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    i havent tried formula, but then again, i havent tried my milk either! lol.



    Honestly I do not even know where to start with formula if I have to. Which brand? How long does a can last? Does anyone know?



    hollysmum….you said your baby wont take any bottles. Have you tried the Breastflow bottle? My baby refused to take any type of nipple…wide, thin, Nuk, Avent, Playtex..etc. I tried the Breastflow and it took her a minute but then she latched onto it and drank beautifully! It’s the only bottle she will take and it really is alot like the breast.



    Hey Precious, it’s completely normal. Some women dry up within weeks and others literally take YEARS to completely dry up. Any stimulation will make some moms leak. It’s crazy but no worries. Try not to stimulate them and it’ll go away faster.



    The ‘non-full’ or empty feeling is what you want. The full engorged feeling send a signal to slow milk making process…the non full is telling body to make more to fill up. Your body regulated. Its ok. And as for baby sucking and not is filling mouth with milk to swallow. My dd does this and has for many months now..i felt the same when i noticed that same action in her and some wise women on this site set me straight! So no..your doing fine. Diaper counts are the only real way to see how your supply is (unless your a pumper during the day and pump massive amounts like deeyore and I) then you know all is fine. well MORE than fine! LOL



    oh am no longer nadishia28, am now jazznshan



    Good point, thanks horseygal!


    cosmomama…. my little man dose the same thing and it hurts because he is still attached to me i know he is still nurseing so i dont know why he is pushing off me like that. he will also throw his head back when he is nurseing and that hurt lol i try to tell him mommies nipple dose come off but he still tryed 🙂



    missmojo-My son started sleeping thru the night at 8 weeks old. He is 14 weeks today and he goes to be @ 930pm and wakes @ 4am. At 4 am I bf and change his diaper then he goes back to sleep till around 7-8am.



    I guess I’m going to try cutting out major dairy until Christmas and see if that helps things. My DD has had a bad bum rash for the last month and a half that won’t go away and now with this green poop, I don’t know, it seems worth a try. It’s not the usual texture and there’s a little bit with every diaper change which I’ve read could possibly be diarhhea. I don’t think it’s just the usual foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issue, we’ve had that before and it goes away much easier. Ugh, it’s tough not knowing what’s going on. I can’t imagine how tough a bigger issue would be.



    Hi ladies…..I feel like I’m mourning here. My son is almost 6 months old. Initially I wanted to BF for 6 months….and then I decided I wanted to go for longer. Formula scares the crap out of me for some reason. Something about scooping powder out of a can…. Anyway, I’ve been working full time since my son was 2 months old. We had a really hard time BFing at first….no milk for 5 days, then nipple shields, bleeding, tears, clogged ducts, decrease in weight, etc…… It was a BATTLE. But I fought, and I won! So anyway, I’ve been pumping at work and my mom and grandmother (his caretakers during the day) have been feeding him what I pump. Well, by the yime he was 3 months old I couldn’t keep up (DH is 6’4’….my son is HUGE….5 1/2 months old and wearing 12-18mo clothing). So, my mom and grandmother have been feeding him 1/2 and 1/2 (I pretend like the formula doesn’t even exist. DH buys it and puts it in the diaper bag). Well, at the beginning of this month, for some reason, my supply went WAY down. I woke up about 2 weeks ago after sleeping for 6 hours or so and my boobs weren’t even full (usually they are HARD and ready to explode). I burst into tears, because I knew that this was very bad. I tried to nurse him, nurse him, nurse him, but now that he’s older, he’s SOOOO nosey and he won’t stay latched. I tried. I really, really tried. But he wouldn’t eat from me. I ended up attacking some of my supply in the fridge and giving him breastmilk from a bottle. Well…THAT was a mistake. I don’t have much left. Now when I pump….I get about a 1/2 ounce from each breast. And I really can’t bring up my supply. I pump as much as I can, but I do work full time. And when I’m home at night and in the mornings, my son just isn’t interested in nursing. I’m just devastated. I have cried every night this week whenever he won’t latch (I thought we could at least do a morning and evening routine….nope!) My milk supply is so, so low….I’m back in my pre-BFing bras. I think it’s a lost cause unless I pump like crazy, but then I’m attached to the pump and can’t play with the baby or catch him from rolling into the walls, etc. But like I said, I can’t get over it. I feel like I’m mourning a death or something! Please don’t tell me all of the things that I’ve done wrong because I know I probably did (example: crying every night/being stressed doesn’t help my milk supply situation). I just need some words of encouragement. That my baby will be fine. That we can still snuggle and play. I feel like I’m losing a huge bonding experience. I’m so so sad…



    mrsmom, your baby doesn’t sound much different than mine, except that mine eats more. Mine is 11 months, nurses several times per night, only really started eating right before Christmas, and sleeps in my bed. Sorry to say, but I think your doctor is a quack. Breastmilk isn’t nearly as bad as bottles for your baby’s teeth. It’s still not great, but if they are sucking properly the nipple is so far back in the mouth that not much milk pools behind the teeth. And even if it does, breastmilk isn’t that bad anyway. I would avoid giving her a pacifier now, my son has one, and is so dependent on it, it drives me nuts! I hate seeing toddlers walking around with pacifiers, and I’m having a really hard time taking it away from my son, if he doesn’t have it he just wants to be held, by me specifically, constantly. About the eating, she’s probably getting most of the nutrients she needs from the breastmilk, but I might stop offering the crackers and cookies, and only offer healthy foods, in the hope that when she is hungry, she will eat. Babies won’t starve themselves, when they get hungry enough they will eat. Maybe try some sweet fruits, hopefully she will take that. Also, are you giving her baby food, pureed table food, or what everyone else eats? Braeden will only eat if it’s the same as what everyone else is eating, he especially likes it if it comes off my plate. My friend’s baby on the other hand won’t eat anything unless it is pureed. It is normal for AF not to be back yet as well. I got mine back at 7 months, but my SIL didn’t get it back until 2 years had passed!!



    I a nother question…Is it ok to eat all fishes including shell fish wile b/f



    t3po…i did not know that…thanx for the advice :). seuban…i wouldnt worry, my niece lost a whole pound just in her stay at the hospital, then another few ounces her first week at home and the drs werent concerned. as long as they stop losing weight after that first week i think everything is normal.



    i saw that and i was a annoyed also! I was really annoyed that she would say that that is a sign that baby is ready to wean. That baby was 10 months! So she was supposed to start giving formula? WHY!

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