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    Angie, I am a home care physical therapist and I have to pump in my car (maybe why I don’t feel a let down LOL) so I use the Medela sanitation/antibacterial wipes. You can wipe down your ‘equipment’ after and then let air dry. Then once I get home I clean them and run them through the sanitizer. They are a bit expensive though $5 for 20….



    I never heard of the 1oz per hour rule of thumb but thats about exactly right for my son. I am away at work for 12 hours and he has been eating 3 4 oz bottles. He does cluster feed though and has them pretty close together in the afternoon but even so.



    aidensmommy- my little one does this off and on. it could be a number of things gas, teething, over hungry. Try feeding more often and maybe in a quiet place he can relax in like maybe your bed. If you have a pump you can also pump after he has eaten and pull out what he hasn’t and that should help your supply.



    Getting a good breast pump is crucial!! I have a Medela and love it (it’s the travel version). I actually got it second hand and I’m using it with my second baby. I know it was originally a couple hundred dollars but it is worth every penny. Might be a good thing to register for and hope you get it for a shower gift. Good luck!



    We cut up the pieces to be pinky-nail size, so pretty small. Before a year, all food should be for practice, not for nutritional value. They get all the nutrients they need from the breast milk. When you introduce foods to your baby, you are supposed to do it after having nursed or given a bottle so they get those nutrients into their system before filling up on the foods that aren’t as nutrient rich. That said, Zach sucks on it, gums it a bit and eventually does eat it.



    kym22– same thing here. My girl is 8 months today and I still have not had a period (thank God lol) I also lost the initial 20 pounds and still hanging on the the other 20 with maybe a 3-4 pound gain 🙁 Oh well. I figure that as long as I am breastfeeding I am not going to restrict myself too much. I can always lose the weight after she is done BF. Some poeple just lose weight faster and easier than others. Atkins is the only thing that works for me but is not safe while BF, so I will wait



    mrsdaunis – I seem to be having luck with Goat’s Rue. I am able to express more each time and not having to pump as often as before. I still can’t always get an entire bottle during one pumping session. But I have been able to do that 2 or 3 times in the last few days. Which is way better than before. I still do not have much luck with my pump. I have to hand express. I am able to get a lot more each time hand expressing than using my double electric pump. Don’t know why. My body just does not respond well to the pump. I’m still working on getting a good letdown each time I pump. I have read that fennel is good for encouraging letdown. Does anyone have any exprerience with fennel? I’m not sure how much I should be taking for it to be effective.



    Ive pretty much stopped feeding now. I barely have any milk and Emerson wont feed from me now anyway. Since i stopped taking the motilium my supply just vanished. I had read on here before that it was normal to feel depressed when you wean but i as not expecting to feel the way ive been feeling. I actually cried myself to sleep last night. I have been ont he verge of tears for 2 days and it did feel good to let it out. She is happy taking the bottle and my mastitis is almost gone and i got to nine months so i should be happy. Feels like i have to baby blues again. I almost decided to feed her again but this morning she would only suck for a few seconds then gave me a strange look and smiled at me and sat up. She isnt interested. Does anyone know how long this feeling lasts for? She also only takes between 60 – 150mls and she should be taking about 280mls for her age. I know she will take less as she has been breastfed but she is now waking twice through the night to feed as she is not getting enough through the day. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to settle her into a new feeding routine on formula??? Any help would be appreciated.



    I need to tell some good news. Usually during my 3 pumping sessions I am lucky to get a total (combined from all 3 sessions, usually 2 oz each session with a 3 oz session at my 4:45 pumping) of 7 – 7.5 oz to take home for my aunt which about 2 feeding for RJ. Well yesterday I got 8 oz to take to her for today. Well today I got 8.5 oz. I am so glad. That means he gets 2 full 4 oz bottles and doesn’t have to have formula added to make his 4 oz. (granted he will still get one formula bottle during the day from my aunt but hey, it is one oz more.) I know it is only one oz but that 1 oz means a lot to me. Hard work pays off and I really think it has to do with I FINALLY did accept my low supply and I have FINALLY relaxed about it. YEAH ME!! Keep up the good work ladies!



    I used to nurse… 5:30, 7:30 (at daycare), 12:00 (lunch hour), 4:00 – bottle BM, 6:30, and 8:30 – bottle BM. When I started solids and he was eating more and more he cut out the 7:30 session and the 6:30 session. The only other thing I changed was I pushed back the 12:00 session to a 1:00 ‘snack’ which sometimes he wants sometimes he doesnt. I added in some extra pumps to make up for the change but he is perfectly content. And on the weekends I just nurse him however often he wants or I need because I HATE to pump when I am home.


    so0 i am breastfeeding and using formula if i go out or if i am drinking.. and im thinking about stopping breastfeeding within the next few weeks.. not that i dont like it but im planning on going back to work soon and im not going to want to go through the hassle of pumping enough for when im at work and then having to pump while im at work etc. but i know im going to miss breastfeeding!! its so easy and i like it. anyway i have a question….when u wanna stop breastfeeding how do u go about that? how do u stop ur body from producing the milk? cuz if i dont breastfeed my son for more than like 4 hours i have to pump cuz my breasts r soo full of milk!



    Formula powder should be thrown out 4 weeks after opening the can.



    I’mhaving big lumps in my right and left armpits now am breastfeeding my 5day old baby. The lumps are getting bigger and that connected to breastfeeding that i should be alarmed about? thanks for your inputs



    1byFaith- YES. It’s stressful, but normal. Babes around 2-3 days growth spurt, trying to make up for a change in nutrition. This is GREAT. It means he’s hungry and charging through your colostrum. Milk comes in between 3-7 days, and that’s NORMAL. Until it gets flowing, expect him to be a frequent flyer on the Booby Boeing! And congrats!!! I don’t think I stopped nursing long enough to get online the first week!



    Quick question ladies – my son is 2 weeks and 4 days old and we are only breastfeeding. It seems like I have 2 ounces in each breast when they are full. Does this seem about right? This morning he only ate off of one side so I pumped the other and got 2 ounces. That is the most I’ve ever gotten off of one breast but I usually just pump after he’s done eating to make sure they are empty. Just want to make sure that I’m producing the right amount. =)

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