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    domininique-Cole is 15 weeks. I will try the motion thing….its so frustrating….



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    cee-cee- Absolutely! Breast size does not affect how much milk your body will produce…it’s just fatty tissue. My sis is an A cup and nursed 3 kids…I was a G cup and struggled with baby #1 but nursed #2 just fine. Have the lactation nurses help you with your latch and stick with it through the tough spots in the beginning. The main bf forum is awesome for support too.



    Any help? I have to stop breastfeeding today because my daughter is very allergic to my milk, her symptoms have only gotten worse in the last month. She is 5 months old and the doctor recommened a soy formula. I feel terrible to stop breastfeeding so abruptly, but last night she was up have the night vomitting. So today is her first day on formula. She seems to be taking it well. But my breasts are so lumpy and engorged.. any suggestions?



    luv – All the books say 9 months for egg whites and a year for yokes. I think it has to do with alergies…like everything else.



    Ljess – I think that depends on the baby. Some babies stop waking at night at 6 weeks. My little one started eating from habit rather than hunger when he was about 7 months old. Then after about a week of bad nights with him (refusing to feed him at night) he stopped waking at night and now he has slept through the night (most of the time) since then. There is a very different nursing pattern between hunger and habit. You just have to try to stay awake at 4 am enough to notice. hehe. But the easy way i could tell is that if he was hungry he was sucking away, swollow, suck, etc. When he was eating out of habit, he would suck and then just stay latched and then take another quick suck, it wasn’t eating, it was just staying latched for comfort. Good Luck!



    omg….i went to nurse my lo this morning…she latched on for a second then pulled away and started crying…i tried pulling off what looked to be a string or something…took me a minute to realize that i spraying at her…pour little thing no wonder she was crying


    So, I have a confession to make. What I think is my period hasn’t been much more than pink tinged wipes (sorry, I know tmi!) all day. With Evin, I had some pretty significant implantation bleeding. My husband was uncharacteristically uncareful about 9 days ago when we were intimate. Soooooo, maybe…just maybe there’s a wee one growing in me. It’s a long shot–a way long shot but since he is not ever going to let me have another ‘planned’ baby, perhaps God will intervene and let us have an ‘accident.’ I don’t really, truly believe this is what is happening, but a girl can hope, right???? Keep your fingers crossed for me.!!!



    Sunshine – You’re ok! Things will go back to normal once you stop. I’m going through the same thing right now. grr! It sucks but it happens. Keep doing what you are doing and when you stop bleeding it will return.

    Hey NYMom, it is ok but I don’t recommend getting into a habit. I’m trying to break Kekoa of it. He is 14months and still doesn’t sleep through the night. I think because he wakes up and wants comfort. It’s awful trying to eliminate these feedings but I think it has to be done to get him to sleep.

    mylittlebottlerocket – Keep practicing. My son is just now really getting the sippy. Before it was just a toy but now during meals he asks for it. It can’t stay on his tray though or it ends up on the floor. We keep it on the table until he wants a drink and then we take it back. Also, help him. Hold the cup for him and then he will start wanting to do it himself, eventually. Have patients they all learn eventually.

    Nikki – I’m sorry yours came back so soon. Kekoa was 9months before I got mine. Even now it’s not regular. I get it about every six to eight weeks. Don’t worry about it. Nurse often and it might not come back but if you are one of the unlucky ones to get it so soon then just be prepared for a very unregular schedule. I have my pap next week and was worried I would have it then. HAHA! Of course I got mine on the 1st so I have plenty of time to finish up.


    does our milk supply grow with our babies? it seems my baby wants 4-5 oz and im not producing that much. he has to suck on an empty boob if he is still hungry and eventually ill have a second letdown.



    m.m.masi- I used Good Start with my last child and with my LO now, I’ve had to supplement once and she also took Good Start. She had no problems with it and it worked great. My supply is back up so it’s all good now. :o)



    It’s funny. I had so many issues at the beginning that I was hoping to get to three months…then six months…then a year. At about 9months I knew I wasn’t stopping at a year. Kekoa is almost 16months and we’re still going strong. Around 18months I think I’m going to start to drop some feedings and be completely done by two years. I want to start trying again this fall but I already have my cycle back so I don’t think I’ll have any problem. I do want him weaned before the next one. I know tandem nursing is possible I just don’t want to.



    i have two questions for you guys. First, has anyone not had a period since giving birth while breastfeeding. My girl is 3 mo 2 weeks & I have not had a period. I am back on the pill (the minipill- safe for nursing). is it normal to not have a period? Secondly, anyone else having problems losing that baby weight. I got 20 off but the other 20 seems like is here to stay, actaully i gained 5 back. I thought breast feeding helps to lose the weight but its not doing that for me. Maybe I am just hungier than normal and eating like a pig but I dont feel like i am.


    aiden- I hate to think how many moms and babes she has told to stop breastfeeding before 1-2 years…so unfair to everyone



    and another that might have good stuff

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