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    kla2200- I want to eat ALL the time! I can eat a whole meal and still be hungry like I didn’t even eat in the first place.



    horseygal- I would boil water and vinegar and try that first to clean the ‘funnels’. Vinegar is a more natural, less caustic cleaner and it works wonders. I would try soaking that way before using bleach…just a thought.



    Tan – Breast feeding isn’t a time schedule like formula. Breast feeding is on demand. He will give you signs, crying, rooting, etc that he is hungry and will stop sucking when he is done. He may stay latched but will just stop sucking. Breast milk is the ‘perfect’ food for babies so they will digest it faster than formula and b/c of that eat more often. Congrats on it all working out!



    kla- if you just sip on one glass of wine then i wouldn’t worry about anything. They say for each glass to wait a hr and a half for each one. so if you pump then have a glass then you should be able to pump on schedule. If I am just sipping here at the house then I don’t even pay attention to the clock.



    Lily – It could be an allergy issue. Try cutting out dairy and/or wheat. Those are the most common issues. though it could be anything. You should try maybe writing down what you eat and how he reacts. That can help figuring out if/what the issue is. Congrats on successfully bf!



    I have a 4 week old son he is my 4th child and I have BF all my other children untill they were around 2 years old. I feel like I should know the ins and outs of breastfeeding but my little man has found a way to make me think other wise. I BF on demand and it seems like he is ALWAYS eating. I can hear him swallowing and he has good output every day, but I just can’t seem to get a break. He seems to be nursing every 30 minutes, he doesn’t go longer than an hour with out eating except at night. He sleeps for approximately 4 hours and once he wakes up he needs to nurse non stop, he will fall asleep while he’s nursing but when I remove my breast he cries and wants it in his mouth and he won’t even be sucking. My other children have never had a soother or a bottle before and I am hesitant on giving him a soother. Could it be I am not making enough milk?



    Babymarch2009, I am a medela mom maven. I have been nursing my son for 6 months now and I pump 2-3 times in a 10 hour work day. I purchased many pumps before buying the pump in style and I wish I would have saved my money on the other 3 I purchased as it is well worth the money. It isn’t very loud and it works well for me. I have low supply and this pump worked best on getting the most milk…

    Hope that helps in your search.



    Do breastfed babies ever switch to a 4 hour feeding schedule? My son is 4 months old and we’ve been on a 3 hour feeding schedule and he follows it to the hour. I don’t think we’ll ever move up to a 4 hour feed schedule like formula babies..



    Happy Easter everyone!!! We went to the mall last night and I saw this woman breastfeeding her child. THe mom was walking and had a blanket draped over her shoulder, but from knowing what it looks like I knew she was feeding. I got a little happy because it shows others that is is okay and you don’t have to be really exposed or anything.



    Okay, i have a problem!! Two days ago, I got a small bump on my nipple that looks like a pimple and is VERY sore and tender. Any idea what this could be and, more importantly, what to do about it?? Luckily it’s on the edge of the nipple so it’s not interferring with BF but it is definitely bothering me. I’m going to my doc on Thursday to get an IUD put in so I’m going to ask her about it then. Any advice is appreciated!!!



    lourds – If your baby is younger then a year or close to it then I wouldn’t use cow’s milk. I used breastmilk but formula and water can be used as well. Breastmilk is sweeter and helps many babies eat it. My son always hated it so we moved past cereal onto real food when he was ready.



    hey all, im experiencing soooo sore bleeding nipples. do you think i shopuld nurse thru the bleeding or rest a week?



    belly- I mixed the malt with water a few times when I was saving the last of the milk for my 4 year old =) It doesn’t taste that great in my opinion. You could also mix it in with yogurt or oatmeal if you wanted as it is a powder.



    my baby is premature, i was very worried he’ll not gain weight, i breastfed him for two months and then had to add some 1-2oz of formula per day in his 3rd month only to find out that drinking lots of fluids would up my milk production, (if only i had read this forum earlier)… the little amount of formula given to him helped me rest a bit
    (coz pumping is quite tiring), and a time for him to bond with his father… I still breastfeed him.



    I read somewhere that a breastfed baby that sucks on her hands means she’s not getting enough milk? I dont get that at all!? My LO is about 3months old and REFUSES a pacifier, if she wants to suck, she sucks on her hands. I do notice that she does this after feedings but she seems well satisfied. Just wondering if she likes to suck but doesnt want the binky? Have any of you ever heard of that? Also, for you ladies that EBF, do your LO take binkies? Mine just wont…

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