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    UGH I hate having my period it messes with my supply so much. IS there anything to do for it while aunt flow is coming n around?



    hey ladies, does anyone have a suggestion for a good bottle? My LO BF’s most of the time but I’ve been pumping so that I can stock some milk so the DH and I can have date nights or in case I need to go somewhere for teh day. We have used the tommy tippie ones but it seems that it lets to much air in and the LO spits up and burps a TON. I want to find one where she doesn’t spit up half of what she drank.



    noah colts mommy – When you say your boobs itch, is it the nipple or breast? I know sometimes mine itch but it’s not constant. Have you tried lotion to try and remove the itch if it’s from stretching? If it’s on the nipple I would watch it to be sure it isn’t something fungal or something? As for co-sleeping, yes I mean bed-sharing. It’s actually kind of cool. A sleep study was done with new moms. They weren’t told how to sleep but to just go to sleep with their babies. Every single breastfeeding mom slept the same way. We all sleep in a protective manner. One arm over the head and over babies head, legs curled under their feet and mom on her side facing baby. I think it does take some time to learn how to nurse in your sleep. I also think it’s harder when they are really young and small. When Alex was really young I had my boppy next to the bed and I’d sit up, nurse and then put him back into the center of the bed. Now I just roll over and nurse. I can do both sides just by laying on my right side. I just roll a little more for my left breast. hAHA! Half the time I haven’t even a clue how many times he gets up at night or even what time it is when he does. He never cries, just moans a little and I instinctually roll over and nurse. I don’t lose sleep either because well I’m still snoozing while he nurses. When he’s done he just rolls a little off the breast but still snuggled in next to me. I love sleeping with him. He’s becoming a belly sleep now but he likes to lay his head on my arm now too. Works for me cause I get to snuggle closer to him. HAHA! I just love it.



    Apparently i had the worst insurance ever, because i was supposed to pay 18,000 after insurance. That is ridiculous. And i didn’t even have that long of a stay. I think it was 2 nights, including the birth. But i applied for this thing called charity at the hospital and it paid for the whole thing. But speaking of terrible births, Ella was born vaginally, but she was face up (forget what it’s called… head down but face up) and she got stuck on my pubic bone. They had to push down on my stomach and push her out. It was disgusting. And her apgar score was a 1!! a 1. The only thing she had going for her was that she had a heartbeat. =[ Didn’t get to see her for one second. My mother burst into tears because she thought she was dead. They took her off to the NICU, and i couldn’t see her again until i could walk there. I kept asking if i could pump to try to get my milk to come in. I think they gave her a couple drops of colostrum. I didn’t get to nurse her until like the 2nd day we were there. It was terrible. I think they were overall pretty pro BF, but because she was hooked up to machines, i couldn’t feed her. But they did help me get it after all. Sorry for the book!



    How many ounces of milk should I put in my baby’s bottle? I usually feeding him every 2 1/2 hrs. When is the best time of day to pump?? When did you babies start sleeping for 5-6 hours at night? My guy is 4 months and still only going about 3. Please I just need some encouragement!!!!



    Jepica: everyone’s boob are different. My right breast needs only compression, but my left needs suction and compression. Don’t get down on yourself. Mother’s milk tea made a huge difference for me, and I’m going to try the fermented oatmeal as well. You could have my problem, where you produce enough, but your boobs let over half of it leak out… it’s wonderful… NOT! Ha ha!


    Danielle- Have you tried using a shield??? It saved my life! I would uuse it every other feeding to try and get my nipples use to bf. I wouldn’t say stop pumping because I pumped when my nipples were to sore for him to feed from. The shield and pumping both helped me a lot. The pain for me was beyond what I thought it was going to be and if I didn’t do those two things I wouldve gave up. It took me 8 weeks before I didn’t need the nipple shield anymore. But they are right about 4 hrs. I was told by the LC to not let him go longer than 4hrs at night that is when u can go the longest but during the day every 2 hrs. is what they need to be eating enough.



    Also, napping during the day, he goes down on his own time, not when I force it. I do expect every day that he will be ready for a nap about an hour and a half after he wakes in the morning, and after that, just whenever. He starts rubbing his eyes and getting all cranky when he’s tired. It’s kind of cute 🙂 He used to always take 4 naps a day though, one long nap, and 3 short ones. Just the last week I have noticed he is down to 3 naps now, and the long one, which used to be 2 hours, is now cut down to an hour, or an hour and a half. The other 2 naps tend to only be 30 minutes.


    Ollie for the past week had been waking only twice. He has outgrown his moses basket so he has gone into his cot, which luckly fits in our room. So far its 4 am and he has been up 4 times, guess he isn’t loving it.



    yep-3:25 was right


    Ollie is 11 weeks today and has just san unsupported for a few seconds!



    Danielle Swyear you are from new athens?!?!?! My grandparents have lived there for years!!! I live only about an hour and a half from there!! My grandpa was a teacher!! Small world!!!!



    isaac’s great with cow’s milk. i’m glad b/c i would have kept pumping if need be. i’m just glad it isn’t needed. i have more of a problem with being too full on monday and tuesday at work then not having enough on the weekends. i bet my hormones are like ‘enough already!’


    just had my second bowl of fermented oats….hope it works….their not to bad i flavoured mine with a bit of maple syrup…



    Ladies-i need some advice/help! Long story short i have been back to work almost 2 whole weeks and my supply has dropped. I tried the oatmeal-acutally i eat it each and every day but only saw any improvement the first day and now its gone. I pump/bf every 3-4 hours (mostly 3 hours) and think i eat alright. I drink enough to make my pee mostly ok i take fenugreek 3 times a day-either 3 or 4 pills each time. I tried the Mothers Milk but that was before i came to work-i was trying to get a stash but that didn’t work! Anyway-does it sound like i’m doing something wrong. Bailey drinks 4 oz basically every 3 hours and i’m lucky to get 3 oz each pumping session. I can’t fit in another session in at work as my boss is a jerk and has extended my work day just to let me pump the times i am already. I’m determined to keep at it but was wondering if there is something i’m missing here. Any suggestions would help!

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