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    hi ladies, I am not on here very often but I need some feedback… My LO is 8 1/2 mo old and I have been EBF him plus now solids but now I can’t get him to sit still longer than 5 mins around 3 times during the day. He will nurse well to go to bed at night and well one time in the middle of the night. but of course I am worried he is not getting enough. and now of course, I am having less milk. I didn’t have this issue with the other 2. and I am a SAHM this time also. anyone else having the same issue?



    It’s funny how you are all saying you get slack for breastfeeding. It’s been the complete opposite experience for me. Every time I give my LO a bottle in public I feel like telling everyone, it’s breast milk! I felt SO much pressure to breastfeed from family and friends (and myself) that it made it even worse when I gave up, well almost gave up, I still try every week. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has come across any info on how I could go about trying to get my six month old to basically ‘learn how’ to breastfeed, since we never did get it right. All the info I’ve learned and come across is for newborns and older babies are very different, I’m not sure if the same techniques would work. Basically when he’s hungry he will out right refuse trying and when he’s had some from the bottle and goes to my breast he now thinks it’s funny and starts laughing (and sometimes chomps down, ow!) After I got over my ‘oh, my gosh my baby cries every time I try to feed him, the dr.’s saying he’s not gaining, hormonal, I actually have to take care of this newborn!’ stage, I was too worried about losing my supply that I worked so hard to get from pumping, to try again. If he didn’t nurse well I didn’t want it to drop. o.k. sorry this is really long, almost done…I’ve been thinking about stopping pumping in a month or so and when I do I want to give it every thing I have to try to get him to breastfeed. So any help or info you find would be SO appreciated. Oh, and I think you ladies donating your breast milk is just awesome! The best gift you could give!



    samlib – I got pregnant while breastfeeding but only after I got my cycle back and I was trying. I do know it happens though. Basically, you ovulate before you get your first period so if you have unprotected sex during that month then you may not get your period because you actually got pregnant. Have fun!



    shez- do you have a windshield visor (sp?) for your car? If you do, I would just pump in the car!:)



    thanks babyblue, it just makes me so nervous. i called the dr and am waiting for a call back. everything i read says its normal but i still worry.



    I have a question – unrelated to BF but this is the only group of mothers I have to talk to! Not many of my friends are mothers yet! Well what age did you all put your LO’s in daycare? Is 4 months too young? I have to finish my LAST semester of college in order to graduate but my heart breaks at the idea of leaving my LO. Also, I can’t pump while I’m at school – I wonder if I will continue EBF 🙁



    lisseth82- I am currently trying to loose weight while ebf’ing as well (although I have more to loose than you do :0(. And I have noticed that if I drop my cal intake too low it does affect my milk supply a bit. I am working out as well. Our bodies burn about 500 cals. from breastfeeding alone so you really have to take that into consideration as well. I have found a website and I use it to log everything that I eat as well as my exercise. And it will calculate your cal intake and how many cals you have burned. After playing around with the calories a bit I think I have found what works for me. I eat about 2000 healthy calories a day and I am burning 700-800 with bf’ing and exercise combined. I am loosing about 2-3 pds a week. I have lost 38 pds since having the baby and he is 5 months old now. Good luck!!!



    Yes, three weeks was a major growth spurt for my LO, too! The very frequent nursing is very normal, as well as a change in poop pattern. Sounds like you are doing fine! It is impossible to truely know how a breastfed baby is getting, and I know that can be frustrating, but realize that your baby gets more than you can pump, when nursing directly! Nursing patterns will change many times in the upcoming months, its totally normal.



    HELP! Does anyone know if you get mastitis and don’t get antibiotics can it keep coming back? This is the third time I’m gotten a fever of 102 and flu like symptoms. It’s always when I go out and don’t nurse/pump for hours.



    pregowith5th – Definately see a lactation consultant. They can help get a better latch. If you are lucky enough to find one that is also a doctor then she can get you a prescription for muprin (sp?) to help with healing and avoid infection. I love mine here in Seattle. She was able to clip my son because he was tongue tied, help with a latching problem (because of the tongue issue) and get me meds to help with my already raw nipples. I know it is painful but it can be fixed. Is your baby tongue tied? Stupid question I know but some of the doctors missed it. It wasn’t until his three day check up that we found out that he was. Once that was fixed and I healed everything is going smoothly. As for losing a pound. That’s ok, it happens. They can lose up to 10% without problem. Just keep giving as much milk as possible and call someone right away. If your ped office is pro breastfeeding then they should know of a doctor/LC in your area.



    how can I get my son to stop swallowing air when he feeds I can hear him doing it and he’s burping a lot after he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I think he’s getting lazy while nursing I feel bad because I can tell his little tummy hurts ……….also how much breastmilk does everyone have in there freezer and how much in the fridge at any given time?



    My daugther Zoe, is in a beatiful baby contest. She is currently 2nd place, with just one hours left to vote. Please vote for Zoe. Thanks



    Update – 1/2 cup is really a lot of oatmeal. Lol. Finished, though!



    Lawsons Mom – Depending on the laws in your state they NEED to provide a room for you. If the ‘supply closet’ isn’t going to work then they would need to find you somewhere else like a vacant office. I would look up the laws in your state and take them to your employer. They need to know that this is serious.



    At one point on here someone brought up ‘skinnies’ a tank that goes under the shirt for nursing but also helps you look well…skinny lol if you could please give me the site to find those I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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