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    Way to go Anne! The more women breastfeed and for longer periods of time the more it will be excepted in our culture.



    lilliesmom- I am so jealous. I went to have the mirena put in and after 3 attemps & quite a bit of pain, it failed. My uterus is tilted and my doc couldnt get it in. she said we’d have to do it through surgery- no thanks.



    I know she is for breastfeeding tho and I think she encourages all her patients I think the difference is because this is her grandson she always says to me I just want to feed him! She tells me that feeding a child is a huge bond so she would love the opportunity to be the one that feeds him, and she knows as long as im breastfeeding she wont be able to. She was in med school when she had both her children she always says she delivered one day and within 2 days she was working again I think since she didnt get to spend any time with her own children she is trying to have that special bond with mine!..grr mother in laws what a pain!


    i’m sorry ellasmommy. 🙁 that makes me sad. who knew trying to do the very best for our babies could result in this? its sad…



    ladies, Thank you sooooo much for all of your responses! Even though I’m extremely frustrated with my current pump (caused my supply to drop when the suction decreased) now I know that what I need is a better pump! I’m getting the PIS this friday and figured that since we’re planning for another baby in the next couple of years, I will get more use out if it. I’ll let you guys know how it goes after I pump all weekend with it! 🙂



    technically i get a half an hour for lunch but 98 % of the time i have 5 minute intervals to eat. and also, i really dont have anywhere to pump except for maybe in the womens room. like i said, i am going to try to pump as much as possible in between feedings. i just want to know that there are other options so i feel like i dont have to turn to the formula exclusively.


    i dont like oj, or sunny d anymore. before i had parker, the dr suggested if i wanted to try natural remedies to induce labor, to try castor oil. i did it, and mixed it with sunny d. i cant drink anything orange tasting anymore! lol



    i think someone once told me motilium is the same as domperidone? if it is than thats what i am taking and there are no crazy side effects that i am aware of or experienced



    my LO will be 4 months on Sunday and he is waking up MORE at night, for awhile he was sleeping as much as 8 hrs straight but lately he’s back to 5 at the most. I am tired and ready for him to sleep better! I am bf only and wonder if it’s a growth spurt, it doesn’t seem to be teething. I am wondering if I should let him cry it out — I had to do that with my other son but I waited until he was 9 months, I don’t think I have to wait that long though. I am jealous of those of you sleeping all night!!!! lol




    Last night was Brandon’s first night @ home and it was so different from being in the hospital. In the hospital I would nurse him and he would just fall right to sleep each time and sleep for a couple of hours. Last night he was up and all I did was nurse him and change poopy diapers until 330am when he slept till 530. I am not complaining b/c I was so looking forward to doing all of this with him but I am just wondering if he was power nursing or something?? It seemed like he was not content unless he was nursing. Does anyone remember having their first night at home like this??



    but i will warn you that since i never let my milk dry up, by the time my second arrived and he stimulated my breasts to make more milk, i got so engorged . my hubby said it lookedlike i had watermelons on my chest. they were huge and painful, but it only lasted a couple days and was well worth it : )



    erin b
    i think that donating your breastmilk is a great thing my daughter is a preemie born at 33 weeks and spent 5 weeks in the hospital and there were lots of mommys that couldn’t make enough mommymilk for there little ones. i was lucky and didn’t need any supplements for my LO. but my roommates baby was also a preemie and did use the donated mommysmilk. good for you for donating 🙂



    For those of you with an ‘over supply’ it can take several months to regulate. I think it was a good four months before I stopped leaking and squirting. Definately freeze some of the excess, you may want it later 🙂



    Emma – I don’t pump either. I’ve tried a couple times, but my 4 month old DD won’t take a bottle, so there’s no point right now. Plus I find it extemely painful. My nipples are sore for days after when I pump. Could be my pump, I think. I’m also EBF on demand.



    What exactly does low supply mean? How can you tell? I ask because AF came this weekend and my DD has been feeding LOTS, especially in the evening. I don’t know if it’s related or she’s just going through a growth spurt. I’m not worried, I’ve just been letting her feed as she needs to, but I’m curious to know if that might be why…

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