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    I am freezing ice just in case the power goes off from the hurricane so I don’t loose my frozen milk!



    JPeanut503 , yup, everything is fine.



    Thanks for the advice on the cracks. I will give it a shot.



    Deeyore thanks for the advice..I hope she will stop on her own..So you have breastfeed 2 children..How old was the first one when you stoped?



    Hey everyone I havent been on here for a while, I just have a question…how long is everyone planning to breastfeed, ive been exclusively feeding my daughter since she was born (she is 21 weeks now) I will be starting to feed her solids when she is 6 months but was thinking of still giving her feeds but not sure how long to do it for, once she is on 3 meals a day should i give her a feed a night still?She has never had a bottle so dont know what to do?



    Hi I wasnt really sure where to post this. I am still nursing my 20month old and I am expecting my 3rd in November. . . My 20month old nurses for comfort as far as im concerned because I dont see anything come out when I squeeze myself. . . I am worried cause is my almost 2y.o ‘stealing’ the colostrum? Or . . . what do I do if baby is born and I left nursing both babies? 🙁 any mom have experience w/ this???



    Ashleywbhs2008-I would suggest pumping at least 20 minutes when you are pumping. Maybe do it every 2 hrs for a few weeks until your supply really gets going. But do at least 20 minutes. Also does your pump have a letdown button, if so when the suction slows down, hit the let down button and keep doing it that helped me alot. When I first began pumping when I went back to work, after about 10 minutes I was ’empty’ but then I would hit the letdown button and I would get more 🙂 Also have you ever met with a lactation nurse at your hospital? My son would never latch on but I used a nipple shield which worked well but they work best when a lactation nurse looks at your nipples and gives you one that properly fits you. I wish you luck!



    Alright so I need some suggestions/advice. It looks like I will have to be away from baby for about 18 days at the end of April into May. I’m hopeing to have enough stash to feed him BM at home and maybe formula at daycare…but I have no idea how I should go about doing this…I have almost 2 mths but hubby would like me to start weaning now to get him out of the comfort stage where he only nursing for comfort. I only think he does that at night…should I start having my husband feed him at night and then I just feed him during the day when he’s not in daycare? Hubby has no problem with me pumping so I’ll continue to pump and dump while I’m gone so hopefully it won’t be so hard to get supply back up when I’m back as I want to go for a year with this…so any suggestions would be really helpful. If you could reply to my page as I don’t have the time for the forums as I did before…Thanks!!



    melliebellie- I love that noise! I just love all of those noises- the gulping, the moaning and watching those little hands open and close. I think its cute that she is so loud!



    seabird – That is so different is each person’s eyes. The American Ped Asso. recommends breastfeeding for the first two years. In some countries it is common to breastfeed to 5yrs. Some extreme moms breastfeed to 8yrs. Then there are some people here in America that think 3months is too long. Personally, I plan to breastfeed full time until 18months. Then I will slowly start to wean. I will definately be done by 2yr. I think it’s ackward to see an older toddler asking to nurse. My theory is when Kekoa can tell the world the color of my bra it’s time to wean. HAHA!



    Chrissy- remember that your breasts are never empty!



    I have 2 pumps the medella pump in style that I like alot but after pumping awhile it can feel like your nipple is going to stretch to the other side of the cup. lol I also have one made by whittlestone and it has massaging cups that really does feel like baby sucking. I like both but I do think the whittlestone is alittle easier on the nipples. 🙂



    My baby falls asleep almost every time he can I keep him awake??



    Leslie, it’s really easy. So I started on Friday and Monday I saw a difference (I didn’t pump on weekends) and then by the following Friday I had doubled. So yes, you use the old fashion oats. Mix a half cup with half cup of water. Let it sit uncovered on the counter for at least 7 hours. What I’d do is eat one at night and make one for the morning and then while eating the morning I’d make it for the night. I constantly had oatmeal on my counter. Anyways, let it sit, the water will soak completely into the oats. It’ll look like a soggy mush but that’s ok. Pop it into the microwave and heat until hot. Then eat. Add flavoring if you want. My sister used brown sugar. I used to use maple syrup but found ice cream more tasty. HAHA! It’s chewy but it works. I ate it for breakfast everyday while I was working at then as a snack before bed. Like I said, it could be several days before you notice a difference but once you should it should be quick to build. Once I got to what was good I didn’t need to eat it. But when I needed a pick me up I would and I’d notice it pretty quickly. Good Luck!



    I get answers to my bf questions from La Leche League’s website.

    As far as bf while pregnant they say, In a normal pregnancy there is no evidence that continuing to breastfeed will deprive your unborn child of necessary nutrients. ‘Although uterine contractions are experienced during breastfeeding, they are a normal part of pregnancy. .. Uterine contractions also occur during sexual activity, which most couples continue during pregnancy.’ ‘Currently, no specific medical guidelines exist that define in which situations it may be risky to continue breastfeeding during pregnancy, and prenatal caregivers vary widely in their recommendations.’ Women who breastfeed while pregnant often find their milk supply decreases around the fourth or fifth month. If your breastfeeding baby is less than a year old, watch his weight gain to be sure he is getting enough to eat. It’s also not uncommon for the flavor of your milk to change. These changes may prompt some older toddlers to nurse less often or to wean entirely.”

    They also have info on bf and periods, and building up supply as well as everything else that we have discussed on here.

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