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    i’ve always heard breast fed babies can’t be overfed, don’t know if this is true or not. Like i said james fed every 3 hours but each feed lasted an hour. Then on a nighttime he would marathon feed from 7 until 9. He was big baby at 11lb 6 oz born and he put on alot of weight, but always followed the same line. Which was above the 99th centile! He is 19 months old now and very healthy and active and loves his food!



    2ndTime- I immediately went out and got the Fenugreek this morning and then called the LC at the hospital I delivered at. We can’t figure out why it would go down so drastically so quickly but I am going to be feeding every hour on the hour to try to get it back up! Kennedy is only 8 days old so I know my breasts should not have regulated this early. I keep trying to think of something I did or ate or didn’t do to make this happen… It really sucks 🙁 I was just shouting from the rooftops because things were going soooo well and now THIS!


    Ella15- I had my second c section 6 weeks ago. With both I stopped bleeding around 2 weeks pp but would always start back up again if I was doing too much. Dr’s usually say that passing a clot larger then an egg is cause for concern but if you are very worried I would call ur dr. Otherwise I would just take it easy for a day or two and see if it gets better. C- sections are no fun! 🙁 But everything will be better soon!



    Bri ~ thanks! Still no sign of the poo but I’m aware now that it’s quite normal. Its the crying in pain that upsets me, I’ve been putting it down to constipation but I suppose it could be something else? In any case she seems better so far today.



    seuban0, That is cool our babies are minutes apart! I’m having soo much fun with her, I’m sure you are too. There is a baby at daycare that was born on 2-1 and it’s so much fun to watch them together.
    phatbaby57, you must feel so free when you stopped pumping! I can’t wait, I will let her self wean as well, but I still want to be able to give BM to her during the day. I’ll see how it goes when I get there, one year does sound a lot better than two.



    Ellas- good thinking you should do kangaroo care they had us do it in the NICU you get baby naked and you topless and put baby on you with a blanket over the top and instinctually when baby gets hungry they will slowly make their way down to your nipple…



    My first I paid about 3,00 cause she was in the NICU and this last time I havent gotten a bill for anything 🙂



    Sooo, Alex is in his own bed right now. Ahhhh! He’s been in my bed since birth. It’s about time he starts out the night in his bed and naps and moves to mine later on. Of course I thought I could read a book in my bed but Chris has now decided that he needs to sleep with me tonight. HAHA! At least I have one cuddle bug tonight. Two in a few hours.


    I’m such a softie used to cry when James got hers and thats when my husband was there, he can’t get the time off so having to do it alone this time? Good luck for Lawsons’s next ones. They get them at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 12 months, 13 months and last ones at 3 1/2 in the UK.



    Jeni: both could easily cause supply issues. P90X is a really intense workout, and probably shouldn’t be done daily if you want to maintain your supply. Try eating fermented oats or drinking mmt to help boost your supply again.


    acissej- my son didn’t sleep so wel,l then slept great, then not so well, thne great and now back to not so well. This not so well stage has lasted longer and gets up more during the night too. I have shared with this ladies how tired I was and he’d get up every 1 almost at one point a couple wks ago. I was so tired and just wanted rest. Everyone I know and on the month forums said cereal helped so much. So after a wk I bought a box and stared at it all day. I could not give it to him though just because i was tired. Either its a stage or there is something wrong that I needed to find out ,and I’ve found out its probably just another stage as tthe past 2 days hes up all day. BF babies are so different from formula babies its crazy. I have a 6yr who wasn’t BF and he slept like a rock and still does. But now I will not give up Bf for sleep. It’s work but its best!!



    ella-i agree. i think we are beating a dead horse.



    bri-what are you doing up?



    Hi ladies. This is my first time in this room. I’m pregnant with my second baby and considering bf. I tried with my daughter but failed bc of severe ppd. I wouldn’t eat for days at a time, thus producing nothig for her. Honestly- the ppd was so bad I didn’t want to feed her to begin with. 🙁 I feel guilty about that.
    Anyway…. Mere-and-girl- I saw your comment about not agreeing with CIO method. I personally don’t either. As a mother, or father, YOU are your baby’s security and comfort in one way or another. Why on earth would you want to take that away from your baby at such a young age?!? And believe me, I had that baby that screamed ALL. THE. TIME. Lol but if he/she just needs comfort, it just needs comfort. IMO.
    I’ve got ur back! 😉



    hey all im going to breast feed my new little one. hope u didnt mind me poping on here.
    when i was pregnant with my first i had loads of cysts on my breast and i told the breast clinic i wanted to breast feed and they said i couldnt i was so upset and then i kept getting these cysts and after i had my 3rd child i decided to go to the doctor and say i wanted to see someone about my cysts i keep getting. so he made a referral to the breast clinic and i spoke to the lady about breast feeding once again it was a different woman and she told me it wouldnt of mattered me breast feeding it would not of harmed the baby. so why did this woman before say i couldnt. what a bitch. sorry for language.
    i was really upset with them.
    thought i would share my comments with u. but no matter what i am going to be breast feeding this one.

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