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    heres a good link on some of the baddies that pass through – i see more clearly what you meant !!!



    Seven months is wonderful! No one could frown on you for stopping now.. but if you and your little one aren’t ready, don’t let your husband talk you into it. I think it’s really hard for husbands to understand. My lo is only 12 weeks old, but the first few nights BF’ing were terrible and her dad convinced me to give her some formula. I am just now weaning her off of formula supplements. He would rather her be on formula all the time because (get this) she really enjoys mommy feeding time and so if I’m not there (working) and he has to watch her, she cries for him. He’s completely jealous of the boob! I’m not saying your hubby is like this at all. It sounds like you have some real health concerns. I’m just saying, apparently, some men just truly don’t understand what a bonding experience it is! Last time I listen to him on something I feel so strongly about!


    M.M.Masi: stress can really affect your supply. my mil died at the beginning of november, and that week and weekend, and the next week, i had to feed him all my stored milk. its back up again, not as high as it was, but theres still so much going on. i have enough to feed him, and 2 hours after he goes to bed, i pump and get 4oz, so it is better, jsut takes time!



    December – Congrats on your baby and able to bf so easily. As for the bottle, i wouldn’t stress him not taking a bottle yet. You can introduce a bottle a bit later, you don’t have to do it from day one (or 3). Also, there could be several reasons that he isn’t taking it. One, he might take it if someone else gives it to him. He associates you and your smelll with breastfeeding. Try having someone else give him the bottle with you out of the room/house. Also it could be the bottle. I had to go through at least 5 different bottles/nipples before finding one that my son would take. When he was real small he would only use the breastflow bottles, i think they are made by safety first. Once he started daycare at 7 months he would only use the playtex drop-ins. Good Luck!!! Oh and here is a link that might be helpful, I think you can still register for a free playtex bottle.



    My son came 10 weeks early. The doctor told me I should breastfeed for at least a year. I think I will try to breastfeed for 1.5 years. My mom thinks I am crazy. Is anyone who is or has breastfed for over a year not getting support?



    I agree, my daughter is 8 months old and i will breast feed wherever, whenever my daughter is hungry. I am not goign to starve my daughter because somebody else doesn’t like it. I don’t tell them not to eat, so don’t tell my daughter she can’t eat. I do use a receiving blanket when in public, which she tries to pull down at times. I just hold her hand while bf and then when I’m done, she will come out. I have bf at all ocassions, basketball games, football games, the mall, in the car, any and every way. There’s no shame to my game. Don’t let anyone intimidate you.



    Lauren – I know you want your baby to sleep longer but that takes time and is different for all babies. Food too early can cause early diabetes, gast problems, allergies and many other things. My son is 17months and still gets up for a nurse. He’s an awesome eater too. They are also now saying that giving food early doesn’t help them sleep longer…that’s a myth.



    please help me out, i need to know what food to eat and what food is not allowed during breastfeeding



    butterflykisses715 – Good Luck! I have a 2yr old. He takes a 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon so I’ve been able to tiime it so Alex takes his second nap with his brother. That’s my time out! They both go to bed at 8pm as well. Is there anyone that can give you a break? Even if it’s just once on the weekend? A mom or MIL might be good. They can watch your 4 year old while you take the other upstairs to nap. Worst case, maybe a Disney movie while you and the little one snooze on the couch. Not usually one to recommend TV but a 4 yr old won’t get into that much trouble if you nap next to her while she watches a movie. At least that’s an hour you can rest your eyes. Good Luck!



    ok so my little guy is just turning 6 months old and is having crazy constipation problems. I can’t figure out if its the solids or what. I’ve been only feeding him solids once a day for the past week and a half but he is still passing very thick stools when he does go:( I feel soo bad for him. any suggestion?



    I was reading a few days ago that you were thinking of throwing away an entire freezer supply and thinking how frustrating that must be…now though I have thrown out everything I had (not as much, maybe two days worth) since it is all ‘contaminated’



    colleenbeth: My nipples also go purple when i pump. I think it is juist from the suction as they arent permanantly purple.



    jacq98 – My son has been sleeping through the night since about 10 weeks. He is 8 months now. I have always set my alarm to pump once at 1:30am to maintain my supply but I dont know if it would have dwindled without it. I would think so because that is the longest stretch I go and I definitely get the most from that pump. Plus at the very least its a free bottle. Sucks to have to wake up in the middle of the night but worth it to have the milk.



    I’m glad I don’t have to formula feed, have you ever tasted that stuff? blech Cardboard.



    kym22 – i actually get mine from someone on ebay. Their shipping is cheaper than the Motherlove Co. And they ship VERY quickly. Usually here within 2 days. You can check the Motherlove website though. They have a list of stores in your area that carry their products. There were stores here that carry some of the Motherlove products, but they didn’t have the Goat’s Rue. I tried the More Milk Plus also and it didn’t really do anything for me. Let me know if you try it and how it works for you. I have another friend that uses it and it works great for her as well.

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