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    sandes-i found this to be the case for me as well when i was working and pumping. i chalked it up to isaac stock piling on the weekend all of his boobie time he could get. it normally leveled out b/c by tuesday my bottles runith over from all the extra production then it would slowly decrease through the week and the bam a lot of tuesday again. if you are concerned perhaps you could try some fermented oatmeal (1c old fashioned oats to 1c water, let sit on counter over night) over the weekend to boost your pumping supply for sunday and monday.



    Crap! You ladies were busy. Now I’m going to have to wait till I get to work to catch up! Ha!



    I have another silly question. Sawyer is a week old and I’m having a head time knowing when he has emptied my breast. He tends to pull off and re-latch often so it’s hard to guage. A nurse told me 30-40 minutes on a breast is plenty so I have been cutting him off at 40 minutes when he goes that long and offering the other breast at that point – if he is interested he only goes 5-10 minutes then is passed out ūüėČ thoughts on how I can tell when my breast is empty?



    that is a great article, thanks for sharing!



    OMG Lawsons! I am almost in tears right now and covered in goosebumps! I can only imagine how you feel… thank goodness you got here out of there and listened to your mommys intuition… ūüôĀ I’m so sorry you had to go through that… and I hope that the woman gets the help she needs and is never let near another child…



    We just got back from Quinn’s 9 week appt. She’s 25inches and 14.5lbs…go boob milk!!!! lol


    I’m from England and say dummy!



    chellebob – A baby drinks 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per hour.


    Kelly, your family is in my prayers, and I also copied and pasted your post into an email and sent it out to everyone I know who would be praying for you, too. *hugs*


    Ok so my son is 19 days old and I’m not sure I’m feeding him enough. I’m breastfeeding but he has latching issues so I have to use a shield. When I pump, I can barely get an ounce out of each breast, and he has been pretty cranky the past few days and doesn’t seem satisfied anymore after he feeds..



    Hisbabymama-that is totally normal. I am 10 months into it and am still a bit lopsided. No worries…Just nurse off that side as much as you can but still keep nursing from the otherside…i hope that makes sense…



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Operation Increase Milk Supply is underway, I’m armed with new information and really hoping to become a pumping fool!

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Well, I’m finally giving in and weaning my little guy ūüôĀ I tried everything you could think of (fenugreek, mothers milk, yeast, medication, etc.) to try and increase my milk to be able to exclusively bf. It worked up until now when his demands are kicking in again! He eats 4-6 oz every 3 hours and I can only get 3 oz every 2 hours if I’m lucky. I mean I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I had to supplement at about 2 months because I wasn’t making enough then either and it gave him digestive problems so now I’m scared to death to wean him, but then I think ‘well, I’ve done it longer than alot of women I know’ and ‘I gave it everything I could’ I just feel like a machine is contantly attached to my boobs! I pump every 2 hrs at work and then again during the evenings when I get home. Now that Hunter gets the bottle (with bm) at daycare, he won’t nurse at all during the day. He gets pissed if I try, he’ll only nurse during the night, but now he’s pretty much sleeping through the night and I never get to nurse pretty much now. So it’s really taking away the whole bonding experience! I know that it’s so good for him and that’s why I feel like I’m failing. I have nothing against mothers who choose not to bf, but I had this great dream of being able to do it for a year and here I am almost 4 months and giving in. I just feel like I am already not able to give my son what he needs and therefore failing him ūüôĀ I’m so scared too of how bad this might be on my body to wean. I’m excited about the independence again, but it makes me feel selfish to get excited. Ohhhhhh….alright, hopefully I don’t start crying again soon. any advise or support is welcomed and thanks for the support already ladies.



Thanks Girls…..lots of hugs going to you all!

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