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    Duskpoo, if she is small, it is very likely she will still need fed every two hours or so, but to keep her awake during feeding, here are some things to try- undress her, as the cool air and skin-to-skin will help; pick her up and hold her upright for a minute (like under her arms). Babies normally don’t like this, and it will wake them up; change her diaper if that wakes her up. I hope you find what works!



    As anyone ever heard that shaking breastmilk can damagae the molecules and lower the benefits of the milk? It was discussed in the 3 month forum and few days back and I went online to research it and couldn’t find anything on it.. but I always think about it when I shake my milk to mix and pour into a bottle. Just curious…?



    Katymom- the tingling might be your letdown which is completely normal. The hardness might be clogged ducts, does your breast feel really full and does it leak? Clogged ducts can be very sore also.’I can’t say much about the tender nipple, its just part of breastfeeding. It will get better, especially if you’re only a month into it. You can also see a lactation consultant to make sure your LO has a good latch.



    blueyo4-I read that you should not be too concerned about low supply just because the baby only nurses for a few minutes. This could mean that your LO is every efficient at breatfeeding and it does not take them long.



    trinam, I was still nursing my son when I got pregnant this time. If you are at risk for pre-term labor you should wean, but if you are not high risk, there is no reason to wean. (nursing causes your body to produce oxytocin, which can also cause contractions) I intended to nurse my son straight through my pregnancy, but I was under a lot of stress (marital issues) and wasn’t eating properly, and as a result my milk dried up when I was 17 weeks along. I also didn’t think my son was ready to wean, but as my milk supply decreased, he lost interest in nursing, and stopped asking for it on his own. Dominque is also right, your milk does change taste as the pregnancy progresses, usually some time in the second trimester, and some children will stop nursing when that happens. Others won’t care, and continue nursing anyway. Bottom line: Unless you are high risk, there are no health risks for you or your baby. If you aren’t getting enough nutrients to both nurse and grow a baby, your milk supply will be what suffers, not the health of the fetus. Hope this helps 🙂



    heavensangels – You shouldnt cut back on breastfeeds as your baby is still getting most if its nutrition fromyour milk. Food is just extra and should be offered after feeds not in place of feeds. As for periods returning i think everyone is different. My daughter is 10 months and my period has not returned yet while some people who are exclusively bfeeding get it back straight away.



    Can it b mixed with water?



    (first time mom here lol) im wondering those of u who have used fenugreek has it worked for all of you? my milk supply is getting lower and lower im about to go buy it right now my son is getting fussy b/c hes not getting enough milk from me after i pump so i end up giving him what i pumped even after its been a couple hours! 🙁



    Erinb- at three months my doctor told me to leave three 4oz bottles. Tryn is now 6.5 months and i leave her one 4oz and two 5oz. Sometime she doesn’t even eat all of that. I think three 4oz bottles should be plenty for your three month old.



    Kayvee- Breastfeeding does burn 500+ extra calories per day, so in theory it can help you lose weight. You do have to make sure you are eating enough though for your body to make the milk, so finding a balance can be hard. It took me about 8 months to get it right 😛 However, most women I think choose to bf because of the major benefits to baby…the extra cal burn for momma is a perk.



    ennazus, as long as you’ve got some milk supply and sounds like your baby’s latch is coming good, you really should be able to drop formula altogether pretty soon. Drink LOTS of water and relax deeply as much as possible, especially while nursing. You may need to allow Baby to nurse for a lot more than 10 minutes every 3 hours, while your establishing your supply, though – be prepared to put the time aside and allow Baby to nurse as long and as often as necessary.



    The previous info that I posted I found it on the internet from



    Way cool!!!! It’s funny, people don’t freak out about donating blood! Except me of course since I’m afraid of needles. I passed out twice trying to donate, they actually said ‘do us a favor and please don’t come back again.’



    has anyon gotten pregnant while breastfeeding? just wondering. i am still nursing mara , she is almost 16m. i was trying to wean her but it didn’t work so now i am just letting her do her thing. but i still haven’t had a cycle and just wanted to know if anyone has or knows anyone to get pregnant while not getting cycle and still nursing. please answer my page, thanks!



    I’m so disappointed. I think AF has returned less than 4 months PP. Ugh 🙁 Here I was, hoping not to get it for at least a year PP… 🙁

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