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    Amy- Have you tried a Maya Wrap? I had to carry my DD around a lot a night when she was fussy and wouldn’t feed. I would tuck her in the wrap in the perfect position, pop the nipple in her mouth, and have her weight carried mostly by my back and shoulders, with arms for a little balance, but no weight bearing. Worked like a charm, and it has the added benefit of being able to nurse on the go or in public with no one the wiser! And if they fall asleep after a nurse, they are all tucked in and safe, and your hands are free.



    Angie – Then you should start seeing results soon! Good Luck!



    belly- I am a Medela Mom Maven… I too like you had a lower grade pump and it did start out working great… Then I had an issue where my supply dropped and I was having a lot of issues. I purchased the Pump In Style and it helped a lot. I was lucky to get anything when using the other pump and with the PIS I was able to get at least a half an oz a breast, now I am up to getting about 1 1/2 oz a breast. There is also a lot of suggestions made by the lovely ladies on this sight that helped build a supply. Good luck and keep up the good work



    can anyone give me any advice on how to get my baby to latch? she is almost 4 weeks old and was tiny when she was born… 4 lb 6 oz… and we have tried everything as far as feeding goes. she had low blood sugar the first day, so we started out cup feeding her formula. i also began pumping right away, and that was cup fed to her in the beginning as well. then, we tried to nurse. she just wouldn’t latch, although i don’t remember the lactation consultants trying to help me all that much in getting her to latch. so then we went to a nipple shield. this did work for awhile, but then i got very sore, chapped, scabby nipples, so i had to stop using the shield. my only option left was to pump and bottle feed her the breastmilk. i have been doing this ever since and it is the biggest hassle i have ever had to deal with in my life. and now, to top it all off…. i was exhausted the other night so i didn’t pump at all that night because i couldn’t keep myself awake to do it. ever since, my milk supply has dropped drastically. i used to pump 6-10 oz a session, now i am down to 3-4 oz. i know this is still a decent amount, but i am very disappointed it has dropped so much. also, my nipples are very tender from all of the pumping. i can’t take this much longer. please please PLEASE help me if you can! i will try to get in to see a lactation consultant again tomorrow, but i am so frustrated and would appreciate any advice you ladies have.



    I actually really liked the soaked oats….I know, I’m weird 😛 They’re just a little more chewy than reg. oatmeal. I like oatmeal to begin with though….



    little squirt – it could be some dried milk is blocking that duct, I’ve read that can happen, but if milk is still coming out, I’m not sure, could it be partially blocked? I would try soaking the nipple in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes before feeding (or hold a warm washcloth against it), maybe it will loosen up and come out.



    Sadie has slept in bed with me since day one. SIDS is actually more common in cribs then in parent beds. BUT- I have noticed that the last week or so I have been sleeping very deeply for some reason. So i may move her into her pack n play. Not sure why the change, overly comfortable maybe? But it makes me a little more nervous. That said, she’s still in the bed with us though. For all you working moms, did you have any supply issues when you went back to work and had to pump during the day?
    Holly-Sounds like maybe you have an infection?



    chloenl – I know that domperidone works, they say it has worked for adoptive mothers to produce milk! It really worked for me to increase supply and I saw you’re from Canada so I know you can get a prescription. Oh and I was wondering, when you were nursing did your baby nurse well? I keep thinking I want to try nursing again, I’ve been pumping, but I think he’s just too used to the bottle and never did get a very good latch. Let me know how it goes for you 🙂



    i got pregnant with my second child when my first was only 5 months old and she was EBF and i continued to breastfeed through my whole pregnancy without any problems. She was still nursing a lot at 6 months, and she never got any formula at all.



    Littlerainb- no its not okay to warm in a pan always thaw under warm water. Give her information…printed information about how she is killing the nutrients in your milk. My father in law microwaved my milk and thankfully my son refused to take it causing him totake him to my work to nurse and when I found out what he had done I arranged for someone else to watch. Course my FIL thinks he knows everything about children when he abandoned his own and when I would show information he would brush it off was the last straw. He is not allowed to be alone with my children anymore…sorry ranting.



    PG-Frozen Milk stays good for months…don’t toss your milk out! Just get some milk freezer bags and freeze it…odds are you will use it later!
    My deep freezer has about 500 oz in it now, I’ve been rotating it out (once in a while using frozen milk all week while I am at work, and freezing that week’s pumps). I got up every might for ten months to pump to help get some extra, so when I stop pumping at 12 months, my LO will still be able to have breastmilk while I am gone for a while longer(from a cup)…
    I just dropped my night pump last week. What a nice thing to not get up to pump! I am still pumping at work, but will be dropping that down to two pumps in a couple weeks.
    I plan on BFing as long as my son wishes when I am at home, but I am SOOO ready to quit pumping!! He’s never had to have formula, though, so for me it is worth it…



    emma-I wouldn’t pump if I didn’t have to, but I work. Gratefully, knock on wood, and all that jazz, I have an amazing supply and can pump on Monday and Tuesday and get enough for the whole week. I still pump on the other days for a freezer supply and pump once each day of the weekend just for the relief.



    missmojo- i think you may be right, i have recently had bubs back on the boob after 3 -4 months, he is now sleeping shorter periods of tiome. B4 he slept about 6 hours straight. Even though this may sound attractive to formula feed your baby to get more sleep, i agree with miamimom2b your supply might be effected and bubs would benefit sooo much more with breast milk than formula. Hang in there hopefully he will sleep longer stints as he gets older….



    I thought green poop was ok, mine has it too off and on, what does it mean???



    briannette- visit They have a whole forum for relactation.

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