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    My lo has always nursed herself to sleep. She’s 10 months old. I see zero problems with it. I personally just don’t agree with the ‘cry it out’ method. But, do what is right for you and your baby.



    Kaij- I use Medela Disposable Breastpads. I leak a lot too so these are great because I can stick some in my purse and throw away the used ones. Good luck!



    Congrats to all moms who have nursed even if for a short time – teething didn’t stop me, but I understand it can be painful. We nursed for 18 months and my original goal had been 6 months. It’s funny how I started feeling embarrassed after my son neared one year, like I had to keep it a secret. Ugh – Dr. Lisa from The Doctors, that does not surprise me. She is a know-it-all … I’ve rarely watched the show, but every time I have caught it, I have not been impressed by her. She is the stereotype of the ‘doctors know better than moms’ attitude. I haven’t done homebirth, for example, but I’m a fan of what Ricki Lake has tried to teach people through ‘The Business of Being Born’. Here’s Dr. Lisa debating Ricki (or I should say Dr. Lisa talking):



    Oh and I remember the FEAR very well!! I was so bloody and scabbed that I was afraid to nurse. Using your finger/thumb on her chin will help with the fear. You know if there is pressure there she can’t bite down.



    PGFirstTimer – why did they wait so long to have you and your baby breastfeed? Did they give you general anesthetic for the c-section? That had too have been really difficult. Great work getting him/her to eventually latch.


    There is a recall on medela pumps make where u go to their website for the info.



    I second the question about allergy medicine. I’m (almost literally) dying here. I can’t go outside for five minutes without wanting to claw my eyes out. I had some errands to run this morning…got back four hours ago…;my eyes are still itching and watery and sore because I rub them so much. I’m liberal with the eye drops and keep pondering the box of Claritin I have, but it’s an antihistimine and with my supply issues, I’m terrified of drying up. It’s taken two weeks of pretty much nonstop nursing my 13 week old to get a solid supply again. So. Meds? Anyone? If you do take an antihistimine, will it kill your supply forever, or just cause a drop while it’s in your system? If she nurses through it, I mean. Claritin is supposedly safe to take while BF, but I don’t know if it’s safe for supply or just baby…..


    Okay I need advice, I am currently nursing and cosleeping with my 11month old dd. I am now ready for her to transfer into her own bed. I am going to start putting her in her own bed for 2min then 4, 6min and so on until hopefully she goes to sleep on her own. My question is what do I do about nursing her through the night? I’ve heard moms say they give there lo’s bottles but I dont pump because Im a sahm (and it takes too long) should I just cut out the night time feeds? Should I give her a sippy cup with cows milk since she’ll be 12 months in a couple weeks? I have no idea but am ready to get started so please help.. Thank you



    Didderty: hand express what you can. I think I remember you had mastitis once before already, so you don’t want that to happen again… Yikes!



    phatbaby, i gave up on the nursing bras about 2 months ago (ds is now 4 months old) they just didn’t provide enough support. I always just wear underwire bras, and scoop the boob right out of the cup above the wire when I need to nurse. I actually find it’s quicker and easier than fiddling with the latch on the nursing bra too. Also, I’ve never had any issues with it. Never had mastitis or a clogged duct at all.



    I love that we cant over feed lol…We also feed on demand the dr doesnt even ask when or how long cause I was the same with my DD we just go with the flow and as long as he is gaining and thriving they dont care! Any of you have c sections…I had a c section 7 weeks ago I bled for the first like 3 weeks than had spotting off and on last wed I got my period really hard really heavy clotting painfull well it tapered off and was gone by Monday so last night the hub and I attempted to BD for the first time since and I have spotted a little and have been really really crampy and achey around my incision…Any ideas?



    Thanks ladies! It was my ‘almost’ perfect wedding. Lol. It would have been perfect if my in laws weren’t being so rude. Oh well, at least my mom and aunt were able to make it!



    phatbaby57- that is soo true! I guess that can be my one good deed, lol. I exclusively pump so it’s been a challenge but I know it’s not forever. Thanks ladies.



    Phatbaby- my milk has been regulated for a while. After the last two nights I’m thinking it might be a growth spert (she is 8 weeks). She has been up numerous times and she has been consistantlg getting up once a night for the last two weeks. I think the increased feeding frequency might be why there is less each time. She is eating more during the day too.



    Tiffado – I’ve just been through this with my 11 week old she went from doing at least 1 a day to none for 8 days. On the 8th day I tried a small piece of a glycerine suppository plus numerous attempts at the cycling legs and belly massages and she finally went 3 times! She’s been pretty regular since. A friend of mine told me afterwards that using two fingers and pressing gently to moderately in a circular motion move around the outside of the belly button in a clockwise fashion can help as this is where the intestines are located. I’ve tried it on my terribly constipated self and it works wonders!! Lol!!

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