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    i need some advice my baby is 5 weeks old and due to jaudice, my milk taking 6 days to come in and latching on problems he has been on formula and breast milk i have pumped. Well these last couple of days we have had success and he is now latching on. But i dont know how long/ how often to feed him. He usually had 3-4oz of formula/pumped milk ever 3 hours. Help please!


    so what happens when you ladies take your babies out and they want to eat? i dont do bottles because he isnt interested so im not sure what to do in that kind of situation. he wont even take a pacifier. im going out of town (3 hour drive) to visit my dad on sunday…we sit with him from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. (he is in jail) and then drive 3 hours home. do i just go to the bathroom and let him eat?



    Ladies I need advice!! Whenever I am breastfeeding Ayden he tends to fall asleep. I try to tickle him to wake him up and he is usually up for a few minutes..but then he goes right back to sleep. Well I usually will lay him down and go do whatever it is I need to get done while he is sleeping, but then like 10 minutes later he wakes up and starts crying cause he’s still I do that whole little routine again. It takes up so much time and I never get anything done. When I pump and it’s given to him in a bottle, he usually takes it without falling asleep..only from someone else though..if I try to give it to him he usually doesn’t want the bottle and he spits it out and makes the nursing face. Plus if he goes more than half a day without nursing he gets super fussy and freaks out. Besides him not taking a bottle from me, I want to nurse him..I love the bonding. Any suggestions as to how I can keep him awake so that it goes more smoothly????



    I have been exclusively breastfeeding for nearly 5 months now, I pump on very rare occasions, probably once a week if I have the opportunity for a lie-in. The only time I can get a decent amount from my breasts is first thing in the morning when they are full, and sometimes I cannot even get letdown even after 10 minutes of pumping, with baby I get letdown in a matter of seconds. Most of the time I get about a 3 ounce total from both breasts, but my baby is a 16lb 5 month old, so no problems in what she is getting!
    Don’t take pumping as an indication of how much milk you are making, I think the breasts just get used to a baby suckling as opposed to the pumping suction.

    Sorry cannot help about the cereal, my doctor advised against starting it, good luck x



    well my interview went great! i’m almost 100% positive that i got the job and here’s the best news: both women who interviewed me breastfed thier LO’s and both are advocates of breastfeeding and since my son’s daycare happens to be literally down the block they said it will be not be a problem! i’m so thrilled. i have 1 15 min break and another 30 min break. but it only takes him about 5-10 min to eat so i figure after his schedule gets a little more set with solids i’ll still be able to nurse during the day, or at least 1 feed. i’m so thrilled! it will make getting through the summer that much easier! i’m so happy!



    Thanks izziebo & Bri. Poor little darlin has had about 10 dirty nappies in the past day and her little bum is red raw.



    oz- yay for HUGE boobs 🙂 Woo-Hoo! Happy Easter!



    aidensmommy1 – I think you are right, she has underlying issues about her own children. I’m glad she does encourage her patients to breastfeed. It’s still crazy that even though she knows how good it is for baby she would want her grandbaby to have anything but the best. Wacko!!

    I guess I’m very lucky. My MIL lives just across the water from us. She has been a big help in our recent move and letting me get time away. She also encourages me to breastfeed and keeps telling me what a good mother I am and how well we are doing. She also breastfed her children for 3years each. I guess that helps.



    Saturday was an awful day for me. My breast felt empty all day and I know my LO wasn’t getting enough. I had to feed her formula for two feedings. I have been STRUGGLING with supply for a while. One week will be awesom then the next week very weak. Well last night I though it was over. I spent almost the entire day pumping to get no more than an oz. I really thought I had dried up and I cried myself to sleep praying to the good Lord to help my supply & guess what! I woke up to rock hard boobies was able to nurse my LO & pump 5oz! I have fed her all day! NO formula!!!!! God is good ladies. All these supplements I have been taking to increase supply have nothing on the power of the good Lord! I am about to pump and go to sleep and will keep praying that God continues to bless me an allow me to keep feeding my baby. I didn’t think I’d get so emotional if I had to stop breastfeeding. I thought it would almost be a relief but I was so wrong. I am more attached to it than I ever imagined! God belss all of you!! Happy Palm Sunday!



    kebler98: 8*5 ounces is excellent. Isnt it funny how exciting getting that extra milk is especially when it means we dont need to use formula?
    Congratulations and i hope you keep it up. Were you drinking the malted milk or using any other tips to increase or did you jsut relax?
    I can get 3 ounces each time i pump anmd occasionally i get really excited when i get 4. I am so jealous of the 6-8 oz some people get each time but i fond as long as i pump 3-4 times a day i can keep up with her anyway,



    kym22- my lo eats 5 times a day, 7:30, 11, 2, 5, and 7:45. I just started solids and she is eating just about one baby spoon full, she doesn’t really eat any of it. She will be 6 months on thursday. I would say to try to up the oz and see how that works. She might be going through a growth spurt too so see what happens after a few days it may go down. if you think they are ready you can try cereal and see how she does.



    ash, I’ve never tried fenugreek, but I know trying to pump and feed can be very frustrating! Breastfeeding is so much easier if you can actually access your baby to nurse at feed times! Good luck with the fenugreek. Have you tried malted milk?



    Ozbaby- I meant that motillum and reglan are both meds that are used to treat the digestive track. Not that they have the same side effects. Thanks for the offer to send but am not sure if its legal either and I sure wouldn’t want either of us to get into trouble. You are too sweet!



    Kelly-roo: Thanks for your input..but what am saying the lump is under my armpit….i think what youre saying if i have a lump is in the nipple or boobs..but the big lumps are under my armpit…so should i just massage it? thanks again



    ennazus – Like campimama said, pumping after helps. When I was having trouble latching, my LC said always pump after so you empty the breast as much as possible to boost supply. Oh, and I tried a few times, pumping while I was nursing, the milk just pours out and than you have that milk to give your LO. Of course if your baby nurses with no problems and seems satisfied, has enough wet diapers and all that, than you don’t need to bother, your baby gets more out of you than a pump will.

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