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    thank you, i do pump more than once. i pump every 2-3 hrs. but i was not aware that when my milk stopped to keep going. i’ll try that.



    danielle-i agree. you should probably be feeding every two hours. at times every hour. as a rule you should only get one four hour break. i know it’s tough. i had a breaking point at about two weeks when i thought i was losing my mind. that’s also normal and it seems to get better after that hurdle. just stay committed and try not to supplement. as far as soreness make sure you have a good latch. if you’re unsure find a good lactation consultant that can help you. in the meantime while they are healing keep using the lanolin, try some ice or frozen peas, and if it gets really unbearable you can take some ibuprofen. remember, we are all here for you and supportive so visit often with as many questions as you have.


    I would love if John would sleep at night lke he does during the day. I feel like he’s backwards but it’s whateva! lol We don’t have anything to do during the day. However if someone else is going to watch him I know when he’ll normally get tired or need a nap.



    Bri, i have nothing against the debate or whatever was going on.If you read my first post on here, i wanted others that were not contributing to know that a lot of good advice comes from this forum and i wanted to be sure i wasn’t crossing any boundaries as i supplement and this is made up of mostly EBF ladies! Whatever the case, petsies was right, we should support each others decisions as not everyone is likely to give you detais of why they FF or BF as the case may be. That we choose to care for our babies should be foremost as an accomplishent of a we all are!! I haven’t placed anyone in any category, it just seemed so inconsiquential because you see, i am from month two and i ran to find solace here only to meet the same thing!! lol..please, i only wish we support eachother’s choice. Thats not so much!



    Ok, so the Boulevard goes to 33lbs rear facing. Still would like it to be more easy to get him into it.


    Ollie is little bear and James is big bear. When pregnant I used to refer to both as bamba as I didn’t know what was I was having.



    Milt- WELL SAID and thank you. Almost all of us here have struggled one way or another but before turning to the powdered stuff we eat fermented oatmeal, drunk mmt, pump to boost, eat almonds do everything within our humanly power to give our babies what is rightfully theirs!! Look at Lawsons mom if she can ep! We are proud for what we all have gone thru



    Bri- WOHOO congrats on the neg 🙂 deeyore- congrats on a year!!! And being pump free



    styx, you can also do breast massages right before pumping



    Sooooo cute!!! Cannot believe she’s almost crawling already!



    Thanks bri- will do!!



    ama- oh my goodness. is there any way that you can get someone to bring it to you? or can you go home for it? oh man. otherwise.. you could hand express milk out to make yourself more comfortable, but your supply isn’t going to do great. one day won’t kill it, but definitely don’t miss two in a row!




    Jacob turned 6mnths old today. My parents and I celebrated with thai food, and, I gave Jacob some rice cereal mixed with bm for the second time! He spat a lot of it out but LOVED grabbing the spoon.

    I guess I will slowly introduce foods into his diet – but boy is it ever ALOT OF WORK and MESSY….I would just bf forever if I could…lol…

    Anyway, just wondering how long any of you have ebf for? I guess 6mnths is the time to slowly start. How soon should I introduce other foods like sweet potatoes, carrotts etc?



    lilmama-…if a MAN can breast feed you I saw it on Oprah. You may have dried up a little but you can get it back. Get on Reglan from your doctor, if you don’t like that order motillium form mexico (safer with less side effects)..good luck.



    mamadear04 – Remember the WHO recommends at least 2 years. Your baby will wean when she’s ready. Why put a number on it? What difference does it make is she weans at 18 months or 20 months. What is that 2 months besides the fact that she’s getting great nutrition from breastmilk.

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