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    Mara was sleeping through the night for a while, then about 2 1/2 weeks ago started to wake up every 4 hours to eat, 3 hours sometimes, i just go in and feed her, change her and put her back, she usually falls asleep or plays with the tpys i leave in her crib. i guess she’s just hungry and growing… she will start cereal later this month. maybe that will help? idk… it doesn’t bother me to get up but i was so usr ot not getting up at all for months, lol… knock on wood we’ve never had an ‘all nighter’, hopefully we don’t ever have one. ya i jinxed myself prob. lol……
    any suggestions on how to make more milk?



    Hi all new here..but not new to nursing…have a couple suggestions though! For those not producing enough right away pumping does not tell you how much you produce at all. I encouraged my flow since my son was born 26 days early and couldn’t suck properly by pumping every 11/2 hour by ofering the breast as often as possible and by hand expressing when I was in the tub. I noticed that there’s a bump or two that when I massage more milk flows out. To wean all I did with my older son is gradually cut back on the feedings and since my supply wasn’t being used as much it seemed to go down on its own. It took an extra month or so but he was content and I while at times it was painful was as well. I adore breast feeding and though not an expert my mother did not do it and none of my friends who have children did it so I learned on my own. The consultant at the hospital with my first son spent only 5 minutes with me and it was on my discharge day and I had been attempting to nurse for 3 days. My newest little one is finally getting better and I am proud to say that at 8 days old I don’t have to pump into a bottle.



    I just run hot water though mine. Been doing that with 3 of them so 9 yrs now and never had a problem.



    I am not 100% sure but its worth a try. I figure if they are supported 100% of the time then it would have to reduce the downward pressure with the extra weight in there of breastmilk. Then when the milk dries up the supported skin wont be as saggy.



    can anyone help? my baby girl is now 9 days old, i am breastfeeding her, but i am finding it extremely painful. two midwives have watched me feed my LO and said she is latching on well and sucking properly but the pain in my nipples is horrendous! its makes me dread feeding time. the pain lessens after a few mins of feeding and i really dont want to have to resort to formula. has anyone else suffered like this? how many weeks does the pain last for?? please message me with any advice, i would be very very grateful. thankyou



    Angela, thank you for the response. I was thinking of starting the cereal because she has struggled with weight gain from the beginning. I thought maybe it would help her sleep better through the night/keep her fuller through the day. I certainly do not want to start her if her stomach and body is not ready for solid food. That was my main concern. Thank you for giving me the new info.on the recommended age for beginning solids. I think I will just wait and talk to my pedi. about it. I think he also recommended six mo. for solids..



    Hey girls. Emerson is 8 months old and she has been on solids since 6 months. Well sort of – she doesnt like baby food. She will only eat rice cereal and gel so i have to give her carrot sticks etc. Anyway her poo was firm and brown and STUNK and now this past week it is back to watery, seedy and like it was before she was eating food. It still stinks but not as bad. She has cut 2 teeth this week as well. My question is: Is it normal to go back and forth or would it be because she cut teeth? Thanks and sorry for the TMI



    So I was watching Oprah yesterday and they had a new way to cook oatmeal (at least new to me). Instead of using water, try using apple juice and add cinnamon. I tried it this morning and it was really good. You don’t need to add sugar because the juice makes it sweet. Just thought I would share. I am always trying to find new ways to cook it so I don’t get sick of eating it.



    you ladies think you have a horrible MIL well mine takes the cake she is a complete DINGBAT. ok so there is a bit of a issue with my husbands family they were not happy that we got togather. we met and 3 months later i got pregnant not on purpose, but they didn’t talk to us the whole time i was preggers it was only after the baby was born that they tryed toi contact us. my FIL is very sick and i guess feels bad that he treated us that way and is upset so much time was lost. it was not until the baby was 4 months old that they even met her. i try not to be bitter about it but i cant stand them however i paint on a smile and bring the little one to see them. my MIL keeps calling the baby by the WRONG name. how hard is it to rememeber your grandchilds name. i feel bad telling my DH that i dont want them to have anything to do with them. i just figure it is only for a year then we get our order and will be relocated hopefully far away from them. had to vent.



    kym-yeah i was lucky and figured out that it was just the smell in the freezer. so a box of baking soda did the trick and then i put it into the deep freezer to preserve it. keep us post on the allergy situation.

    oz-i think i will be the same way as you when sterling weans off nursing. i think he too will adjust better than i will! however if you look at the positive side if it was the opposite way where you couldn’t get your LO off the boob that would be even more difficult. i’m sure having to stop with no warning didn’t help either. you did a wondeful thing breastfeeding, i hope i can make at least that far too!



    Kebler98- YIPPY! I am so happy for you!!!! An oz does mean a lot to us pumping mothers! I am going to have to pump after I nurse tonight to get my supply back up as I am having a low week!



    ok I know this question has been asked over and over again (sorry!) but I’m heading out to the store & need to get some malted milk (my supply dropped tremendously…I was pumping 10-15ounces while at work, now only 5 or 6) & need to know what to get. Not sure what I’m looking for.. powder? liquid? any details on how to take it would be appreciated! Help! 🙂



    misz cashis i think the best way to stop breastfeeding is to replace one feeding every couple of days so your supply adjusts, like a gradual wean. i dont know because my daughter is only 7 and a half months and i havent stopped BF yet but i have read thats the best way.



    Today was my first day back at work. My question is for the ladies that are pumping and working : how much milk do you leave for the day? I am gone a total of 9 hours, my LO is almost three months old and weighs 12 pounds. Thank you!



    Hey all, just checking in with everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their little ones. Kekoa is still feeding and would every hour if I let him. He really needs to learn self control. HAHA! I’m already into the second trimester with this new pregnancy. YAY! Starting to feel better as well. Well anyways, hope all is well and I’ll talk to you later.

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