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    Bri yes hubs will be home with her and the first time I will be away from her. I wish I could just take her but had to make a marital compromise. It should be interesting to see how he feels walking in my shoes for a day….lord knows I couldn’t do his job.


    Thanks Bri… I really dont want to start giving him foods yet. Everyone is making a big dealabout it other than his dad. I just feel he’s doing fine with just milk for now. I’ve also told it helps them sleep better which I would love! But I’m fine with getting little sleep for a few more months.


    Good to know I’m not alone. I hate bedtime because I know Im going to get no sleep.



    Leslie, I keep telling you, you aren’t too old for another. I know it’s a lot of work to get pregnant for you but go for it if you and Keri want another!! Quit work and have three more! HAHA! All a year apart of course.



    I’ve done the bathroom pump before. Blah! I had to go to some training across town and had to pump on a break. Yuck! But it worked in a pinch.



    lmgibson – Absolutely hate shopping on the weekends! Ugh! Babies R Us…forget it!!! Safeway is ok but the mall is another Hell NO!! HAHA! Too many people. I’d rather go during the week so we can all play on the weekends.



    What does the amber do, and where can I get it? Do I order it online?


    Been in an area with very little signal for past week, but been reading when I get a chance. On my way back to civilisation when I read the last days posts. Lawsons mom I find it disgraceful that people still think that way. Can’t believe someone thinks they have the right to say that to you. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with what type of parent someone is. I’d report this person but imagine its a fake profile, can ip addresses be blocked on this site?


    lol Ella- she really didnt have boobs is the funny thing because she was so thin! lol but the fress made it look like she wanted them! lol Benbubby- I’m not al lthat thin…. I may be thinner than others bout I’m not in shape so under the clothes doesn’t look so pretty to me. I really how know to dress up the parts of me that look well and cover up theones that don’t without wearing a big tshirt n jeans… so I think that is where he believes I just have this confidence about myself. I dunno! now that I’ve expressed my feelings to other people I feel kinda silly! I mean HELLO!! There is a war going on!



    Beyuteful – Hang in there! It’s so hard in the beginning but so, so very worth it. Do your best to put aside your fears of your little one being hungry. Do you have any access to a lactation consultant? Maybe at your hospital? You might want to make sure your little one isn’t tongue tied, which can effect the latch. If that’s not it, then I agree with mcmommyof3 completely. It will get better! And you’ll look back at it and be so happy you stuck through it. We’re here for support! Although we’re from many different time zones, so don’t hold it against us if it’s a few hours before you get a response. 🙂



    Scarlet, I find going to the chiro is the only thing that really helps me with my back pain.. I had surgery after my 1st born and I am sure the chiro kept me from that route this time around.



    Jpeanut503 – Your probably having a letdown on the other side. I do that practically every time. I still leak when it happens and my LO is 7 months. And all the other stuff does sound like a growth spurt. I wouldn’t worry. It will probably pass. Unless your LO is my guy! I’m still lucky to get a 4 hour break at night!



    Just took a bath with my 2.5 yo, something we don’t do very often. Whilst we were switching positions he latched on and had a few sips! I was so surprised, he hasn’t bf nor tried to since he was 6 months old! I explained that the milk was for his little sister and if he drank it all she’d be hungry. Bless him he tried latching on again and I allowed him a bit more as he’s a bit sick so hopefully it’ll help him get better.


    congrats jmuncy thats fantastic I’m sure you’ll reach your goal!



    OOOOOOOOh i see! thanks for clueing me in…may look into getting one now. So the neclaces are better than bracelets or does it matter?

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