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    Manda21: Thankyou. I have been feeling a bit silly about it and havent told anyone ( except on here) how i feel as i know they wont understand, I was talking to my aunty this morning as she breastfed and she said she felt really sad as well when she stopped and almost an overwhelming feeling of loss. Its so true. Im on about day 3 as well and its awful. Ive tried getting her to feed a few times and she just isnt interested. Ive had tears every time i have written on here. I hope we feel better about it soon as the babies are fine with it.



    jess0402 – are you pumping after you feed your lo? or are you pumping and then giving her a bottle of breastmilk? If you are pumping and then giving her a bottle, try just letting her eat directly from you. If you pump and use that to feed her, maybe pump for a shorter time period or just to relieve yourself and get enough for the feeding. You are lucky to have such a problem! If you are going back to work, you may just want to start freezing all the milk you can get because most times when you go back to work you don’t pump as much as the baby eats during the day. When I had my dd, at 4 weeks I started pumping and would pump an extra 15 oz a day, but it is coming in much handy now as i’m working and not pumping as much as she eats during the day.



    wonderinginIA- I wish I would have known that 2 days ago when i bought my pump~ I am still going to call my insurance company and see- i bought mine at target….



    where can u buy fenugreek?



    KYM- Your doing an awesome job, remember that. I would be tickled pink to get that amount in a day. I have gone from 7.5 in a day to 6.5 in a day. I had to take RJ to the doctor yesterday and he is only 18 pounds 4.8 oz and he is 4 days shy of 10 months. (And let me tell you he eats like a horse.) You and I among with a few others have been struggling for quite some time but yet we have gotten this far. Again keep up the good work.



    lastone, look up campimama, she has a blog about increasing milk supply and there’s something on there for increasing hindmilk (the fatty part). Just because when you pump you don’t get much ‘cream’ doesn’t mean your baby hasn’t been getting it when you bf, babies are much better at emptying the breast than pumping.



    ennazus- absolutely it will help boost your supply. Also, after nursing, pump for a few minutes to stimulate more milk production. Make sure you are eating enough and drinking plenty of water. And, check out my blogs on my page- I compiled tips that everyone was making to help boost supply. You can do it!



    vickie – definitely get new tubing. I dont know what brand pump you have, but with mine, the Medela sometimes milk had backflowed into it. Also, moisture could build up and if not completely aired dry everytime, mold could appear. You dont want anything like that near your infant’s food source. Better safe than sorry. Tubing I think is real cheap. I had to replace mine twice in a year and both times the Medela customer service people sent it for free.



    Ugh…after nine and a half months of no serious problems, me and my son showed signs of thrush this week! Luckily, WE both got on medication at the first signs, and things seem to be clearing up. Its just so odd for bfing to hurt again… I forgot what the pain of the early days was like 🙂



    My LO is 6 weeks and I just wanted to say that BFing is so rewarding & relaxing now. It was SO tough at first & painful but I am SO happy I stuck through it 🙂



    I live in Australia and cant pump at work…I work in a Real Estate Agency and have an ‘open office’ I work in a cubical and everyone can see, also we have 1 toilet – so it’s shared with males and females!!!! I dont wanna quit because I would like to keep going at least till he is 12months and I guess your right…some breast milk is better than none!!!! thanks for your advice…I might try the oats and see how I go :)))



    About 3 weeks ago, I had to play hookey with a ‘migraine’… I was sick the whole time I was pregnant and didn’t sleep, and I get up at 4:45 through the week for work. I felt guilty and went and picked up my LO around 2 from MIL, but I stayed in bed all day prior, and it felt great. ( :



    mommynwifey5 – Breastfeeding tends to supress your cycles but of course there is always an expeption. Most moms will notice their period come back shortly after solids are introduced and their little ones aren’t taking in as much. Then there are the really lucky ones that don’t get it back until their babies are completely weaned…that’s my sisters. I got mine back at 9months.



    For those ladies who exclusively pump (sorry there is not much activity in that forum) It says I should aim to pump for approximately 20-30 minutes per breast, but I am able to empty my breast in 10minutes and I empty 6-7oz each session, so I have been wondering maybe I’m not losing any weight and I’ve plateau because I’m not actually mimicking the rhythm and timing as to when a baby is latched on? But I do pump ever 4hours (which is the rate my four month old feeds


    I have been trying really hard to keep my flow steady. Fenagreek capsules, lots of water, tea, eating right. But it seems to be decreasing quickly. I am back to pumping inbetween feeds too. My left breast is really bad at less then an ounce every 3 hours while my right is down as well. Could I be loosing my breast milk already? I always thought that as long as you breast feed you would continue to produce. I feel like my body is rejecting Logan’s need for it. I am desperate ladies so any advice HELP PLEASE!!!

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