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    hi ladies. i know this is a little off subject but i know i could get an answer here. i am 7 mos pregnant and my boobs havent increased in size at all. With my first child they didnt either. and i got milk in them a day after my child was born…will i be able to breastfeed even though my breasts are not increasing in size?



    thanks campimama….it’s weird to have her not interested in nursing, just a year ago i couldn’t get her off me!! 😉 how quickly it goes. will i have enough milk if she only nurses 2x a day & 1 pump @ work?




    When do the night time feedings stop. Not that it bothers me much I’m already used to waking up every 3 hrs lol. I’m just wondering when it becomes more of a habit rather than a need for a night feeding.



    ToveandBrody – Inverted nipples are just that, they go in, yes like ‘erect’ but inward. Flat nipples are different, they are just flush with the rest of the breast.



    Kora – That is a faze. Is your baby just using you for comfort in the middle of the night or actually wanting to eat. If it is just for comfort try using a binky and rocking her, or having DH try so that she doesn’t expect to be fed. If she is hungry, feed her. If she is eating b/c she is hungry it might be a growth spurt and she needs more calories. Using formula to get your baby to sleep through the night doesn’t generally work, exp if she is waking for comfort. Also, formula will ‘fill’ her up for longer but that is b/c they have all the ‘extra’ stuff in there that makes it hard for your baby to digest, but it is an old wives tale that it makes your baby sleep through the night better.



    Hi Everyone,

    I have a very low milk supply. Can you recommend a natural supplement. I bottlefeed Similac Advanced, but would like to give my baby more breast milk.

    Thanks for your help!



    katjak7-yeah i think about 5 and half to 6 mths is a good time to start….my midwife also said if bubs starts to open and close his mouth when im eating, that this may not be a sign he wants food, just that he is imitating…anyway im sure we all have different ideas and i think go with what works for you. i mean look at me, usually babies start breastfeeding then go to formula whereas im doing it the otherway around(not that i wanted to)



    I may have to start supplementing my boys twice a week while at daycare. What brand of formula have any of you used or would consider using if you had to supplement?


    kebler – under *some law I can’t remember* in the US your employer can’t fire you for being pregnant. That’s discrimination and opens your company wide up for a law suit.



    hey everyone im still here and still breastfeeding! wyatts now doubled his weight and is 14 1/2 pounds he will be 16 weeks on sunday still strugling a lot with supply but he sleeps from 9pm to 9 am like he has from the day he was born so nursing all day long isnt too bad i just look at it like we are getting lots of quality time together! I got my moby wrap finally trying to find a good way to breastfeed with is as wyatt doesnt like the recomended way lol stubborn boy … oh and today he started sort of crawling! if i can figure our how to upload videos from our camara i will it was so exciting because hes so little yet !



    Thanks everyone for your input..Yes she did breastfeed my husband but only or 6 weeks..I guess the thing that bothers me the most is I was so against breastfeeding and I was never going to do it and she was the one that bought me a pump and was trying to convince me to do it so bad, and now she is trying to tell me to stop!? I don’t get it, expecially her being a family doctor who delivers babies and deals with newborns..I talked to my man last night about how much it bothered me and he said he would talk to her the next time she was here..thankfully she lives 4 hrs away! ha!..armymom im so happy for you that your man is coming home how exciting!! Have a great weekend!!



    kimberly here is a site u might like


    My baby is 5 months now and has started pinching and scramming my breast when he’s feeding. I’ve tried holding his hand that he does it with to stop him but he just let’s go. Any tips would be welcome. Thankyou



    Mumzie- I think you will be fine :)… your body will adjust to being nursed half of the day… some women prefer to nurse only some of the time…. and can still maintain enough milk for those feedings…. 🙂

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