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    –it’s okay as long as they are not raw, however, my pediatrician doesn’t recommend any nuts or nut products because several studies have shown it can increase the risk of peanut allergies in the baby later on. Hope this helps 🙂


    hey guys, not sure if anyone else has experienced this…but my LO has broncolitis (he’s on the mend now! thankfully!) so he really cut back on his eating, so i pumped a fair amount over the past few days…however, now i’m sick (strep, ear infection, sinus infection)…sammy isn’t eating the best, he’ll eat but sometimes he refuses the breast and just cries…i can’t decide if it’s because i’m running a fever so he’s too hot, or if my milk doesn’t taste right because i needed medication (a Z-pack for 5 days)…or maybe he just isn’t hungry, i’m worried about my supply…he’s 4 months old and eats about 7-8 times a day now and he only wants to nurse from one side at a time for about 5 minutes



    I came home last night but they said baby Kemiah will come home tomorrow or Sun. She did well on latching. I am Praying that this time apart won’t damage her ability to latch correctly. I have been pumping every 3 hrs and I have bm to take to her today. I can’t wait till she comes home!!!



    I certainly couldn’t imagine eating a full cup at once. I wouldn’t survive.



    LawsonsMom – Are you pumping on your breaks? or on company time? If its on your breaks I think you should talk to your local labour board and tell them you are being discriminated for breastfeeding etc. See if they can help.. Sorry you have to go through this! Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthiest thing for you and your baby! Why can’t people understand this?



    still preggers and starting milk thistle today, anyone else start before giving birth?? i’m hoping it brings in my supply much quicker than my daughters…10 days it took with her… just interested if anyone found it helped? cheers



    styx, my babies both rolled onto their side when I would put them down. The nurses and then the doc in the hospital would start to get after me about it and I would pick baby up, put him back on his side and let all of them see him roll onto his side! Once they saw that baby was doing it, they were fine with it.



    I’m pumping so that Daddy can give Noah a bottle at night and I can sleep for more than 2 hrs just once a day, but I don’t like that I’m going 4 hras between feeding or longer and I wake up wet. It only worked 1 night anyway and I want to breastfeed him and not give him the bottle. The problem is that in 3 or so mos I will have to go back to work and he’ll have to take the bottle. If I start him on the bottle later do you gals think ir would mess him up and he wouldn’t take it?



    Leslie, you are a wonderful mommy and look now you know you can overcome that one. Just one more obstacle overcome. Just think of how much easier it’ll be next time.



    Ella-how old is your lo? Is she gaining weight and thriving if so I would say she is getting enough sometimes they just wanna be on the breast for comfort and not really eat have you tried giving her a paci



    balsam- no harm in trying!



    bri and milesmommy: thanks. hopefully this will stop because it’s kind of freakin me out. thanks again ladies


    help! I need some advice a kind of what would you do situation….. My father passed away and he is having a memorial service on the 14. I am trying to decide if I should take the baby.. She is 3 months old and is ebf but there is enough freezer supply to get her through if she stays home. I’m flying for the day leaving at 8 am and will be home at 9pm and my husband thinks I’m crazy to take the baby on the plane with me. I don’t want to leave her for the day because i’ll have to pump etc…but would you guy take the baby? It’s only an hour flight but also I should add that I don’t vaccinate either so we try to keep her out of public places as well. Now im kicking myself for not buying that medela hand pump that i saw for 20$…


    noah colts mommy he has probably just got better at getting the milk out. If he is gaining weight and still having wet and dirty nappies i wouldn’t worry.


    I always seem to miss the chatter being on a different time zone.

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