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    babysaunders-I know of someone who’s lo was preemie and in the NICU. It took her almost a month of exclusively pumping before baby would latch on, but she did. Make sure you have a super slow flow nipple on the bottle. If it’s too fast, baby won’t have to work for it and will become a lazy nurser. The idea is to make you more appealing than the bottle. Try giving a bottle for a couple of minutes and then switching to your breast. Sometimes when they are sleepy they are less discriminating. Hang in there, this happens to a lot of women. Your perseverance will pay off in the end, baby just has to learn:)



    I was just wonderinghow do I go about building up my freezer supply im home all day with my 3 week old and he nurses quite a bit im only able to get about 3 ounces out a day total between his feeding times we are taking a trip for easter and again in may so also I was wondering how do I keep it frozen when we travel we are driving 6 hours away



    AnthonyandMary- I was a 40E before my milk came in so who knows what I am now…BFing is definately possibly with large breasts…the easiest way is the football hold! I think it explains is here on this page…also investing in a good pillow is so helpful! I have Boppy from my first son but he gained weight so fast it’s starting to wear…the ‘my breast friend’ pillow is amazing I hear and alot more sturdy! I’ll be buying one soon! Anyways…put your baby in your arm like a football with their head in your hand…tilt their head back a bit and hold your breast with your other hand kind of sandwiching your areola area…ourfamily friend is lactation expert and said think of trying to get your mouth around a huge burger or sanwich…you can’t! So you need so squish it down a little to make it fit…same with big breasts! When your baby opens their mouth large enough aim your nipple inthe middle but bring the babys head up to your breasts…don’t stuff your breast in their mouth….anyways I have always found that’s the easiest way to get a good latch with big breasts…I would also look into the local le leche league and get some help…BFing is so much easier than pumping!! Because all you need is yourself!! It’s frustrating, I know but well worth it and the pain I’ll go away with prope latching and time to heal any cracks or infections…



    jessicalynn21, nope, not unless you are at risk of preterm labor. Some babies do wean themselves as you get later into the pregnancy as the milk starts to change back being more colostrum-like. There are some babies that just don’t like the way that that tastes. Others continue to nurse just fine throughout the pregnancy and then momma tandem nurses both babies.



    Bri – The Ergo is a great baby carrier for chunky little monkeys! I personally love it. It’s supposed to be ergonomically great because it allows the baby to sit as opposed to being more suspended in the bjorn and thus puts more stress on the baby’s spine. It is spendy at around $135 or something like that, but it is very sturdy. I still use it all the time with my 29 pounder and it’s been so helpful with my back. I would recommend it highly to anyone.



    Any one know of s allergy medicine that’s safe to use whole nursing?? Help please!



    Thanks for the link! I actually saved DJ’s stem cells because I know it is amazing what is able to produce from them, never mind in the future! OMG, never mind what breastfeeding is doing for him NOW… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!


    abbotbabby- try fennel tea from a health food shop and make sure your gettin enough rest.



    Casen – Yes, I haven’t felt ‘full’ in forever but I can still pump 5oz. No problem. I know it can be worrisome but try not to. You’re doing fine.



    kirra- if your LO is 7 months, he should be gaining some independence. Try to put a fun toy in front of him so he can start to learn to entertain himself. I know that Ella definitely didn’t fit in a swing at 7 months!



    katjak, my daughters first pediatrician was so quick to tell me to switch her to nutramigen. i was a new mom and i went home to a screaming baby and all i knew was that my milk was causing it and that it was my fault somehow. i told hubby one night he needs to go buy nutramigen cause i cant take the screaming any more and he wouldnt, he said to just call again and see what they say cause we shouldnt give up breastfeeding like that. well i called and thank goodness the doc on call was like what in the world, you can totally breastfeed u just need to cut things outta your diet and shes gonna be jsut fine. needless to say i asked her right then and there if shes taking new patients and switched to her immediately 🙂 im so thankful i made that fone call, otherwise myd aughter probably woulda been on nutramigen for a year, i woulda been broke as that stuff is so expensive lol, and i wonder if i woulda even breastfed my son having gotten accustomed to formula.



    expecting, the reason the milk from the dud breast is thicker, is that the emptier the breast is, the fattier the milk is. Someone posted a link on it once. I dont know if this is the same site, but try looking at this link, it explains it way better than I can 🙂


    Hi ladies, need a little advice/opinions. My LO is 7 weeks putting weight on very well now 11lb 14oz. I’m struggling as he feeds all the time i understand given the heat in the uk at the moment he’s thirsty but i feel like i dont get a moment plus i have a 20 mth old who isn’t getting any attention so im thinking of giving up breast feeding nxt week after he has his first jabs. What are your thoughts?


    ella- i take zantac everyday for acid reflux. it hasnt effected anything



    Thank you to everyone for your advice. I really appreciate it. I did cry it out for a long time today. I had tried multiple times to try to feed her and she wouldnt eat. so when 4:30pm rolled around and she had not had a good meal since 9am I called her doctor. I took her temp and it was on the low side so I was told to bundle her really well and hold her. half hour later her temp went back up to normal and she ate for 15 minutes. I hope she continues to get better. if not I have to take her to the doctor tomorrow. We’ll see how the night goes. I am trying to relax and know that things will get better. its hard to do that at night and i have migraines. but I am trying.

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