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    Babybean and Babybliss, this site ( is AWESOME when it comes to baby wearing! You can use your moby for most of the wraps or you can just use a piece of fabric. There is a ton of info on the site and even a whole section on nursing wrap techniques with videos and everything!



    I think you can but I don’t. Everything that goes into your body goes into your milk at some point. I’d rather just have the natural thing. Sugar is actually better for you then the substitutes.



    Agreed! Cereal and any other solids aren’t to take away from nursing but to add to it.



    Hi ladies. I’m trying to increase my milk supply. I’d almost completely dried up & Emma is only 4 weeks. The Dr. put me on Domperidone 30mg 3x per day. Just started last night & pumping every 3 hours. Emma never latched as I have flat nipples & scar tissue from a breast reduction. I’m thinking of going to a highly recommended clinic a couple hours away once my milk is established, I would really like to nurse so it’s worth a shot right? Anyone have a similar experience to mine? How did it work out? Also does anyone know if food poisoning affects breast milk? I got it a couple weeks ago, I dumped that milk out to be safe but wanted to know for the future. Thanks.



    Ok so I’ve been overwhelmed lately, and my. Hubby ( a recovering alcholic) just admitted to me he fell off the wagon, 5-6 months ago! Our Babys 6 months, he hasn’t been helping out, really lethargic n mean I should have known n stopped. It, we’ve been ‘missing’ money but I’m so caught up with everything else all 3 of my kids, my oldest goes to the cardiologist Thursday she has s bad heart defect,my youngest is a nurse a holic lol I’m overwhelmed,I’m anxious n now this. Sorry ladies I had To vent …


    my first son put himself into feeding every 3 hours during the day i thought that was the way all babies were! With my second he is very much anytime. Today i fed him at his brothers musical minis class at the end. Walked to the shops with them he wanted fed there. Shops only ten mins away. then i started for home had to stop off at my mams as he wanted fed again! He loves to cluster feed!



    swimming – I took Braeden for the first time 2 days after I stopped bleeding. He was about 6 weeks old. He loved it, but got cold quickly, so we didn’t stay for long. We went back again at 2.5months, and have been going every week since. He doesn’t get cold anymore, and is starting in the Mommy and Me swimming classes in July. I wanted to get him into the water as soon as possible, because DS1 was terrified of water. So much so, that even giving him a bath was an absolute nightmare. Braeden on the other hand, just loves water. Not sure whether it’s due to the early exposure, or to his own personality, or a mixture of the two, but at least I don’t have to fight with him every time I try to wash his hair!



    Maddux. some babies are very efficient nursers, and get enough milk in 5 minutes to fill their bellies. I looked, your son is only 5 weeks old, its very common to still be nursing that often at that age. In fact, most of the time my son still nurses every 2 hours, and hes 4.5 months now! He will go longer if distracted, but if hes at home, he wants his milk every 2 hours on the dot!



    Hey ladies. I’m kind of confused. I worked Tuesday for the first time. I was gone from home 9 hrs. I pumped 3 times while I was gone. I pumped 28 oz in those 3 sessions and she only at 15 while at daycare. The problem is that I have been home the last two days and my supply has dropped significantly since Tuesday. I always pump for her second feeding just to keep her on the bottle and to build a freezer stash. Well Wednesday I only got 6 oz (normally I get close to 10) and today I only got 4. My baby is clearly hungry after each feeding. She is unsettled,crying and Trying to get more. Is one day of pumping really enough to do me in and if so what the heck am I going to do when I start back full time on the 12th.


    casen- i co-sleep with my LO and i dont burp him during the certainly can if your babe needs it..but we usually nurse and go back to sleep



    Hi, those of you on facebook I would love for you to add me as a friend.



    Wow, 33k! Do you actually pay that much or is some of it forgiven? My room was huge, all to myself, free TV (but only cuz we knew someone that worked there) and horrible food (I swear I was given wallpaper paste the one day). I had one great nurse though that spent hours with me, helping me learn how to nurse, which I’m very grateful for.



    Jessica: yes, that’s right. Did I mention how jealous I was that you got the fuzzi bunz? Lol. I would love to get them, but until my tax return comes I can’t afford to spend 20 dollars on one diaper. Oh well! I like the ones we have. Another case of champagne tastes on a beer budget! Ha ha!



    mama-sl0p, is it possible that she just learned to reverse-cycle? Babies that reverse cycle will eat very little to nothing while mom is gone, but then make up for it by eating consistently the second mom is around again.



    danielle- 4 hours! wow. that’s a long time. the 2 hours seems more normal to me. My daughter ate every 2 hours until she was much older. Try to be the one to feed her every time or else it will affect your supply. Try not to rely on pumped bottles or formula or your supply will never get established the way it’s supposed to. Babies are supposed to eat often. They have such small tummies! Keep in mind that the ‘4 hour rule’ is for babies who are FF. Breastfeeding is a bit hard in the beginning, but it is soooo awesome. (My DD is 12 months now!) The best thing i found to help my sore nipples was hand expressing a bit of milk onto my nipples and letting them air dry. Maybe try putting a bit less lanolin on? That way it’s not slippery, just helpful. But the milk on the nipples is what really helped me. Best of luck to you, and we are all here to help!

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