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    LOL, Bri! You’d better keep an eye on that by! DJ is 4mons and not rolling either way, I’ve been thinking he’s too fat, haha- but guess not! Yes, as long at their weight is the same precent each time it is perfect for them. DJ is 80% for both height and weight, but it’s okay because he is at each check up. I love knowing that it’s all because of me too! Never thought breastfeeding could be soooo rewarding!!



    Tove, I agree with what sunshine said. I think it is lack of sleep and rest that is showing on us.. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.



    I bought some old fashioned oats and will be soaking some tonight for tomorrow. I am pumping to stock up on my freezer supply before going back to work!! I am ebf but I wanted to know, as far as, pumping when is the best time to pump milk for my freezer supply. Should I pump after every feed or should I pump during the night. I have pumped during the night a few times but it is so hard because I want to sleep when the baby is sleep. I was reading about bf babies taking a bottle from mommy. Well, my son won’t even take a pacifier from me if I offer it. But he always takes it from my hubby. Babies learn so quickly and they know that mommy has the ‘good stuff’ so they don’t want to accept anything else from us. I think that is so cute and funny how they pick up on it so fast~LOL



    I agree with Bri. One other thing you can also try is nursing one side until baby is finished, then go to the other breast…. if the baby is still hungry return the the starting breast. Its almost the same idea as marathon pumping, but nursing instead! It works for me 🙂



    I have a question….i read in a book that you can’t mix different days of expressed milk. Like, I pump 4 oz. on Monday and then 3oz. on Tuesday, does that mean that i cant combine those two days to make a full 7oz bottle? If so, then why?



    Bri – You’d mentioned something about us getting vaccinated will help protect our babies from the flu. Is it almost similar to them getting vaccinated? I’m going to be calling his Dr. to see about the flu shot for him, he’s six 1/2 months but I’d rather I got it and skipped him.



    Leisa, although most baby food say 4months most doctors are now recommending that you don’t start until 6months. They have found that before six months baby’s tummy is just not ready. It can lead to gast problems, early diabetes and allergies. This being said, some babies are ready earlier and some later. Three things to look for, 1. they can sit up in a high chair, 2. they are interested in food when you are eating and 3. they can eat it off the spoon. Babies are born with a thrust reflex, this is to make sure that foreign objects don’t get caught in the mouth. If baby can do all three then you can always try some food. But, don’t push it. If they don’t want it then just give it time.


    Does anyone have any tips on how to stop comfort nursing during the night? This kid thinks I’m a pacifier and I can’t take waking up every hour or two anymore!!!



    well i just felt like i was the only one who was putting in my efforts to be a good mom i just turned 20 on march 19th so i was 19 when i had my little boy and all the nurses there were acting like i was probably going to give up breast feeding and going to go run down to the WIC office begging for formula ( dont get me wronge wic and public assistance are great for those in need so i dont want anyone thinking im bashing them im really not :)) and now i see why the would assume that because 99% of the girls my age shove a bottle down their kids throat its said and ur aunts crazy for using cereal that young i would attribute it to obesity for sure! …… also i noticed so did the nurse that my child hit developmental milestones before most others and i thank the breastmilk for that …. it would just be nice to know others that are my age that are doing it i feel like im the only one ….and your right 16 and pregnant there was only 2 that i saw atleast give breastfeeding a shot it really is sad i love love love the bonding experience i get when i BF and so does he and plus i cant smell his dirty diapers 😀 lol formula fed babies have some stinky diapers haha



    i know and it only gets worse when they get older! my little guy HATES being covered up he gets all hot and grabs at the cover so it does me no good anymore. Im going to get some nursing beads for him to play with



    my dd has bn awake all day fussy every time i put her down. UGH



    My little Zoey is 10 days old today and refuses to take a pacifier. Every moment she’s awake, she wants to be attached to my breast. Hours on end. Is this normal? It was five and a half hours last night before she finally passed out hard enough to lay down…and then she only slept for about an hour. It’s not so bad at night because I’ve resigned to cosleeping with her so I just latch her on and go to sleep but during the day, I feel so trapped and isolated. I know all they want at this age is to suckle and feel close to mommy, but isn’t this a bit extreme? Five hours? Today, too. I would say I’ve had maybe an hour and a half of her NOT suckling today and that was only because my stepmother took her so I could shower. She screamed the whole time I was in the shower. She’s having plenty of dirty diapers so I’m not concerned it’s a supply issue…I just wonder if this is normal. Input?



    For the past 2 weeks or so I have been urinating a lot more frequently than normal. When I do, there isn’t a lot that comes out even though I feel like I have to go really badly.
    I went to the Dr. yesterday and today. Both days they did a lab on my urine for pregnancy, UTI, and Bladder infection. All can back negative.
    Also… For the past 3 weeks I have been tired like I was when I got pregnant with my 6 month old daughter. Last week I spotted but because I’m breast feeding I haven’t had a period since I got pregnant in Nov 08. And lately while I breast feed my daughter she has been really fussy. So I’m thinking either my milk has changed or she is teething. But I don’t see any teeth coming through yet.
    I understand that it is unlikely to have 2 false negative pregnancy tests but I also understand that it is not unheard of.
    My husband and I aren’t using any type of birth control.
    When I got preg with my daughter it showed up on the test right away on the first day of my missed period. Would it be dif this time?



    So just wondering if any of you ladies sleep with your baby in the bed with you at night to breast feed easier when they wake up? People look at me like I am crazy because of the whole SIDS thing and I didn’t even tell my pediatrician because she thinks you should never allow your kids in your bed, but I feel comfortable with her there as long as hubby isn’t lying next to her. I usually move to the middle of the bed (it’s a king size) and put her on the opposite side that my husband lays and have her cradled in the nook of my arm. I think I sleep pretty light, because the slightest gurgle or twitch and I wake up, but she seems to sleep best that way too.



    I need help! I officially know the cause to why why my baby has been pulling off the breast screaming. I have overactive milk ejection reflex, or forceful let down. My poor baby is getting squirt in the face! My milk sprays out like a hose and he gags, chokes, pulls off, screams, and the gets sprayed up the nose 🙁 my DH calls me ‘tit cobra’ funny, but sad for my baby. I’ve read plenty of info on it, but I need to know who has personally dealt with this and what you did to make feedings better. I don’t want to have to stop BF him, but sometimes I feel like I may not have a choice if this continues. He gets so upset that he hyperventalates and refuses to finish eating. It shouldn’t be like this and I’m sad. Pls help me fix this if you know any info. Thanks!

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