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    Casen, yes, you are still producing! You are not supposed to stay engorged, your body is supposed to regulate and adjust to the amount of milk that you need to produce. When your LO is nursing and has ’emptied’ both the breast, put her back on the first breast and just keep going back and forth until she is done.



    I had to feed DD every 2 hours during the day and 3 hours at night for the first 3 weeks due to weight loss and by the time we moved off that schedule and onto demand feeding she was also eating all day and sleeping well at night. I found she would eat all evening but then sleep 5 or 6 hours. At about 10 weeks she was sleeping 8 hours through and I always figured it was because she fed so much in the evening. All those beautiful sleepful nights ended when she started crawling though *sigh* If your LO is sleeping well, enjoy it ‘cuz it can change at any time! And if your LO isn’t sleeping well, know that that too can change at any time!


    my babe is now 5 days old.. but i have a question… Question- For mommies who are breastfeeding… Do you wake you baby up every TWO hours like the doctors say to do? Or do you let your baby tell you when they are hungry? Even my doula said I should be WAKING HER up every 2-3 hours… I am scared I am not feeding my baby enough, I am doing a bit of both waking and not.. HELP!



    lawsons mom- thanks



    I’ve used it right at six months before. I never had the oppurtunity to let it get any older.



    swinter – our little girls were born 4 minutes apart! Our inductions were started at the same time, too! lol. Except, they gave me an epidural at 11:30 that morning, before I was really even hurting. Of course, it quit working within a couple of hours…and the second one only worked on my right side. But it’s pretty cool that they’re the same age! Congrats for pumping so long. I really have a lot of respect for that. I tried it for a few weeks thinking it would be easier than feeding ALL the time but it takes so much more work….my Pump in Style hasn’t been touched in a month. Anyway. Thought it was cool we have babies so close in age!



    jep, how old is bub? I can honestly say pumping is just another task to add to bub, laundry, other kids etc,
    i think they are all miserable messes from 0-8 wks. its hard being a baby


    Our maternity unit is seperate to the hospital also and has its own carpet. You share a room with 2 other woman. Very noisy! Food is terrible. Midwifes fantastic. They are trying to introduce a rule that the first feed must be by breast, to encourage those who were going to bottle feed to bf instead.



    Styx, I HATE the Gdiaper! the disposable inserts are terrible! Completely non abosorbant. I worked in childcare for ever so I have lots of useless knowledge about baby products! Ali is still baking right now but I plan on using the Grovia system. Its like the Flip but I have played with both kinds and I like the grovia better. check ou their site! it started out as just a stay at home mom’s way to amke life easier and now she has expanded and I really like the products! I love a hybrid system because you can use the disposable liner when out and about and the cloth for at home. But I agree, gdiapers are crap! Check out the difference between the grovia and gdiaper… they are FAR better!


    Medela calls it a cooler carrier with a contoured cooling element. It’s just an insulated bag w/ a ice pack that’s contoured so the bottles fit easily in the bag. This is the pump I have:


    ollie is 2 months today!



    My lo is 4 months and I’m extremely lucky, she rarely wakes during the night! Touch wood she’s been sleeping around 10 hours a night since about 2.5 months! When she does wake it’s literally just for a quick snack/drink then back to sleep. What she does do though is cluster feed for a good hour or so in the evening before falling asleep.



    rodazie and petskies – This all started because on the 2 month page a lady asked a question about breastfeeding. All the FF’s jumped down her back because she asked the question. It was then that we went to ask her to join this page so she could get help with her relationship. I am very pro-breastfeeding but I know it’s a choice. I would like to educate moms-to-be regarding the importance of breastmilk but once they decide not to then there isn’t much of a discussion. I do believe formula has a place in this world. Sounds like your situation was just one of them. Things happen in pregnancy and birth that can cause a hurdle in the breastfeeding relationship. I believe that as long as the child is getting mostly breastmilk then that’s all that matters. I have never attacked a FF’s regarding her choice. But, I do come to this section to help moms that need help with breastfeeding. I’m sorry you thought that the ladies here were not supportive. If anything we all jumped down the backs of one lady that said that FF’s were lazy. One lady out of all of us. That’s not fair to lump us all together.



    I just looked up our child safety laws in WA. It looks like WA has one of the strongest laws for it. An infant has to be rear facing until a year AND 20lbs. Until age 4 a child has to be in a carseat. Between 4 and 8 a child needs to be in a booster unless s/he is 4ft 9in tall. All children under 8 need to be in the backseat when possible. The fine for not obeying this is $112.



    Hi everyone 🙂 Such good news today – Florence has gained a whopping 130 grams in two days!!! I only used the syringe for one day as I overfed her and made her throw it up everywhere (I felt so awful), so made sure that she took as long as she wanted on the breast, waking her up etc and it worked a treat 🙂 She nows weighs 3kilo’s exactly, and is outgrowing her size 0000 onesies. So I am one happy mamma 🙂 as for swaddling, Flossie seems to like it sometimes, but prefers to sleep with her arms out, and around her head.

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