babies, and what a bonding experience it was. After having heard about this from her own mom, it didn’t even occur to my grandma NOT to breastfeed her own kids when they came along, and also had a great experience with it. It was neat to hear about someone from an older generation promoting the very things we know about breastfeeding today at a time when it was the more unpopular choice. 🙂



    hi ladies, i have a kinda weird issue. My first son i was only able to breast feed for 4 months. This time, im having ALOT more sucesses, and hoping to do it for ATLEAST a year.. but my husband has a big problem with breast feeding for more then a few months.. he doesn’t think its appropriate for an ‘older’ baby boy to be attached to the mothers breast… I told him that the shorts i would nurse would be a year (inless he weans sooner) and he wants us to stop completly by a year.. i dont know what to do because he is really disgusted with us nursing any longer then a year. now i understand to some people is odd having a two or three year old on the breast, which i dont plan to do.. but i dont want to take it away if he isn’t ready! anyone have any sugjestions??



    dominique-is it normal for him to latch and unlatch so frequently?



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Hi girls! I posted a day or so ago about bf’ing issues and thought I would update. I have been pumping like crazy (every hour or 2), increased water & food, and I’m taking more milk plus. It’s so nasty but I bought it online when I was pregnant just incase I had supply issues. I’ve also started the fermented oatmeal thing. She ran through all the milk I had frozen so we are having to supliment w/ formula *tears*. I’m refusing to give her a bottle because I don’t want her to get lazy. I made my own supplimental nurser and it’s great! I went to the medical supply section of a drug store and they had sitz basin baths & enemas that came with long skiny tubing. I cut a hole in the nipple of a bottle and stuck the tube into, making it look like a straw. The other end I tape just above my nipple. I leave just a tad bit hanging over the tip of my nipple. I carefuly put the tube/nipple in her mouth and she begins to suck as if she were nursing. She gets the milk from the bottle, and stimulates my breast at the same time. Once I feel my let down, I slip the tube out of her mouth and she continues to nurse. Once she starts to fuss I know she drank all of the milk in my breast. I slip the tube back into her mouth to keep her from getting to mad, and so she can continure to stimulate me. When the bottle is half empty I try to switch her to the other breast to stimulate the other one. I slip out the tube and quickly tape it to the other one, burp her, and swutch sides. Once she is done I pump for about 5 min on each side. Sometimes I have to wear her in the sling so I can be able to do it. Man it’s a lot of work!!!!! I must say that I have nursed her 3 times without having to use the tube so I think I’m getting somewhere. I hope this helps anyone who is having issues. Sorry it was so long!



We’ve started the weaning process. I can’t believe my baby is almost a year old. He’s been losing interest in the booby, so I introduced reg milk in his cup to see how he’d do. He did great. He didn’t ‘ask’ to nurse all day long and just drank from his sippy. We fed before bed and then 2 times last night. It just is a strange feeling not to be ‘needed’ like I was before. What a big boy he’s becoming 🙂



OK I guess I didnt ask the right question. Can you have a baby eating all veggi/naturel food, milk, and tell people that you dont want preservatives in the babys food, and still eat unheathly and think that your baby is not getting those sugars, FAT, and preservatives in your breast milk from what you are eating?



I have another thing to say 🙂 I decided a few weeks ago to only pump when I am away from baby and he is drinking my breast milk from his bottle. At first I was pumping like crazy and stock-piling milk, which of course made more milk come in. I was leaking all the time and hurting so much if I didn’t feed or pump him immediately when I felt the fullness. I decided to regulate and it was uncomfortable at first, but now, I only produce as much milk as he needs for each feeding whether I am with him or not, and no more than that. I am so much more comfortable and really don’t need pads! I just asked myself what people did before pumps, and realized that baby and I can regulate together. I am much happier!



just curious…are inverted nipples just flat or flatter nipples or do they acually get ‘erect’ but the wrong way?



december- most people don’t introduce bottle till baby is 4 weeks old from what I hear. I wouldn’t force it right now and let him get used to you and you the baby with latch and everything.

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