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    lckyladyl, a breast fed baby only needs 1-1.5oz of breast milk an hour. (So, at 16oz while you are gone, you are supplying more than what he needs if you are working a typical 8-9hr day!) That amount will never ever change because your milk does! Your milk becomes fattier and richer and changes every time you empty your breasts so that it is always exactly what your baby needs nutritionally. If they think that baby needs an extra oz in his bottle, then he should be able to go that extra hour before needed to eat again. Don’t let them bully you into over feeding your baby! Breast fed babies have way different needs than a formula fed baby, who might need more in his bottle because nutritionally, it doesn’t change. Check out this link for more information, and print if off and take it to ‘them’ if need be! Remember YOU are the mom!



    Hi Everyone 🙂 I just had my baby 4 days ago and we are breast feeding. It’s been a struggle.Im determined though.



    expecting-2b-patient- check out You can get documentation to share with your caregivers that shows that breastfed babies only need 1-1.5oz per hour mom is away. They have done tests/studies that show that a breast fed baby only needs 25-30oz of milk a day. They have a calculator to help you figure out how big to make your bottles going on how often baby nurses. Here is the link to the exact page you need.



    It’s so funny watching me with both boys. I strap Alex to my chest and carry Chris ( 2 1/2) with my right arm and the diaper bag with my left. I’m carrying an easy 75lbs between all of it. Or I’ll have Alex in the carrier in my left, bag over my shoulder and carrying Chris with my right. Craziness but muscle building.



    I am so tired today! It has been rainy and semi cold here all day, and that makes me just want to sleep! Come on, New Jersey, lets get some sunshine!


    just curious for those who are still ebf, have your periods returned? I fell pregnant when breast feeding my oldest and on the mini pill. He was 10 months, fed once in afternoon. Once at bed, few times during night. My periods hadn’t returned so haven’t had one since before my son was born. But curious as to how common it is for your period to return when feeding.



    ok,so I have a wierd question….. I’ve READ that breast milk has healing properties and is the end all cure all for many minor ailments.

    Has anyone ever USED thier breast milk for anything other than the baby?

    For example, I read it helps heal cuts – so when jacob scratches himself, I put a little dabble here and there.

    However, Im now coming down with a horrible sore throat, which could turn into strep throat based on my past experience with sore throats. I read online you can gargle with breast milk to treat throat infections.

    Any thoughts on this?
    Is is gross or would you give it a try?



    cheysim, my LO is biting a lot these days. He has always bitten once or twice a week since birth, but since he started teething a couple of weeks ago, it’s now almost every feed. He’s only 4.5 months old, and I’m not sure that I can teach him not to bite this young. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but it still hurts when he bites, and I can only imagine that it’ll be a heck of a lot worse when he gets teeth. I tell him no, don’t bite mommy!, and I take him off the breast and put him down. The problem is, Braeden only does it when he’s already finished eating anyway (as he’s letting go) so I’m not sure that I’m teaching him anything, because he doesn’t want the boob anymore anyway.



    seuban-isaac does that. i just remove his hand and tell him his mouth only. he doesn’t really understand what i’m telling him but he does understand that i don’t like for him to try and suck both his fingers and my boob.


    lexi- i store my pumped milk in the lansinoh breast milk storage bags so i use the playtex drop in bottles cause they double as a liner as well. Less waste! Plus you can squeeze the air out of the bag if gas is an issue.


    I don’t co sleep but on occassion have fell asleep whilst lieing down to feed Ollie in bed. I put him at boob height, make sure quilt is down to my waist, I lie on my side with my knees up below him, then put my arm around him. So he is in a cradle made by my body. For those who do co sleep do you just feed of the one side during the night or move them so they can feed of the other one?



    styx – There are a million different breastfeeding pages there. There are ones for NIP, others just for breastfeeding, eve KellyMom has her own page. I’m also part of natural parenting, peaceful parenting, attachment parenting groups. You can always find me (I can’t remember if you and I already have?) at Brianne Caddey Mitchell.



    Thanks Styx, we are very excited! And yay another sub wife! Its not easy but I am proud of him none the less! We only have one more year in and then he is OUT! cant wait!


    1st pumping session after eating 1/2 cup of fermented oats in the morning and another 1/2 this afternoon. I got 4.5oz in 20 minutes or so. No noticeable improvement yet. I’ll have 2 more pumping sessions tonight. We’ll see how those go. At least tonight I will not have any time constraints on the sessions.



    lmgibson- Thanks for the wipe ‘recipe’. I’m mixing some right now. Do you just spray it right on the wash cloth then?

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