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    glowingmommy good for you for sticking at it so long. It is hard work, and you have to do what is best for you and baby. I never had enough milk for my twins so always topped them up with formula after every breast feed, then eventually decided to wean them onto formula only at 9 months, so at 10 months they finished with the whole breast feeding thing. It was getting tricky to fit them both on the feeding pillow, they were pushing each other, etc, and I didn’t want to do them one after the other because it would take too long and then I still had to offer them a formula top up and often food too! It was just easier in the end to call it a day. I agree with you that any breast feeding at all is better than none, and some people are just unable to. Good luck with your baby, and don’t beat yourself up about your decision. It sounds very logical to me. Pumping and bf are very hard work, and if you are working too, then I don’t know how you have coped this long! lol! Well, good luck and all the best!



    seabird – Has she been sick lately? Kekoa gets sick from daycare quite a bit. I feel like we are always playing catchup. He’ll gain a couple pounds and then lose a pound from being sick. He is a year and 23lbs now.



    phatbaby- you can take everything you did pregnant for congestion but it can decrease your milk a bit so drink plenty of water. I think the one that would cause the least is claritin. I have had great success using a saline rinse and mine came from neilmed sinus rinse. It is an eight oz squeeze bottle that you squeeze up one side till it comes out the other. All the directions are easy to follow. But I swear by it. If you need to take an extra decongestant like sudophed or the pe kind just drink plenty of water maybe add some soaked oats or malt o meal which is found next to the grits and cream of wheat and keep an eye on wet diapers. All the over the counter meds you took preg are SAFE while nurse just doesn’t mean there aren’t any side effects to your milk.



    How long from when you noticed your babies teething did it take for the first tooth to pop in? My boys bottom gums are White and they are constantly trying to scratch them.



    Kindra- to avoid nipple confusion my doctor recomended waiting until 4-8 weeks to give a bottle. I personally use the Playtex drop ins! no need for a bottle brush.. there are a few nipples to choose from.. and the drop in is disposable! I gave it to my LO at 5 weeks. and he has fully adjusted to the bottle, and we have no problems nursing, although every child is diffrent, my older son refused the breast once given a bottle! And i did every thing the same with him,even the same type of bottle! But for me with my LO its almost like giving him a bottle makes him happier to have the breast at night… he gets really excited about it, and nurses longer at a time. But this is just my experience! hope everything goes well when you have your LO!



    does wearing a bra really help to avoid saggy boobs after breast feeding? i always have either a nursing bra on or a sportsbra…i hope that it does help with the sagginess. i didn’t have large breasts to begin with although they are a little bigger now i don’t want them to be all droopy, unforunately i might now have a choice in the matter w/o some work done, lol!



    Hi Everyone- I am having similar problems here. I have been pumping milk lately and at night I feed my milk in bottles to my baby. For me it really helps to give my nipples a break. Also it gives my husband a chance to feed the baby, and gives me a chance to take a nap.
    Do you have a pump? I find that it’s helpful even though the LO will strongly advise otherwise. They told us at the hospital last week not to do bottle feeds at all for at least 3-6 weeks, but you know what, SANITY is a very important concept in order to be a good mother, in my opinion.
    My nipples are feeling better since I’ve been making a bottle or two each day.
    Another thing I figured out is to keep a finger on the baby’s chin during the nursing session and lightly push down when he’s sucking too hard… I know easier said than done, trust me, I know.
    Get a pump and give yourself a break, seriously!



    I just realized that today is the anniversary of the 1st day of my last period… Feb 4th 2008 – A year without AF!!!! *doing a happy dance*



    Hi ladies. It has been awhile since I have gotten on here… I started weaning RJ about a month ago. He will be a year in 16 days WOW time has flown. I am down to 2 nursings a day. Morning and night. Going to start cutting out the morning one this weekend. I am so happy I made it to a year. I remember all the struggles I had but I am glad I had a group of ladies like you to help me through and to reach my 1 year mark. All you ladies out there struggling please don’t give up. Ignore the ‘your still nursing him/her’ nasty comments. I have gotten my fair share of them. Your giving your babies the BEST! That is what matters. Plus it is a great bonding time. I loved it. I don’t plan on more kids but if I do have more breastfeeding will be my choice. I know now I can make it to a year! Good luck ladies. I will pop in every now and then and see you ladies around


    Hey ladies. Just wanted to share re some of the comments. I didn’t get my period until my baby turned 9 months. I’ve had it twice, and now it has been exactly 40 days since the last time…so once it returns, it will probably be irregular until you stop nursing. And, I know everyone has success with different things, but I wanted to share that I have lost 50 lbs with Weight Watchers. That’s 34 more than before I was even pregnant. It’s easy, I don’t feel deprived–I eat anything I want and stop when my points are gone. And, nursing mommies get 5-10 points (depending upon whether your baby is on any solid foods in addition to your milk yet) more than other women your same weight. It has been the easiest weight loss I’ve ever had. I’m the smallest now that I’ve ever been–including high school. At 136 lbs, I can still stand to lose a few more but I wouldn’t complain if this is as far as I get. Anyhoo, it has been wonderful for me. Good luck!



    bluey04- My 4 mo old only feeds for about 5 mins per side if that long. I notice when i pump i get the most (about 4oz) from my first 5 mins of pumping so i figure she is getting enough. She has just
    about doubled her birth weight & has plenty of wet diapers every day.



    anniemarie: Thanks. I had another good cry this morning. My head knows i did well and it was time but my heart is taking a minute to catch up.
    I think if i had more time to wean it would have been easier so maybe all you mums when it comes time to stop do it slowly so your heart has a chance to be ok with it as well as your head…



    deeyore486 – Congrats! How exciting. I’m still giddy with excitement.



    kym22- my 8 month old is nursing about 6x a day on average. Sounds like your lo is doing fine. Watch their cues. My son lost interest in his morning feed- just wanted food for breakfast and then an hour or so later before nap he nurses. Just pay attention to what baby is telling you. Trust your instincts, they’re usually right =)



    Keznutter and Talithav, it’s pretty normal for little babies to need to breastfeed often, sometimes their appetite will wane and then peak, so don’t expect a routine that lasts. Demand breastfeeding is definitely the way to go: feed baby whenever he or she wants it! I don’t like formula either, and have NEVER given any to my little Penny, but I have used it (very rarely) with my previous babies, when necessary. My baby Jessica was SO HUNGRY when she was born, that it was the only way either one of us was gonna get any sleep, and I couldn’t produce milk without rest, so it was the best thing, in that case. But don’t come to rely on supplementing, unless that’s a road you WANT to go down. You can give one or two feeds of formula while you’re getting your supply up by resting, but try to put Baby to breast as often as possible. Your supply should adjust to Baby’s needs within a few days. Make sure you drink lots of water. And the other things these ladies suggest seem very helpful to some, as well. I personally advocate water and relaxation.

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