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    Thanks, my little monkeys rarely nap at the same time!



    YAY! Happy Birthday Ella!



    lilmamamads, yes, you can use all those silly wash cloths as wipes! Some just use water and don’t bother with a wipe solution. We cloth diaper, but two babies later and I am STILL trying to convince hubby to let us use cloth wipes!



    Thanks for suggesting the amber teething necklace, I ordered one today. My DD was so fussy today, the only way I could nurse her was if I put her on while she was half asleep. I sure hope it helps. How long after you put it on does it normally take to see results?


    I just use the disposable breast pads But someone on here sorry can’t remember who suggested lillypadz. I hardly leak this time but every time i consider stop wearing them i leak a bit.



    isaac always sleep on his side. still does for the most part. sometimes he’ll roll to his back and start snoring. he is his father’s son.



    I don’t care what people say about terrible two’s…that’s nothing compared to terrible THREE’S…OMGsh my son is so bad


    My mam is a red head and when pregnant with my older sister was told she wouldn’t be able to bf because she is so fair skinned. Luckly she ignored her midwife and breast fed all 3 of us.



    mjs – I wouldn’t watch the clock. I’d just nurse as often as your baby wants. You can do compression nursing if you’d like to get the rest of out but it’s not needed. Just feed on demand. This may mean only feeding from one side at a time. Oh well. Alex is 7 months and still only feeds from one side at a time.



    Ok just stoppin thanks ladies for the support:) today went so greatKyra latched on every time  she is my 3rd and I’ve never bf b4 I love this site it has helped me so much with my pregO and now bf u guys are great


    Ollie is a little chunk at 10 weeks he was 15lb 5oz!



    deeyore486 – Oh I’ll be checking all babies in my family…not just the boys! It’s not a gender thing.



    Emilees – I love the pics (yours and in general) of your LO nursing close up and from the side. The ones that show just the face and some boob. I don’t know what it is, but to me they always look so content and secure that way. Weird, right? 🙂



    i have been breastfeeding since my daughter was born on august 16th(she will be 4 weeks monday) i just wondering when do they get on a schedule???and what can i do to make my milk supply more abundant??? like what to eat or drink… I have been pumping but and feeding on demand but it’s getting tiring and frustrating….sometimes i have more milk than other times its weird



    katymom-make sure you sterilize everything often until it clears…ie pacies, bras, sheets, pumps, anything your lo’s mouth or salivia touches and your nipples touch. i’ve never had thrush but i hear its horrible and tough to get rid of.

Viewing 15 posts - 2,461 through 2,475 (of 15,860 total)

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