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    I also use the Ameda Purely Yours and have been exclusively pumping for five months with no problems. Would definitely recommend it.



    =/ my comment wasnt in regards to what ANYONE was saying in this forum…i was just browsing around and was reading what was written and i just felt guilty because i tried so hard aswell to breastfeed, it was my own issue, not really to offend or annoy anyone…but i guess this is a public forum so i didnt really think about getting replies. Sorry to piss people off!



    soon she’ll take a sippy cup:)



    Hi everyone!! It has been along time since I had the chance to get on here. I hope everyone had a good summer. My son just turn one and we are still nursing strong!!!!! Keznutter- You are doing great and have gotten some great advice. The only 2 things I can think to add is maybe taking a weekend and only nursing. Stay in pj’s with you little one and even in bed when you can and just nurse nurse nurse. The other thing is a power pump. At night before bed if you have a show that lasts an hour you can pump while the show is on and rest during the commercials. That always helped me out alot.



    Is it true that breast fed babies sleep shorter periods of time due to it digesting faster? I’m beginning to think formula supplement may not be a bad idea at night time so that i can get a couple more hours of sleep, but don’t want to do this if it really doesn’t work.



    My AF was 6 weeks. There are some really unlucky people out there!!!



    jacquecmsu- i definitely agree!



    alexandnicksmommy – a 1/2 oz is pretty normal when baby is on the breast. You can try pumping each am and pumping while you nurse to reap the benefits of your letdown. There’s no need to build up a huge freezer stash unless you don’t plan on pumping at work


    Babybelly – I get sooo much more from my manual pump than I do with an electric. I’ve tried different brands too and just can’t find an electric one that will express what I can with a manual pump. I use a Medela Harmony pump and love it. It’s only about $30 at Target too.



    hannahkay- congrats! wish my little one would gain. she hasn’t lost anything in the past week but she is 1 lb below her birth weight. sigh



    I miss it this morning and now I’m glad I did!!! Holy cow! Biting does not mean you have to stop! My son bit me a couple times and I taught him not to. We moved on from there and he never bit me again. This was around 8 months and he weaned at 22months. It kills me that people (especially doctors) will tell someone to stop because a baby is biting. So, does this mean those babies that teeth at 3months doesn’t need Mom’s Milk anymore?? I don’t think so!! Baby teeth and also known as milk teeth because they are meant to be able to still nurse. It’s also why in many cultures babies don’t wean until their ‘milk teeth’ start to fall out which is around 6 or so. I know that is late but it’s a cultural thing. Adult teeth are shaped in the mouth so babies really can’t nurse correctly but baby teeth are formed so they can. Just gets to me!!



    Hello all I was breastfeeding my daughter but my breasts are too big for her to latch on so i pump and bottle feed her (only until she gets a bit bigger) and my right breast is really sore including my nipple…and when i pump it always expresses less milk. im going to breast feed her tonight but im kinda scared because of my breast hurting. has this happened to anyone else?what should i do???thanks!


    Well I’m thinking of trying while BF but don’t you have to stop BF once your pregnant?



    So.. anyway. Expecting- that’s really the only thing i could think to do. If you keep pumping them to be empty, they’ll keep making that amount of milk because your body will think it has to. I don’t want you to get mastisitis because i’ve had it and i know how horrible it is, but I have no other advice. Sorry =[ But i’m glad that your LO is sleeping!



    can i drink flavored wter with splenda or nutra sweet? while bf

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