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    campimama- thanks- my LO too sometimes does not want to nurse in the morning but I think that is because her tooth if starting to come thru.

    Belly- the malted milk is in the coffee/ coco isle. Its carnation in a white and red container- powder . There is original and chocolate. Chocolate can give some babies gas so if you get it watch for gas problems. Mix 3 heaping tbsp to 8oz of milk (I use skim milk). It usually takes 12-24 hours to see results. I normally pump an extra 1/2 oz when i drink it. I dont use too often as it tends to ‘stick to my thighs’. Its kinda high in calories even with skim milk one drink is 180.



    Has this happended to you? Our freezer completely stopped working last night and all my stored BM is completely thawed=(. I was so heartbroken because I am barely pumping enough anymore for the day so there is no way I can get any extra milk to freeze again. I am trying to wean Isabella now (she just turned 1), but it’s nice to have extra milk in case I only pump just a little bit in the day. I don’t want to increase my supply because I am weaning. Oh, What a start to my week…



    kym22-have you started your period back yet? That could be it. I haven’t yet, but once a month for about a week I have a pretty good supply did. Then it goes right back up. My doc said it might be my body getting ready to start my period again. I actually hope so, I want another baby! And at 35, I don’t have years to wait!



    hey ladies, is it true that breast feeding helps you lose the baby weight after the birth??



    Hi ladies, question for you. My LO is 6 weeks old, and I tried nursing when she was born. Worked with multiple lactation consultants and we could not get her to latch properly. I was pumping and giving her about half my milk and half formula through out the day. My supply has dropped greatly, and now she is getting almost all formula, which I am not happy about and we are having issues with it (she is now on soy and not doing well with it). I put her to my breast a little bit ago, and her latch has improved greatly. My question is if I try to nurse her first every time, then give her a bottle to make sure that she is getting enough, will this bring my supply back?



    Plus, it is also recommended not to share pumps. The hospital grade ones are specially designed with isolated parts that you come in contact with that can be completely sanitized or replaced. If your SIL has a privately bought one, it doesnt have those parts. Plus, a lot of pumps arent guaranteed 100% effective after the first year or so so if you really want to have a strong go from the beginning, it might be best to invest in a new pump, depending how much you will need to use it. Mine cost $279 which seems like a lot, however, in a year I have never bought a single ounce of formula, so the money saved WAY exceeds that.



    Oh and they gave a website. I haven’t been there yet but it’s Can’t wait to go visit but I need to get my little man in the tub and off to bed. I plan on taking a peek once he’s asleep.



    TBJones – I haven’t had it done personally but you should still be able to breastfeed if your doctor was good and did the procedure right. Chances are s/he didn’t harm any of the ducts.



    Okay I need 2 ask you ladies something….Jayden has been exclusivly breast feed since he was about 4 months (then I went back to work), I pump once or twice a day / night and if I dont get enough…I supplment with formula!!! For the last couple of weeks…I have noticed that my supply has gone down – I could easily get 12 – 14 onces before and now I can hardly get 9-10 ounces! He feeds from me at his 5.30am feed and then sometimes I pump in the mornings @ 7am (very rarley though) but I def will pump at around 8.30pm that night – I got my first period after giving birth around 2 weeks ago! My question is: Is my supply going down cause my period has come back? Is it cause I only pump once a day? Is my supply just really low now that I should just change him to full formula? I really wanted to b/f him for 12 months if possible…but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen! Should I still pump and get what ever I can out or just stop all together?! Also if I take something to up my supply – will that help?! Arghhhh I feel so sad about it and dont know what to do!!! Please give me some advice….Leave a msg on my page if possible plz! Thank You xo



    oh reading all of this on sleeping is making me so tired. my lo is 4.5months and is still getting up so often. luckily it’s just to eat and then back to sleep, but to have just 6 solid hours. i think he is saving his long stint without food for when i’m at work. he goes from about 4 or 5am till 8 or 9am everyday without eating and then gets me up about every 2 or 3 hours to eat at night. i guess i should just be glad he loves me so much.



    Hannah – My let down will feel like pins and needles sometimes, but not painful. I’ll mostly feel it from the opposite breast that I’m nursing from.



    No! That is such a common concern when breastfeeding trying to assess how much they are getting. Every woman produces differently according to their baby’s needs. No point measuring quantitatively you can only measure based on your baby’s cues. Even when pumped there is no way of knowing if that is what your baby is getting in a sitting because they can extract better and are most likely getting more. Dont worry about weight gain as long as your baby is content. My feeling is that breastfeeding is so natural and adapted to your baby specifically that whatever they gain if you are nursing on demand is what they are supposed to be whether it be chubby or petite. My son was sooooo chubby his whole first year and if he was formula fed I would have been convinced I was overfeeding him but I was always very content that he was breastfed because I knew he wasnt being mis-assessed.



    I used to FREAK about nursing in public. Now, my son is 14 months and if he wants to nurse we just sit down and nurse – no covers or special clothes. I know my rights. 🙂 Also, someone was talking about the Adiri nurser… We bought some – before we realized that my son would have refused them anyway! lol – and they leaked like CRAZY. Even when completely dry and everything they would just leak all over.



    Engorgement sucks! I can’t get to sleep, it feels like someone is standing on my chest and stabbing me under my armpits! Will try to express again soon, but it almost brings me to tears so I’m not looking forward to that!



    I need advice! my son is almost 11 weeks, he is EBF, and all of a sudden he is not latching properly, and not feeding well. He does not get any bottles at all as he won’t take one. but any advice to get BF on track again?

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