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    i’ve only used a pump a couple of times and each time it has made my nipples red…it does go away after a few minutes but is that normal?? i dont really have the suction up that high…any input????



    Thought this was ADORABLE–another link for World Breastfeeding Week…



    Also, loved the hobomom article. lovedLovedLOVED it. I’ve decided I’m going to try to become a less judgmental person over all. I am not openly judgmental but find myself often thinking rude things when I have NO place to judge anyone! So every time I look down on someone for something, I am mentally correcting it. Like, today we were driving down the hwy and this guy in a truck had an OLD ratty mattress and box springs in the back of his truck. And I thought that he should have just thrown it in the lake we were driving over. But I corrected myself and thought that he might not be able to afford a new bed right now and he may really appreciate that he had one in the first place. Phew. I didn’t know I was a bad person until I started thinking about it!


    what time is it there. Its nearly mid day here. James is in the garden with daddy. I’m in the house with sleeping Ollie and the carpet fitter.



    We call Quinn lots of names: Q bear, boo 3 (our two boys are boo and boo 2 lol), sis, sissy, Q…i’m sure there will be more as the years go on.



    I would just like to put my two cents in if I may. I am so greatful for the help and encouragement the nurses gave me in hospital with BFing. My daughter had latching problems until she was about a week and a half old – during that time, I got her to latch about 1/3 of the time, and the rest of the time (even in hospital) I pumped so that she could have my milk, although two times in the hospital, with my permission, they gave her formula because I couldn’t express enough while she was hungry, and that is the only time she has had formula. If I hadn’t stay in hospital for almost 4 days after her birth, I don’t think I would’ve mentally been able to persivere with breastfeeding with how difficult it was for us in the beginning – the support was incredible and they were so proud that I didn’t just give up, that I tried, sometimes for over an hour, to try to get her to latch. The nurses all told me I had loads of milk, I even had loads of colostrum as well, so I wouldn’t have been able to use that as an excuse! My problem was her latching and having very narrow nasal passages with a stuffy nose which made feeding hard, but like I said once she was a week and a half old she was just that little bit bigger that she was able to latch perfectly and was able to breathe through her nose finally. She’s a trooper at feeding now, and I love it. I cover up if I’m around people I don’t want seeing my breasts or who I know are uncomfortable with seeing them, otherwise I just get them out and feed her. I remember feeling down in the beginning because I was worried that breastfeeding wouldn’t work out for us, and I am so greatful that it has now worked out.



    Bri, we haven’t done any non-mommy milk with him yet. I wanted to wait until his adjusted age was over a year since he was born early. We have a few thousand ounces in the freezer though, and he only does ten ounces a day while I am at work. I have been able to give around 300-400oz to a friend of mine who struggles with her supply, and will keep giving her some as she needs it, but beyond that Zach will just continue getting mommy-milk till its gone! I do give it to Ayden occasionally as well, but he doesn’t like it as much as he did before so he mostly gets cow’s milk. He does really well with it. Zach used to have reactions when he would get anything with cow’s milk in it directly, so i don’t know how he will do. I could eat as much ice cream as I wanted and there would be no reaction of any kind. If he tried some, huge rash! He grabbed brother’s cup of milk and spilled it down his front once and was covered in a bright red rash in no time! Didn’t even have to ingest it! He loves cheese now though, and eats it no problem so here is hoping! We can’t afford the goats milk! 🙁



    Hi ladies – I have a question: My daughter is 10 weeks old and is breastfed exclusively. My husband has only given her a bottle of breastmilk maybe 5 times or so and she will only take and ounce or two and then refuse. I have been pumping like crazy and freezing it so I have milk for her when I return to work in 3 weeks. What bottles do you recommend that will help her with the transition? (This is my 3rd child and the other two had no problems and always took a bottle) So far I have tried Evenflo and Dr Browns. I think I am going to try Playtex – which I also used with my boys, I just hate to spend the extra $ on the liners.


    Leslie I actually cried when I read that about your daycare. I fully trust the nursery James is in but feel sick when I drop him off as I just miss him so much. Feel like crying just thinking about it.



    I agree don’t wait if you aren’t well at all. You want to enjoy these days, not want to hide from them.



    God-iva – I didn’t get to see the ‘offensive’ pic. How sad for you and how sad for us. It definitely makes me rethink my interest in this forum though.



    I will still be offering the breast more than the bottle so I hope it will be OK. I just can’t carry on the way I am at the moment until I have healed a bit. I hope it will only be for a very short time and I can go back to offering the breast at every feed (unless I happen to get a life back at some point and make it out for a meal or to the pub). I actually feel a failure for having to resort to this but I can’t stand the thought of giving up now I have made it this far. I keep telling myself to just do ‘one more feed’. Surely I must be just around the corner from where it seems to get easier. If I can do the hardest bit at the beginning I should be able to carry on. I hope.


    Yes, men can breastfeed. They’re called ‘Milk Men’… hah!



    girl from ab: your baby will get more than you get out of pumping. The more you feed, the more milk your body will produce. Do you know if he is gaining weight or not? Also make sure you are consuming enough calories and drinking A LOT of water!!!! There are foods that can help boost your supply as well, fermented oatmeal for one, maybe other girls on here can help with other food ideas to boost your supply?



    Not me..but if you go to there is a section just for that.

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