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    Every baby is different, but my LO has drank about the same amount from 6 weeks all the way until now…three 4 oz bottles. I nurse before I leave and right when I get home (and now that he is 7months he has solids, also).

    So I usually leave three fresh bottles and then in an emergency, there is always some in the freezer.

    At first, he would have 3-4 oz bottles, then he went through a phaze of a 2 oz bottle, and two 4 oz bottles, now he has a 4, a 5, and another 4 oz’er.
    Just remember to make sure you caregiver doesn’t stuff him/her full right before you get there 🙂
    Some babies will eat much less, if they are reverse-cycling, some more. Good luck!



    Amber, that’s awesome! My son didn’t latch on until he was over two months old either. He just had a weak suck. He’s now 20months and still breastfeeding. I definately feel self weaning if best for them and the WHO recommends 2years. But, once the child is a year you don’t need to worry about pumping and breastfeeding for all nutrients.



    And fyi: vegans or lanolin-sensitive types, there’s a nipple cream out there for you!
    We LOVE their products and give them as gifts now. Their stretch oil was (IS!) divine. I used it on my tummy and then on my breasts (when the milk came in, I went from a pregnancy C to a DD!). Smells wonderful and a little goes a LONG way!



    BRI – You must be producing cream!! My son, DJ just went to his 4mon check up and weighs 16.7lbs and that is the 80th percentile for his age! I can not imagine 14.5 at 7wks… WOW! They said I could start solids, which I am so excited about, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE knowing that my son has had nothing but breastmilk thus far. How long does this feeling last. I wasn’t that woman who was so into breastfeeding in the beginning. I never though it’d last this long. But my son and I have it down now, and both love it. But lately he slaps me, grunts and grons at the boob! I produces plenty of milk so I know its not that, just wondering if he needs a bit more??



    Oh do you ladies watch ‘The Doctors’. Today I caught it by chance. They were talking about extended breastfeeding! They said that STILL doctors are telling parents that six months is enough but studies are showing that going at least a year if not longer if beneficial. Awesome! They are getting the word out that breastfeeding is best and should be continued for as long as mom and baby want to continue. And, they said for absolutely no reason should ANYONE tell a mom that it’s time to stop! YAY! Moms, MILs, bestfriends, all of them need to back the Hell off of any mom who is breastfeeding! YAY!



    For new mommies out there, just remember that it can easily take 5-7 days before your milk truly “comes in”. During this time you should allow your baby to nurse as much as possible and NOT give any bottles since that takes away from them sucking on you, and babies really like the faster flow. Also, remember that their little tummies are really small and can’t hold that much milk, which is why your supply builds up over timeâ€it allows their stomachs to get a little bigger. After a few weeks, if you think you’re supply is still not there (which by the way is technically “rare”), try introducing an SNS. You put your pumped milk into the container and a little tube attaches to your nipple…that way while they are getting the extra milk, they are stimulating your breast. This builds up your supply, and then you need less and less of the milk in the container and eventually work your way off of it. I know many women who use these, even with adopted children, and had great success. I introduced it too late in my daughters life for it to be beneficial. She just like to play with the tube and pull it out. Also, babies are born to suck, so even if they are not “hungry”, they will still suck on a bottle and drink it if it is offered. That only stretches out their tummies before it is ready and starts a vicious cycle of them then wanting/needing more.



    Awwww-good for you:)



    I agree with all of these ladies on the sleeping. My LO slept through the night the same time (actually a week or 2 earlier) than 2 friends that had babies the same week as me and are formula fed. That wasn’t until around 3 months. ‘Sleep through the night’ was going to bed at 8/9 back then, and sleeping until 3. Since she was about 5 months old she has slept 7-5 pretty consistently, and my friends who have formula fed babies still don’t seem to sleep as good as Maddy. We have started giving her formula in the past month or so and it hasn’t made a difference.



    phatbaby57 – I subscribe to baby let weaning. This means unless baby is interested we don’t wean. This also includes solids. I didn’t have any solids until I was over a year. I just wasn’t interested. Now I know that it’s good for practice and helps avoid allergies (although I have none) to introduce solids between 6-12months but some babies aren’t ready. My son was about 8months when he really started solids. Then when he got teeth we started him on proteins because he wanted it. He really enjoys steaks. Just that kind of guy. He hates fuit but loved veggies. We never could figure out the cereal thing or it’s purpose. Just let your baby lead you. If he looks interested in your food let him have a bite…unless of course it’s too hard or bad for him. Good Luck!



    Hi all: After a month of expressed breast milk, nipple shield etc, my LO started feeding directly from me. While this is exciting, he sometimes feeds for 10 minutes and sleeps off. I tried all my gimmicks waking him up, but when he is sound asleep nothing wakes him up. Due to inadequate feeding he wakes up within an hour or so. This is extremely tiring especially during the nights. He ‘snacks’ most of the time. Now I’m very concerned about his weight gain.
    When feeding through bottle, I had a fair idea of how much he is drinking. With BF I dont have a sense of how much he gets. His diaper output is good though. Should I be concerned?



    You can tell thrush if they have white patches in their mouth. Milk can look like it too. Try to wipe the white patches off. If they don’t come off, it is probably thrush. Usually they will have it on the sides of their mouth. We just got over it!



    my dd is the same, i cant even bottle feed her. she wont allow it! haha!



    i need help badly. My baby is a week old today and im having such a hard time breast feeding him. My nipples are bleeding, my boobs stings, and i take my pain pills for the pain there instead of my c-section. He was put back into the hospital for jaundace and was given formula to help. hes also lost a pound. I feed on demand, and pump in between to try to make more milk, but im getting to the point where im scared of him waking up, because i know its going to hurt so badly to feed him. Last night i even fed him a bottle hoping to give myself a break and a chance to stop hurting, and it only hurt worse. Ive been to breastfeeding classes, i just dont know what to do.



    stacyspain-Absolutely, you might need to rent a hospital pump in order to re-establish lactation and actually see a lactation consultant in order to get her to latch on. Try taking some fenugreek and blessed thistle 3 capsules of each 3 times a day, but you may need to have something prescribed, but if you wait much longer, it may be more difficult to establish a milk supply



    EllasMommy23 – Does it matter? We give massages and usually rub downwards because that’s what I did for my first son to get him to poo. HAHA! Work the ‘chunks’ out and move it downward. I honestly don’t think it matters as long as baby likes it.

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