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    My LO ALWAYS has green poop. He always has. With the occasional yellow one. He is happy & healthy otherwise. I mentioned it casually to the Dr who didn’t say anything about it. Hmmmm?



    Hi, briannette. I was reading your post, and I am wondering if I will be saying the same thing in 5 months. I hope someone gives you some good advice, cuz I’ll be reading for it too!


    So I’ve been pumping since DS was born, and I have a nice stash in the freezer, but I want to keep pumping to keep the supply up. The last week or so I’ve been geting lots from one side – I just got five ounces from my right side – but hardly any – not even a quarter ounce – from my left side. I’m worried about the supply on the left. I’m eating tons of oatmeal, drinking a gallon of water every day, everything. I don’t know how to get that side up! DS is nine weeks, and I just my period at 4 weeks and again yesterday. That seems to really make the supply go down. Doe sanyone else have that problem? Any ideas?



    When do babies start relying more on food and less on bmilk. I’m thinking I have enough freezer supply to make it until he’s 9 months at the rate he is going. He eats about 15ozs a day now. After the freezer supply runs out, I’ll only be able to get about 5-6 ozs a day for him while I’m at work. My supply took a serious dip when I went back to work full time at the beginning of January. We have no trouble on my days off though. Babies are definitely efficient pumpers.



    I was looking at this one website that has a lot of good info for breastfeeding, has a little section about how much bm your baby needs when away from you, has a little calculator, bunch of other good topics.



    i breastfed my baby for 1 day becasue i got eperjural sysptoms and never breast fed her since shes 5wks old could i go back 2 feeding her my breast.???????????



    Question: I have thought I have a mild case of thrush for about 2 months. This week I have been on strong antibiotics and now I have no question that I have it and it is much worse. Do you go to your OBGYN or the baby’s dr for treatment? I really don’t have time to go to both! I am having a minor surgery on Tuesday but need treatment for this soon. It is making me crazy.



    Sorry you ladies didn’t get to breastfeed right away after your section. Both of mine I was breastfeeding in the recovery room so only a half hour after birth. Neither child left my sight the entire time in the hospital.



    expecting-2B-patient – I’m not sure if this was already said but after a few days your body should start to regulate. I feel for you because everytime my lo sleeps through the night I get clogged ducts. I just deal with them the next day with lots of hot soaks and massaging them out (to obviously make sure that it doesn’t turn into mastitis). My point is, I am not sure if there is any other way to get your milk to regulate without a few days of getting the clogged ducts and/or engorgement. Can you call the LC from the hospital where you gave birth for any other ideas?



    lauraoct- About they toy bomb- We have our living room split up into toy room/living room. We put a gate up between the two rooms. I’m a little OCD and I don’t like tons of toys in the space I use the most throughout the day. They have free reign of their room and the hallways but all the other bedrooms and bathrooms have the door knob child proof things on them. Maybe you could try something like that? It also makes clean up time much easier because i’m not searching the whole house for toys.



    megs83, I had group B strep, and no one ever told me that, but Braeden has had thrush since he was 2 weeks old (he’s now 3.5 months) and we just can’t get rid of it. So maybe that thought does have merit. But based on what my doctor told me of the risks of not having the antibiotics, I still would have got them, even if I knew that.



    my supply is fine…however….sticky rice….is this like japanese rice…like the big poofy yummy rice? if so, i am so excited….i LOVE that kind of rice. also, can you get it at places like walmart? ok thanks 🙂


    We have thrush meds, yay! We also got Asher’s UK birth certificate today and go to apply for his American birth certificate tomorrow, we need to get this all done quickly so we can have his passport ready in time for us to move in September. I think just knowing I have the meds now makes getting thru nursing easier… Thanks ladies for the advice!



    As for addition to pumping..I can almost see it LOL! I have pumped quite a bit this time for a freezer supply and we don’t need anymore at the moment, but I have had a hard time just letting it go for now (afraid I won’t make enough to pump extra again when I need it). I pumped for 10 months with my last one (BF for 13 months), and was SOOOOOOO happy when I could stop pumping at work. Pumping for me was by far the most stressful part of BF, and I am dreading doing it again in August. It is so nice now that I can just feed whenever and not worry when, where, how much, I can pump…



    kinderlinmommy – I think whether to wake the baby, really depends on the baby. I never did with Braeden, I would just let him decide when he was hungry, but he was also back to his birthweight by 2 days old, and by 5 days old had gained half a pound. I know your LO is still so young, she’s probably not been weighed much, so check her diapers. If she’s having enough wet/poopy diapers I wouldn’t worry about it. If not, wake her to eat.

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